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Dec 26, 2005 No More Rubber-Stamping at U.S. Border REASONS YOU CAN BE KEPT OUT OF THE U.S.

You have been convicted of a crime related to a controlled substance.

Dec 23, 2005 Pro-Marijuana Couple Fighting Order to Leave Steve and Michele Kubby, medicinal-marijuana advocates from California who were denied refugee status here, now face removal from Canada - barring a last-ditch, court-ordered stay in early January.

Dec 23, 2005 Plea to Grow Marijuana Rejected by Appeal Court Vancouver -- Canada's medical-marijuana rules have withstood another constitutional challenge from a marijuana advocate. The B.C. Court of Appeal rejected Michele Kubby's claim that the regulation infringed on her rights. The former Californian went to court after Health Canada rejected her application to possess and grow marijuana.

Dec 23, 2005 Three Guilty In Murder Of Pot Growers Duong asked Dang to lure the couple to the trap because he was angry when Ton tried to cheat him out of profit from their marijuana growing operation in a Mississauga house.

Too bad they couldn't have settled their differences in court like all other business people. The public must learn the difference between drug-related and prohibition-related crimes... and don't expect the media to help...
Dec 10, 2005 Commissionaire Pleads Guilty To Drug Trafficking Red Deer provincial court Judge Thomas Schollie heard Friday that about 115 grams of marijuana would fetch about $1,000 on the street. Inside the medium-security penitentiary, that amount of grass would bring in about $37,000, federal Crown prosecutor Dave Inglis told court.

Dec 9, 2005 If You Toke, Don't Drive The Pot and Driving Campaign is an attempt to raise awareness about the dangers and prevalence of driving while impaired by pot...."In Canada we boast the highest use of pot in the world but there's a naivete surrounding young drivers; they think driving drunk is bad, they don't think that driving on pot is bad."

Dec 9, 2005 Pot-Party Head Backs NDP B.C. Marijuana Party president Marc Emery, facing extradition to the U.S. for allegedly selling marijuana seeds by mail, plans to back the NDP in the federal election. Emery's lawyer yesterday asked B.C. Supreme Court for clarification on his bail conditions and whether Emery could take part in the political campaign. Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm said he could, but warned him to be careful what he says.

Dec 8, 2005 Insurance Woes Force Man To Dismantle Medical Marijuana Grow Operation He is licensed to grow up to 15 plants for distribution to the patient. Because of the nature of the product, Selenski said he has taken numerous security measures to protect the operation, including cameras, alarms, guard dogs and a tall chain link fence...Even so, when he tried to have the equipment needed for the grow operation insured for about $3,000, he was told by his primary insurer to dismantle the operation within 30 days or risk losing his insurance on his shop and home as well,

More harrassement...Hopefully the stance of insurance companies will be challenged in court.
Dec 7, 2005 Judge May Ban Police A judge vowed yesterday to limit the number of off-duty Winnipeg police officers who have flooded a misconduct hearing and literally surrounded three men who claim they were assaulted by police.

A frightening look at police mentality...
Dec 6, 2005 Minto Ties Pot, Fatal Fall One of Ottawa's largest landlords blames an 11-year-old boy's deadly fall on his mother's use of marijuana.

Another desperate attempt to demonize pot smoking...
Dec 6, 2005 Old Drug Charge Haunts Traveller A city man says his vacation with his wife was ruined after he was detained at the Los Angeles airport because of a 25-year-old drug charge and treated like a suspected terrorist.

Travellers beware!
Nov 30, 2005 Plenty of Busts Via Snitch Line Surrey RCMP have made 120 grow-op busts so far this year, thanks to tips left on the city's new marijuana snitch line.

Want to get even with someone? Want to betray a friend? Got a gripe against an old lover? Forget about justice, the system makes it very easy for you to vent without ever facing the accused.Great role models, eh?
Nov 24, 2005 Why Blacks Won't Talk To Police I asked for a show of hands of how many had been stopped by police for no apparent reason. Seventeen of the 19 males raised their hands.

[Remember the mantra... the police are our friends.. we pay them to serve and protect us...]
Nov 15, 2005 City Faces Lawsuit Over Raid On Legal Marijuana Growers Three medical marijuana advocates are suing the City of Vancouver for $400,000 after police raided a federally licensed indoor marijuana growing operation in the basement of a rented east Vancouver home.

As of Nov. 4, 1,118 people were issued medical marijuana licences by Health Canada. In B.C., there are 217 licensed users.

Nov 12, 2005 Meet The Marijuana User Next Door Surprise: The Rank And File Of Canada's Multi-Billion-Dollar Pot Industry Look A lot Like You And Me Ever wondered how your neighbours managed to afford that Land Rover or the cash to cover their kids' private school tuition? Maybe they have a sideline: a secret, subterranean income booster in the form of a marijuana grow operation. To some that might sound scandalous, while others might wonder why they hadn't thought of it themselves.

Nov 12, 2005 Hospital To Pot User: Buzz Off The Saskatoon Health Region's smoking policy was revised more than a year ago, but recently a patient discovered the air isn't completely clear on how to deal with authorized medical marijuana users in city hospitals.

[Every hospital should be equipped with a vapourizer so med pot in hospitals doesn't become an issue... such an easy solution, so it will probably never be implemented.]
Nov 11, 2005 Facts Don't Support Crime Fears "In Canada, we think we don't have the crime and crime rates ( as they do in America ) but it is becoming very clear we can no longer be complacent in the face of rising crime levels in Canada and in B.C. in particular." The problem is that just isn't true. According to a July 2005 report from Statistics Canada, the national crime rate fell one per cent in 2004.

[If the media always did their job of investigating "facts" we would see very different news articles about cannabis]
Nov 10, 2005 Police Rules Weren't Followed, Inquest Told The night Heather Benson died in RCMP custody, some regulations were not followed, a coroner's inquest heard Tuesday. Benson died while being transported by the RCMP from Tagish to Whitehorse, when the police cruiser rolled off the road and into the ditch. She was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene of the accident as a result of chest wounds, on Sept. 27, 2003. Const. Jeff Monkman, who was driving the car, was convicted of careless driving in a trial held last February and fined $1,000.

[This sums up everything that is wrong with the system as we know it]
Nov 9, 2005 Nailing Marijuana Growing Operations Delta police may have the best, and simplest, way to deal with illegal drug growers -- investigate, arrest and make sure criminal charges stick.

Nov 6, 2005 Cannabis Oil Coming It Won't Get You High but Product Said to Be Great For Arthritis... Actually, the Med-Marijuana line of herbal remedies contains so little of the psychoactive ingredient found in weed, you could down a whole bottle without feeling the slightest buzz.

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