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Oct 10 2017 Cannabis Act heads back to House, Senate process to follow

Now that Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, has made its way through the House Standing Committee on Health (with a few amendments attached), it is making its way back to the House for report stage and third reading. This is currently scheduled for on or after Monday, Oct 16.
Oct 6 2017 Liberals' pot bill tweaked to remove plant height limit, add timeline for edibles

The Liberal government's marijuana bill has returned from a parliamentary committee with a few tweaks, including a requirement that edibles and other concentrated forms of cannabis become legal within a year of Bill C-45 becoming law.
Oct 3 2017 Trudeau surprises premiers, outlines proposed excise tax on legalized marijuana

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is proposing to levy a federal excise tax on recreational marijuana once it becomes legal next July, with the provinces and territories receiving half the revenue.

Under the federal proposal put to premiers during a first ministers meeting today, each gram of pot would be subject to an excise tax of $1 on sales up to $10 and a 10 per cent tax on sales of more than $10.
Oct 3 2017 Alberta government details pot plan, proposes 18 as minimum age

Alberta is proposing that 18 be the minimum age to use cannabis when new laws legalizing recreational marijuana use kick in next summer.

But the province hasn't yet decided on whether to sell cannabis through government-run stores or through private operators.
Sep 15 2017 New Brunswick government creates Crown corporation to oversee recreational pot sales

The New Brunswick government says it has formed a new Crown corporation to oversee the sale of recreational marijuana.

Two cannabis producers, Organigram and Canopy Growth, have signed agreements to be suppliers, the province announced Friday.

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