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Dec 13, 2005 Grow-Ops Growing In Number Since the start of 2005, police in Ontario have raided 15 farm-sized pot fields, with each property housing between 7,000 and 24,000 plants. Overall, the Orillia-based OPP Drug Enforcement Section is reporting a 100-per-cent increase in the number of plants seized over the past year. Between January and September, officers dismantled more than 600 grow operations and uprooted in excess of 400,000 plants. Seizures in areas surrounding Bancroft, Matheson, Iroquois Falls, and Kincardine are up 600 per cent, Elbers said.

Tax and regulate
Dec 13, 2005 Local Residents Shown How To Spot Drug Grow He said to look for windows covered up or lights that go on in dark houses at scheduled times of the day. Often the houses are uninhabited, so take notice of flyers building up or a lack of garbage. A strong, skunk smell would also be an indication of illegal activity. Loud buzzing noises emitted from generators or fans may be audible from outside the building as well. Watch for people entering and exiting through the garage door which may mean that the main entrances have been barricaded to prevent marijuana theft from other 'competititors'.

Are they educating the public on what to look for, or are they educating growers on what not to do?
Dec 9, 2005 Grow-Op Busting Initiative Wins Public Safety Award The initiative essentially involves the fire department filing freedom-of-information requests for hydro bills of suspected grow-op addresses. Once the information is obtained, officials knock on the door of the address with an order for an electrical inspection. ..Garis said the object of the project is strictly public and firefighter safety.

Using "safety" as a means to erode more privacy rights is a newer line in an old plot - maintianing prohibition.
Dec 8, 2005 More Guns In Grow-Ops According to StatsCan, there have been 137 marijuana-related homicides between 1992 and 2002.

Nice propaganda work... it should say "PROHIBITION-related homicides", but the mindless media copy police PR's verbatim.
Dec 8, 2005 Security Firm Offers Rental Service To Combat Grow-Ops Leo Knight, a senior vice-president of Paladin Security Group Ltd., said the company now has trained personnel who will monitor a landlord's property for any drug activity....In some cases, Knight notes, they will give a tenant notice they want to do an interior inspection.

Another very disturbing trend initiated by a prohibitionist with the only way out is being able to afford your own home. Easier said than done.
Dec 6, 2005 Minto Ties Pot, Fatal Fall One of Ottawa's largest landlords blames an 11-year-old boy's deadly fall on his mother's use of marijuana.

Another desperate attempt to demonize pot smoking...
Nov 29, 2005 In Praise Of Punishment Consider the case of marijuana grow-ops. Anyone in Washington State convicted of running a grow-op can expect a minimum five years in jail. If they're growing on their own property they've just lost their house. If they have young children they can expect social services to remove them.

More lies considering Washington state has seen Pot Production On The Rise, not to mention a huge meth problem that could be from the clampdown on pot.
Nov 18, 2005 Drugs Sold In Local High Schools Police Say The Problem Is So Big They Can't Keep Up... Police now send drug-sniffing dogs and undercover officers into your children's schools as young pushers peddle marijuana, crack, cocaine and ecstasy to fellow students.

[Again, drugs in schools has been around for over 30 years, yet the kids of today are subjected to tactics that will colour their view of authority forever]
Nov 9, 2005 Putting Pot In Perspective The last two weeks have seen the issue of marijuana grow ops rear its ugly head in Nanton. ...The grow op in question involved nine plants... Last month, Calgary Police Service Sergeant Roger Morrison told landowners at the MD of Ranchland that grow operations are generally the precursor to much worse things, namely funding the devlopment of methaphetamine labs...Pot grow ops may be used to fund meth labs in other places, but it would be great to focus on eliminating the very real problem of meth sellers and abusers in this area.

[It's amazing that the cops can keep dreaming up this crap to spew out to the lapdog media, though it looks like it may be a harder sell..]
Nov 8, 2005 LTE: Why Not Legalize Theft, Burglary, Rape? If legalizing is equal to less crimes and less court times, then why not legalize theft, burglary, rape? Our courts would havea less burden and judges can go on longer holidays. We can cut the police force in half and save money.

[This so-called logic defies normal intelligence... in the school of life 101, most of us can differentiate between something we do to ourselves versus something done to us by others... BIG DIFFERENCE]
Nov 1, 2005 Concerned Students Tackle Marijuana Issues For Every High, There Is A Low. Think About It. This tag line will be used in upcoming public service announcements by a group of local students who are concerned about marijuana use among their peers,

[Having Health Canada provide information about cannabis is the same as the police information - they draw on the same souces for their propaganda and scare-mongering.

