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Current Affairs 2005 - Statistics (60 items)

Dec 22, 2005 High On Science Canadian scientists refuse to be swayed by U.S. propaganda when it comes to researching the possible benefits of pot

Dec 19, 2005 Underground Economy Skews BC Statistics Estimates of the value of the marijuana industry alone run as high as $20 billion a year -- almost as much as the Progress Board is guessing the whole underground economy is worth. ... For one thing, there's that huge marijuana industry, which pumps billions -- though we can only guess how many -- into the economy.

The cannabis economy is allowed to thrive because it keeps many BC communities going...
Dec 13, 2005 Grow-Ops Growing In Number Since the start of 2005, police in Ontario have raided 15 farm-sized pot fields, with each property housing between 7,000 and 24,000 plants. Overall, the Orillia-based OPP Drug Enforcement Section is reporting a 100-per-cent increase in the number of plants seized over the past year. Between January and September, officers dismantled more than 600 grow operations and uprooted in excess of 400,000 plants. Seizures in areas surrounding Bancroft, Matheson, Iroquois Falls, and Kincardine are up 600 per cent, Elbers said.

Tax and regulate
Dec 0, 2005 Fewer Students Smoke, Use Drugs Legal and illegal drug use among Ontario students in grades 7 to 12 dropped last year for the first time in over a decade.

Nov 29, 2005 Officers Alarmed At Increase In Grow-Op Size The increasing size and plant yields of rural marijuana grow operations are an increasing concern to OPP drug enforcement officers.

Perhaps one day they will realize that cannabis is a plant like any other and they will never be able to eradicate nature.... until that day comes....
Nov 23, 2005 Conservative Candidate Backs Pot Mine Federal Health Critic Steven Fletcher's call to shut down the local medicinal marijuana grow-op isn't shared by Flin Flon's Conservative MP candidate.

Nov 23, 2005 Cops Cope With Growing Problem Five years ago, 95 per cent of Ontario Provincial Police drug enforcement was proactive work. Now, it's 95 per cent reactive, and more than half of the workload centres around marijuana, Det. Insp. Frank Elbers said at OPP headquarters yesterday.

[Duh, so what's the logical answer?]
Nov 22, 2005 Teen Pot Smokers Target Of Addictions Campaign In Manitoba, more than 40 per cent of high school students have used marijuana, according to the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, one of 20 community groups involved in awareness week. Canadians ages 14 through 25 have the highest rate of pot use in the world, according to the Canadian Public Health Association.

Nov 18, 2005 Drugs Sold In Local High Schools Police Say The Problem Is So Big They Can't Keep Up... Police now send drug-sniffing dogs and undercover officers into your children's schools as young pushers peddle marijuana, crack, cocaine and ecstasy to fellow students.

[Again, drugs in schools has been around for over 30 years, yet the kids of today are subjected to tactics that will colour their view of authority forever]
Nov 11, 2005 Facts Don't Support Crime Fears "In Canada, we think we don't have the crime and crime rates ( as they do in America ) but it is becoming very clear we can no longer be complacent in the face of rising crime levels in Canada and in B.C. in particular." The problem is that just isn't true. According to a July 2005 report from Statistics Canada, the national crime rate fell one per cent in 2004.

[If the media always did their job of investigating "facts" we would see very different news articles about cannabis]
Nov 9, 2005 Nailing Marijuana Growing Operations Delta police may have the best, and simplest, way to deal with illegal drug growers -- investigate, arrest and make sure criminal charges stick.

Nov 3, 2005 Marijuana Vs Alcohol - The Straight-Up Dope The California Research Advisory Panel has stated that "[pot] is responsible for less damage to society and the individual than are alcohol and cigarettes." So what's the deal? ... The Canadian Bureau of Justice Statistics finds that more violent crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol than any other drug.... It finds that when it comes to crime, most pot smokers cause no other misdeed than the possession of the pot itself. ... The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse states that nearly half of all car crash deaths involve alcohol. In the United States it's the number one contributing factor in young deaths, and accounts for a quarter of all youth hospital visits. Pot on the other hand, was involved in less than two per cent of drug-related visits to the hospital in 1994.

[Common sense tells us alcohol is more dangerous than pot... but then there's politics...]
Nov 2, 2005 Pregnant Pot Smoking Promoted Some people might be shocked at the idea of pregnant women smoking marijuana to deal with the nausea that comes with pregnancy. The survey shows that 92 per cent of respondents considered marijuana to be either "extremely effective" or "effective" as a therapy for nausea and vomiting ( or morning sickness ).

Nov 1, 2005 Pass the Weed, Dad Parents Are Smoking Dope With Their Kids. What Are They Thinking?

[Probably the same thing that parents who allow their kids to drink a little wine with dinner or special occasions is - how to responsibly use the substances they will encounter in life. The hypocrasy surrounding pot politics is another sympton of our mainstream alcohol culture. Besides, prohbition has been around so long, many parents smoked with their parents, (even grandparents), so critical mass keeps building. ]
Oct 28, 2005 Teens Turn To Toking Before Driving: Study A new study finds teens are more likely to drive after smoking marijuana than after drinking, according to a recent study of 6,000 Atlantic Canadians in Grades 10 and 12. ...Drivers who smoked marijuana were four times more likely to be involved in a crash than those who had not. The study's results are considered accurate within 1.6 percentage points, 99 times out of 100.

[Considering the number of driving & pot studies that conclude it is safer to drive on pot than alcohol, perhaps the message isn't getting lost... though no impairment is the ideal we should strive for]
Oct 28, 2005 The Evolving Politics of Pot Just about every time The Banner runs a story about a local police busting a marijuana grow operation, we receive a letter to the editor or two from people championing the other side of the story and urging our reporters to do the same.

[ The power of MAP ]
Oct 27, 2005 This Bud's For All Of Us Bud Inc., by Ian Mulgrew ( Random House Canada, 304 pages, $35 ) After a week in Vancouver I realized that Mulgrew's new book will open the eyes of quite a few people when it comes out next month. Prohibition has failed. The police and courts are overwhelmed. The cultivators are laughing all the way to an offshore account. The only hope is that Uncle Paul and some of his colleagues will come to the glaringly obvious conclusion that Ian Mulgrew spells out again and again. Legalize it.

Oct 26, 2005 MP Report By Jay Hill, M.P. Bill C-248 would impose mandatory sentences of one year or more for the first offence and two years or more for a subsequent offense for those convicted of drug trafficking within 500 metres of an elementary or high school. However, the federal Liberal Government said it doesn't like my legislation. Why? The Liberals also oppose Bill C-248 because, according to Mr. Thibault, it doesn't address drug trafficking in skate parks, arenas and other areas children frequent.

[Duh, the government may have it's own agenda, but if this bill passed, we would be one step closer to the USA style drug policy, and Canadians don't want that]
Oct 24, 2005 Harmless? Never! More than 2,000 Canadians go to jail annually for simple possession of marijuana and some segments of society believe this is a useless waste of public funds and police resources....The drug has become more potent and dangerous than it was a generation ago. It is damaging.

[Good ol' Texas North...dissing a herb that has no fatalities in it's thousands of years of use...]
Oct 24, 2005 Most Canadians Would Vote For Pot Smoker Poll The Leger Marketing survey conducted Sept. 13-16 found that only 26 per cent of Canadians would have refuse to vote for a politician who had smoked marijuana.

[Typical of Canadians, eh?]

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