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Current Affairs 2006 - Corruption (23 items)

Dec 6, 2006 Rogue Officer Must Quit The Ottawa police officer has been found in violation of the basic standards expected under the Police Services Act. He was found guilty of the breach after a hearing that detailed his theft and use of crack cocaine. The hearing also revealed that Const. Hall lied about the extent of his prior use of marijuana on his application to become a police officer.

Dec 5, 2006 Police Officer Who Stole Crack Loses His Job An Ottawa police officer who admitted to stealing crack cocaine from suspects and smoking it himself has been dismissed from the force.

[ Imagine if they caught every cop who stole or "confiscated" pot from suspects and took it home to smoke? We would have a lot less police.]
Oct 31, 2006 RCMP Allowed Agent's Crimes A police agent who infiltrated the Hells Angels in Vancouver may have broken the law at times but he was always acting at the direction and under the control of the RCMP, a top Mountie who oversaw the investigation testified Monday. "He is operating under the guidance, authority and approval of his handlers," recalled RCMP Chief Supt. Bob Paulson...

Oct 29, 2006 Border Guard Charged With Smuggling Pot In Return For Sex, Cash A 30-year-old U.S. customs and border-patrol officer has been charged with helping smugglers sneak pot past the border in return for cash and sexual favours.

Oct 26, 2006 Cop Guilty A former 17-year veteran of the St. Thomas Police Service received a conditional discharge Wednesday after pleading guilty to drug and firearms charges..... Armstrong, formerly a police constable, tendered his resignation to Chief Bill Lynch Wednesday morning.

Oct 19, 2006 Officers Charged In Botched Drug Bust Two Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP ) officers were charged with attempting to obstruct justice today in connection with a botched drug bust last year at Mississauga's Pearson International Airport.

Oct 12, 2006 Victoria Cop Obstructed Justice Victoria police officer Ravinder ( Rob ) Singh Dosanjh has been found guilty of obstruction of justice in a case linked to the December 2003 police raids on the B.C. legislature.

Sep 28, 2006 Coke Cop Can't Return Repeated drug possession and use -- to say nothing of the thefts -- has landed many others behind bars. And yet Hall thinks he should be put back into a position to enforce the laws he so flagrantly disregarded. Police Supt. Ralph Erfle has tossed cold water on the idea of Hall winning back his job, telling the hearing that the constable is "one of the last officers" the Ottawa force would want as its public face.

Sep 16, 2006 Guard Gets Five Years In Prison EDMONTON - A former guard at the Edmonton Remand Centre has been sentenced to five years in prison for smuggling drugs inside the jail for inmates.He said he also got an "adrenalin rush" from his participation. And he was using cocaine at the time of the offences.

Aug 30, 2006 Veteran Officer Pleads Guilty To Corruption A veteran Winnipeg police constable admits he repeatedly tried to help an angry Hells Angels associate hunt down people who stole $462,000 in drug money and then went on the run. Bruce Huynen, 40, pleaded guilty yesterday to unauthorized use of a police computer that involved nearly a dozen illegal name, address and background searches in 2003 and 2004. ...Weinstein suggested yesterday that other police officers routinely conduct illegal computer checks as favours for friends and relatives without even being charged or punished. He said the lawyer representing the Winnipeg Police Association has told him of "many" such cases.

Aug 25, 2006 Border guard convicted of drug smuggling A woman from Saskatoon who was an inspector for the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) will spend three years in a United States prison for helping smuggle more than 700 kilograms of marijuana into the U.S.

Aug 19, 2006 OPP officer charged with pot possession A Grenville OPP constable who was at one time president of the Prescott Police Association has been charged with marijuana possession. Constable Maurice Morrissette, 36, of Kemptville, was charged Thursday with possession of a controlled substance following an investigation by the force's Eastern Region Crime Unit.

Aug 11, 2006 New Forfeiture Act 'Outrageous End Run' Around Legal As the provincial government gears up to use its new Civil Forfeiture Act, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association is decrying the legislation as an attack on the rights of British Columbians. The law, which came into force April 20, enables the province to seize property, goods or cash deemed by a civil court judge to have been gained illegally or used in the commission of an illegal act. If seized, property such as cars, boats and houses can be liquidated, with the proceeds going to the province....But this bill gives B.C. control over seized assets rather than Ottawa. "This is the province getting their foot in the door on collecting some of these proceeds for themselves," Vonn said.

Aug 4, 2006 Lawyer On Jail Drug Charge A veteran criminal lawyer has been charged with marijuana trafficking after drugs were allegedly smuggled into the Toronto ( Don ) Jail, police said yesterday.

Jul 1, 2006 Crime Stoppers Tip Line Enjoys Banner Year Up to 75 per cent of calls are drug related, involving information about drug trafficking, marijuana grow operations, etc. "We have a lot of repeat tipsters, which shows they have confidence in our program," said Houliston.

Crimestoppers belies our core values to reject betrayal and deceit, in favour of honesty, intergrity and decency, by creating an avenue for people to snitch on one another - not out of indignation or offense to our common good, but to punish someone they have a beef with, or to provide easy money to those who prey on illicit substance users by befriending them, then turning them in.
Jun 27, 2006 Police Officer Faces Trafficking Charges A 14-year veteran of the Montreal police department was charged in court yesterday with drug trafficking, money laundering, conspiracy to import drugs and possession of the proceeds of crime.

Jun 22, 2006 Ex-Officers Arrested MONTREAL -- Two former police officers were arrested yesterday as part of a drug ring that made weekly shipments to the United States, the RCMP said. .. was among the 36 people arrested and charged during raids that took place early yesterday....About 350 police officers, including members of the RCMP, Quebec provincial police and aboriginal police, carried out the drug raids.

[Besides netting two corrupt cops, a big 'make work' project paid for from the public purse to hire 10 fully armed police for every one arrestee. At what point will the absurdity become too much?]
Jun 22, 2006 Ex-undercover Officer Gets One Year In Jail A former undercover police officer who fed information about the location of marijuana fields to two men so they could harvest the crop before police raids was sentenced to 12 months in jail yesterday.

Jun 20, 2006 Undercover Work Led To Officer's Drug Habit - Lawyer ARRIE - A police officer who infiltrated the Hells Angels became so addicted to cocaine, alcohol and marijuana that he cracked under the strain of life undercover, a court has heard.

May 19, 2006 Jail Guard In Plot To Smuggle Pot Into Barton: Police A jail guard has been charged with accepting a bribe and conspiring to smuggle nearly $7,000 worth of marijuana into Barton jail. Derek Brown, 25, a corrections officer at Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre, was arrested Feb. 24 while on duty and charged with selling marijuana in an east-end parking lot on his lunch break. Brown has now been charged with accepting a bribe and breach of trust, along with conspiring to traffic drugs.

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