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Current Affairs (2010) - Chronological (5 items)

Oct 6, 2010 Bill S-10 Hurts People, Families And Public Coffers For immediate release

Over 200 experts call on Senators to be sensible on crime

Toronto, 6 October 2010 - Over 200 frontline organizations, public health professionals, researchers and experts - working with people who use drugs and those vulnerable to HIV infection - have endorsed a letter calling on the federal government to get sensible, rather than tough on crime.

This action comes as the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs deliberates this week on whether to hold hearings on Bill S-10 (an Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts). The letter - endorsed by the Committeeís own former co- chair, Senator Pierre Claude Nolin - urges Committee members to respond to the public health problem of drug addiction by focusing on scientifically proven approaches instead of demonstrably ineffective ones, such as mandatory minimum sentences. If the Committee chooses not to hold hearings, crucial expert testimony may never be heard. [READ MORE]

Oct 1, 2010BC Local Government Resolution on Medical Cannabis


WHEREAS the federal medical cannabis program administered through Health Canadaís Marihuana Medical Access Division does not satisfy the constitutional rights of critically and chronically ill patients to access marihuana for medicinal use;

AND WHEREAS the use of cannabis by legitimate cannabis patients is a health issue, and as such should be under the legislative purview of provincial governments:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM lobby the provincial government to work with the federal government toward the goal of decentralizing the administration and oversight of legitimate medical cannabis use and production from federal authority to provincial health ministries as part of their public and personal health mandate.


The Resolutions Committee advises that the membership has not previously considered a resolution requesting that the administration and oversight of medical marihuana be transferred from the federal to the provincial government.

Sep 11, 2010 Emery Gets Five Years in U.S. Jail Vancouver's "Prince of Pot," Marc Emery, was sentenced in a Seattle courtroom Friday afternoon to five years in prison by a U.S. Federal Court.
It was the sentence Emery and his wife Jodie had been looking for since his guilty plea in late May to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.
"We feel that we'll probably get the sentence we were expecting," Jodie Emery told a rally of about 30 supporters outside the courthouse.
The crowd waved signs reading "Free Marc" and chanted their support as passing cars honked their horns.
Emery was arrested in 2005 by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and indicted for selling marijuana seeds online and through the mail to customers in the U.S.
On his website, Emery claims to have made $3 million a year selling seeds and to have sold more than four million seeds over the years.
"Jail is a cruel and lonely place and I regret that my actions have brought me here," Emery said in a written statement to U.S. Federal Court Judge Ricardo Martinez.

May 5, 2010 C-15 Has Returned - Now Called S-10 Rob Nicholson today reintroduced C-15 as Bill S-10, the bill is slightly different, with mandatory minimum sentences kicking in at 6 plants, not 1. So, to say again, the bill no longer has a mandatory minimum sentence for 1 marijuana plant.

Mar 15, 2010 Petition opposing Marc Emery's extradition The petition opposing Marc Emery's extradition will be introduced in the House of Commons by MP's LIBBY DAVIES (NDP), UJJAL DOSANJH (Liberal) and SCOTT REID (Conservative) between 3 pm - 4 pm (eastern)/ noon - 1 pm (pacific). Shown live on


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