Commonly accepted standards of medicinal growing:

Fertilizers may contain elements that are undesirable for medicinal cannabis. Organic materials are recommended for optimum health benefits .


Only non-toxic pest management techniques are to be used. Absolutely no chemical pesticides are to be used.

Examples of non-toxic pest control include:

  • Beneficial insects such as lady bugs, spider mite predators etc.
  • Safer's insecticidal soaps
  • Neem oil (found commercially in products such as Einstein Oil)
  • Organic preparations containing ingredients such as garlic, hot peppers etc.
  • Yellow sticky flytraps


  • No chemical fungicides are to be used.


  • If mold is spotted at ANY stage, the affected plants are to be destroyed. Some people have immune deficiencies (i.e. resulting from HIV/AIDS) and ingesting even minute quantities of fungus or mold could prove to be fatal.


  • All plants must be "flushed" for at least 10 days prior to harvest. This means they are provided with only pure water - absolutely no additional nutrients are to be added.


  • All buds are to be dried and cured properly. The stems should break easily, making an audible "snap" sound.



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