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Current Affairs 2005 - Hemp (11 items)

Dec 13, 2005 Christmas Angels: Why Its Hip to Buy Hemp Neil Roberts, Calvin Rubens, David Staples and Roger LeMesurier are Grade 9 students at Loyalist and Kingston collegiate and vocational institutes. Together, they've founded Hemp Helps, an organization that sells hemp bracelets in support of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa.

Oct 13, 2005 PUB LTE: Hemp Will Solve Oil Woes If people would just Google the words "industrial hemp," they'd find that there is a simple answer to all of our energy and gasoline problems. We don't need prime land to grow hemp. It will grow big on even marginal soil. It's really quite simple. Russell Barth

Sep 19, 2005CN MB: Dauphin Lays Claim As Hemp Capital With 80 per cent of the continent's narcotic-free hemp grown here, and one of the world's largest hemp fibre plants slated for construction next year, Dauphin is laying claim as Canada's hemp capital.

Sep 15, 2005CN NS: Duo Praise Hemp's Value ...To that end, he and Anne have a staggering ambition. Along with their supporters, they want nothing less than to bring a $25-million bio-refinery to Nova Scotia. It would use steam to turn hemp and other plant material into non-polluting fuel alternatives like ethanol and biodegradable substances with all the flexibility of plastic.

[More signs of the growing hemp industry!]
Sep 7, 2005 Could Hemp Sustain The Cariboo? Jack Witty's dream is to see the South Cariboo bloom from a plant that's rich with potential yet rife with misunderstanding.

[Hopefully we will be seeing and hearing a lot more about hemp production in Canada]
Sep 1, 2005 Ontario Hemp Industry Ready For Growth Rising Oil Costs Make Natural Product Viable Alternative

[Think of all the trees world-wide that would probably still be standing if we had been using hemp all along.. just another crime against humanity..]
Aug 21, 2005 Hemp Crop A Field Of Dreams For B.C. Clothing Company Hemptown Clothing Inc. of Vancouver and the National Research Council are entering the second year of a three-year collaboration on a new enzyme technology for processing hemp fibre.

[The fledgling hemp industry will become more substantial when the reality of peak oil sets in]
Aug 9, 2005 They're High On Hemp Hemp people can be like religious zealots, going on and on about the benefits of "the world's strongest natural fibre." ...All sorts of mainstream companies are jumping on the hemp bandwagon.

Mar 28, 2005 Hemp -- The New Soy Seeds Of Hemp Plant Promoted As Good Source Of Protein

Mar 15, 2005N BC: Hemp Mill Financier Makes Run For Office Last week, Duncan hemp industrialist Brian Johnson announced his candidacy for the Cowichan-Ladysmith riding on the Democratic Reform BC slate. The Liberal government, Johnson maintains, cancelled his hemp investment venture capital corporation in 2003, despite publicly endorsing his ideas.

Jan 24, 2005CN ON: Hemp Cream Turns Heads Christina Anderman sheepishly admits she has been experimenting with hemp-based ice cream since 1997 - one year before the federal government made it legal once again for Canadian farmers to grow hemp


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