Not only will a far larger percentage of teens drive than experiement with drugs or herbs, but all of them will lose far more friends to car crashes, yet how much education do they receive about defensive driving?

Oct 28, 2005 Arming Parents With Facts On Drugs Keeping kids safe from drug abuse is a balancing act in need of adjustment, says RCMP Cpl. Scott Rintoul, the keynote speaker at a Drug Information Night for Parents Nov. 1 in Langford.

[A cop teaching drug education is like a doctor teaching the finer points of the law. Why should we listen? Our own experiences of growing up with drugs all around us has equipped us with our own set of "tools" based on personal knowledge, not someone's job security. Parents would be wiser to attend an event that features a cop worth listening too from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). ]
Oct 26, 2005 MP Report By Jay Hill, M.P. Bill C-248 would impose mandatory sentences of one year or more for the first offence and two years or more for a subsequent offense for those convicted of drug trafficking within 500 metres of an elementary or high school. However, the federal Liberal Government said it doesn't like my legislation. Why? The Liberals also oppose Bill C-248 because, according to Mr. Thibault, it doesn't address drug trafficking in skate parks, arenas and other areas children frequent.

[Duh, the government may have it's own agenda, but if this bill passed, we would be one step closer to the USA style drug policy, and Canadians don't want that]
Oct 26, 2005 RCMP Families Map Out Role On Election Trail Eight family members of the murdered officers were in Ottawa on Tuesday to meet with Prime Minister Paul Martin and MPs from other parties. They want the government to scrap plans to decriminalize marijuana and to impose tougher sentences on cannabis grow-operators and other convicted criminals.

[What would our gun laws or drunk driving laws look like if we let victims of these crimes set the agenda for legislation?

And to think this was never about pot, but stolen car parts, it looks like any excuse will do to further one's own agenda]

Oct 24, 2005 Harmless? Never! More than 2,000 Canadians go to jail annually for simple possession of marijuana and some segments of society believe this is a useless waste of public funds and police resources....The drug has become more potent and dangerous than it was a generation ago. It is damaging.

[Good ol' Texas North...dissing a herb that has no fatalities in it's thousands of years of use...]
Oct 23, 2005CN AB: Minister Spearheads Child Seizure Law Exposing children to illegal drug activity is child abuse, Alberta's children's services minister says, and proposed legislation allowing the apprehension of children in grow ops or other drug houses will make that clear. "It's an addition to the toolbox," Heather Forsyth said Friday.

[How much uglier can the war on pot get? What about the kids growing up in violent alcoholic homes? When will they get a break?]
Oct 19, 2005 Pot-Prescribing Doctors Warned The organization that provides malpractice insurance to Canadian physicians is telling doctors they should not prescribe medical marijuana unless patients sign a release-of-liability waiver

[People have been using cannabis for thousands & thousands of years without one death, yet these over-the-top hypocritical bureaucrats choose this herb to propagandize.]
Oct 12, 2005 Grow Ops Are Dangerous, Police Say Because of the potential dangers involved in dismantling a marijuana grow operation the OPP have changed how they deal with them. In earlier years he said they went in quickly and dismantled the operation quickly but that often left the officers exposed to a number of potentially dangerous situations and to the possibility of developing long-term health problems because of their exposure to chemicals and mold. Today the officer explained they don't rush into grow operations and when they do go in they wear protective clothing and a ventilator masks. They also wear boots that protect them from electrical shocks.

[Perhaps the public was associating cannabis growing to harmless plant/flower growing, whereas the police want to associate pot growing/meth lab dangers. The propagnada machine runs in high gear]
Oct 12, 2005CN BC: Pilot Pot Project Will Be Permanent By '06 A pilot program that hits marijuana growers in the pocketbook will become permanent by 2006 in Abbotsford. ...The project was based on local government's jurisdiction through the Community Charter, the Fire Services Act, the B.C. Building Code and the Controlled Substance Bylaw to inspect homes that may pose a threat to public safety.

Oct 12, 2005CN BC: City Targets Hydroponic Sales Gaetz said it is not possible to prohibit the sale of hydroponic equipment, particularly as the items can be used for legitimate agricultural purposes, such as growing tomatoes. Rather the plan would be to regulate the sales by calling for information from the purchaser such as who they are and what they intend to use the product.

[The desperate war on pot will keep going to any extreme for it's continuance]

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