A patients's advice.......

There are a number of ways to consume cannabis as a medicine! The most effective, so far, is inhaling the smoke into your lungs. Reasons being, the fast absorption rate and almost instantaneous effects. Also the combined chemicals in cannabis seem to be tied together. THC, the active ingredient, gives the euphoric high marijuana is known for. Other chemicals seem to offset the effects of thc by keeping a balance, suppressing THC so you don't get too high! Marinol as an example contains only THC as the active ingredient. Many patients who have tried marinol find the THC high is very overpowering, long lasting, and slow to take affect. Other developments in the making are possible nasal spray's, suppositories, pills, capsules, and inhalants.I believe these developments, which are currently being tested, will provide possible harm reduced alternatives to smoking cannabis. We also believe smoking cannabis should remain an option for those who desire this form of delivery. People who have had experience in the past with smoking cannabis may well prefer to inhale their medicine. Patients who do not smoke may prefer newer alternative pharmaceutical methods of delivery.Cannabis as you can see is a very versatile medicine. Consuming cannabis by eating or drinking it are other alternatives. Many patients find adding marijuana to food stuffs very effective. The problems with oral consumption is the length of time for the effects to start, usually an hour or less, and the fact that like Marinol, eating it may induce a more powerful euphoric feeling often overpowering and not as easy to control as smoking it. When I feel overpowered by the thc levels I just rest on the couch until it subsides usually in 5-20 minutes and I feel great again.Which ever method you decide to try should be discussed first with your physician.

Keeping your Cannabis mold free is easy! Don't drown your plants with love and air dry your medicine after harvesting. Mold can be seen with the naked eye and also your pot will have a moldy smell to it. Nuking marijuana in a microwave has been said to kill most bacteria as a last resort. The best methods are as said above, air dry well, and or, store green or dry in your freezer for future usage. Bagging wet marijuana is usually the main culprit as well as overwatering your plants.

Fertilizer is another concern. Over fertilizing leaves a funny taste to the smoke and does more harm than good. I suggest using 1/2 strength liquids found at your local grow shops and staying away from miracle grow etc. Weaning the plants a few days to a week before harvest and flushing with pure water(let sit overnight to get rid of the chlorine)-also helps. My harm reduction plan includes a smoke filtration holder. I find these cigarette devices actually work quite well and you get to see the harmful tars being removed. I also reduce my intake of wood, and leaf material by condensing the marijuana into hashish and cannabis oil. These two cannabis products are for me by far and away the cleanest and safest method of ingestion, combined with a filtration method. I purchase the holder and filters from my local mall. I also have a water pipe to cool the smoke.("The Hemp Canadian")




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