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Dec 26, 2005 Sovereign In Name Only Here's the issue: If there is evidence of his guilt, Emery should have been charged here. If Canadian authorities have no evidence, they've no reason to co-operate with the U.S. ( Parenthetically, when U.S. warships visit Esquimalt, B.C., the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service routinely works sting operations in Victoria to discourage their sailors from buying drugs there -- meaning U.S. law-enforcement agents are operational on Canadian soil. Conscious of sensitivities, the Victoria police did make arrests. )

Dec 26, 2005 No More Rubber-Stamping at U.S. Border REASONS YOU CAN BE KEPT OUT OF THE U.S.

You have been convicted of a crime related to a controlled substance.

Dec 23, 2005 Pro-Marijuana Couple Fighting Order to Leave Steve and Michele Kubby, medicinal-marijuana advocates from California who were denied refugee status here, now face removal from Canada - barring a last-ditch, court-ordered stay in early January.

Dec 6, 2005 Old Drug Charge Haunts Traveller A city man says his vacation with his wife was ruined after he was detained at the Los Angeles airport because of a 25-year-old drug charge and treated like a suspected terrorist.

Travellers beware!
Nov 29, 2005 In Praise Of Punishment Consider the case of marijuana grow-ops. Anyone in Washington State convicted of running a grow-op can expect a minimum five years in jail. If they're growing on their own property they've just lost their house. If they have young children they can expect social services to remove them.

More lies considering Washington state has seen Pot Production On The Rise, not to mention a huge meth problem that could be from the clampdown on pot.
Nov 15, 2005 Logic Says Legalize Drugs - Reality Says It Won't Happen For one thing, nobody can even pretend any more that prohibition works... So the illicit drug trade -- and the destructive, ineffective war on drugs -- will be with us, and with Afghanistan, for a long time.

[Is that all we will ever conclude is that we should, but we won't?]
Nov 1, 2005 Toking Diplomacy If you were the guy everyone called the prince of pot and the U.S. drug czar came to town rattling his saber, you'd probably have the sense to stay out of his way. At the very least, you wouldn't go out of your way to antagonize him, let alone pay $500 for the privilege.

Oct 28, 2005 Rolling Stone Article Irks Local Leaders In his article entitled "The Tale of Kid Cannabis", Rolling Stone contributing editor Mark Binelli writes: "Rumour had it that the town of Nelson had become a sort of hippie Shangri-La, a place where if you took more than ten minutes to find someone to sell you a dime bag, there was a good chance you were already high." Binelli described Baker Street's Holy Smoke Culture Shop, with its outdoor portrait of reggae legend Peter Tosh " large enough to rival Soviet-era portraits of Lenin," as "a second City Hall."

[ Many enterprising kids realize they can make far more money selling pot than be expoited at McJobs. Eventually the pot sellers buy the business and hire the pot buyers to work for them... it's all spelled it in Narco-Dollars for Beginners A MUST READ ]
Oct 27, 2005 Our Neighbor To The North Stalling On Reform Vancouver's reputation as the Amsterdam of North America rests as much on good intention as actual practice. John P. Walters, the U.S. government drug czar, unintentionally helped the British Columbia city gain its reputation when he made a visit there in November 2002, as Canada was moving toward de facto, if not full legal decriminalization of marijuana. Walters threatened to slow cross-boarder traffic, through increased inspection of cars and trucks, in order to keep Canadian marijuana, particularly the highly coveted "B.C. bud," out of the U.S. The traffic jams, he warned, would harm tourism and trade.

Oct 13, 2005 Man Sent Back To The U.S. With Catheter Still Attached A U.S. army veteran who fled to Canada to avoid prosecution because he grew marijuana to help control chronic pain was yanked from a hospital by Canadian authorities and, with a catheter still attached, turned over to U.S. officials who provided him with no medical treatment for five days, his lawyer said.

Oct 7, 2005 US Activist Taken from Vancouver ER In Handcuffs to US Border. Shortly after 2PM this afternoon, I witnessed something that will bring shame to Canada. Steve Tuck was taken in handcuffs by Canadian Border Services Enforcement officers out of his emergency room bed and driven to the US border.

Oct 6, 2005 Kid Cannabis How a Chubby Pizza-Delivery Boy From Idaho Became a Drug Kingpin:
Nate Norman was hanging out with his buddy Topher Clark when he came up with The Idea. The two friends were sitting around Nate's house, a dumpy little place near the cemetery, and both of them were extremely stoned. And yet The Idea had more legs than your typical pot-inspired idea. It did not involve a second Twinkie inside the first one. It did not involve genetically modifying the bugs so their blood would not be blood but windshield-wiper fluid. It was, in fact, based on a practical application of global economic theory. That, and cheap weed in Canada.

[ Many enterprising kids realize they can make far more money selling pot than be expoited at McJobs. Eventually the pot sellers buy the business and hire the pot buyers to work for them... it's all spelled it in Narco-Dollars for Beginners A MUST READ ]
Oct 4, 2005 Marijuana Refugee Faces Deportation Steven Tuck, one of a number of high-profile American medical marijuana refugees, is hoping an 11th-hour appeal to the Federal Court will halt his Immigration Canada-ordered return to the U.S.

[Oct. 8, UPDATE: Steve has been seized from a hospital bed in B.C. and taken to a US jail in Washington. See: Marijuana News
Sep 30, 2005 Canadian to File Charges Against Marijuana Activist VANCOUVER - A private citizen says he's filing charges Friday against marijuana activist Marc Emery and two of his associates, partly because that will throw a wrench into the United States' plans to extradite the trio to face drug charges in that country.

Sep 19, 2005 Pioneering Decriminalization But the point here is that I remember thinking how amazing it was that something so harmless as pot smoking would bring about such retribution. Growing up in Ontario, I watched the smog and suburban infiltration plow ahead unchecked, or in some cases, even encouraged.

Sep 11, 2005 Pot Activist Rallies Support Vancouver -- Marc Emery took a quick hit from a joint as his fans smoked and screamed for his freedomin front of the U.S. consulate.... Today, 40 cities around the world, from Warsaw, Moscow, Russia, London, Paris, Madrid, Italy, they are rallying at Canadian consulates around the world. In Melbourne, Australia, and Sydney, Canadian embassies are being picketed!"

Sep 9, 2005 Crohn's Relief Brought Pot Activist To Cause She was suffering with agonizing symptoms and side effects when an old friend recommended marijuana to ease her afflictions. She said it worked and she hasn't used prescription drugs or had surgery since 1996.

Aug 26, 2005 Pot Crusader Says Canadians Will Be To Blame For Extradition Pot crusader Marc Emery said Thursday that all Canadians will be complicit if the United States succeeds in extraditing him to face drug charges in that country.

Aug 23, 2005 No Place For Texas Rangers Increasing Presence Of American Agents Is Making A Mockery Of Canadian Values

Aug 21, 2005 Cross-Border Policing Poses Sovereignty Risk, Canadian VANCOUVER -- The U.S. attorney prosecuting three Canadians suspected of digging a tunnel with the purpose of moving drugs across the border will ask a Seattle judge next week to seize the Fraser Valley property on which the tunnel was constructed.

[Soveriegnty is a national illusion for any country if the U.S. deems it so ]

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