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Current Affairs 2006 - Propaganda (24 items)

Dec 12, 2006 6 Kids Seized In Drug Houses Six children have been taken into custody following two marijuana grow op busts in Calgary, their parents set to become the first in the city charged under provincial legislation aimed at protecting kids living in drug homes...."It comes down to organized crime and making profits. They will sacrifice their families to make a profit," said the Ward 13 alderman. "I hope that if these parents are found guilty, that they never get their kids back."

[ Pure evil - the spin that it is heartless criminals making profits, rather than possibly families trying to supplement meager incomes with a bit of extra income so they won't have to live on the street. Either way, tearing families apart for growing plants (that many people are eager to buy) ensures there are emotionally scared victims for life - and we allow these people to rule our lives? Are we insane?]
Dec 7, 2006 Mouldy Myths Cops Warn of Rampant Mould at Pot Ops but Public Health Says There's No Fungus in Sight Should a b-movie blob threaten the city, Toronto cops will have lots of experience battling make-believe enemies. Fact is, menacing claims last week by our finest that the grow ops busted at 2600 Jane were rampant with mould may be plain untrue.

Dec 7, 2006 Mouldy Myths Cops Warn of Rampant Mould at Pot Ops but Public Health Says There's No Fungus in Sight Should a b-movie blob threaten the city, Toronto cops will have lots of experience battling make-believe enemies. Fact is, menacing claims last week by our finest that the grow ops busted at 2600 Jane were rampant with mould may be plain untrue.

Dec 6, 2006 Roots Of Drug Use Not Tackled, Says Expert The legal system is failing to shield the public from the effects of drugs, so the RCMP is tackling the responsibility of prevention more than ever. ...Those studies show that each child needs at least four positive adult role models in their lives in order to diminish the chances of problem drug use later in life. She suggested it was part of a Mountie's mandate to try to be one of those positive role models.... "Right now the barn door is wide open and no one is there to shut it," Rintoul said.

[It is quite terrifying to see the path we have been going down in the decades since the war on (some) substance users began. The dogs, the lockdowns, the lack of respect - How many baby boomers would have gone on to graduate under those conditions? Unfortunately, they try and make sure that was the last rebellious generation to exist - since then they have ramped up attempting to shape obedient puppets. You certainly can not blame today's kids for looking at alternative education options. ]
Dec 6, 2006 RCMP Put Spin On Grow Op Busts Drug squad head Sgt. Tim Shields of the Kelowna RCMP spent a considerable part of a media briefing yesterday trying to convince reporters of a stand the force has taken often in the past: The majority of marijuana grow operations are connected to organized crime and that the dope they grow is smuggled into the U.S. and comes back as cocaine. During Green Team raids on 23 large grow houses, Shields said police seized 10,500 plants, enough by their calculations to provide every teenaged kid in the Central Okanagan school district with a joint a day for 429 days. But what about the obvious disparity? If the pot is all going south for cocaine, how is it that the same dope can also supply our kids for over a year?

[ Kudos to this newspaper for not accepting the police PR at face value... if all media did this, peraps the drug war would be over.]
Dec 5, 2006 Pot Lobby Takes Another Hit Life just got considerably more difficult for potheads, stoners and other pro-marijuana activists seeking the legalization of their favourite herb. The Australian National Council on Drugs just released a report that reviews the findings of several hundred studies looking at the evidence-based effects of marijuana. And the results are damning for legalization and decriminalization advocates who have long argued that marijuana is essentially harmless, especially relative to tobacco and alcohol.

Nov 29, 2006 Students Need To Be Re-Educated On Dangers Of Pot "The government is realizing how much money is spent on weed, and they're upset that they aren't getting a part of that money through taxes. But they know they can't legalize it now, with everyone thinking it's a 'hardcore' drug so they are letting on it is a 'soft' drug, so that in a couple years they will be able to legalize it because everyone will think it's no big deal," Powell said. I think that we need to re-educate the youth in how dangerous weed really is and eliminate this theory before it spreads out of control.

Nov 24, 2006 Pot More Addictive For Youth, Drug Expert Warns OTTAWA -- Young People Can Easily Become Dependent on Marijuana Because Their Brains Are Still Developing, Says an Expert on Youth Substance Abuse. "Kids can get addicted really quickly, like six months," said Kathy Szirtes, who spoke Thursday at a public forum in Ottawa on problematic marijuana use among youth. "An adult may take two years, but kids can take six months because their bodies are still soft and growing. The teen brain really isn't done growing."

Nov 22, 2006 Drug Producer Registry An Idea Worth Pursuing Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP ) National Chemical Diversion Coordinator, Corporal Brent Hill, recently provided a piece of that puzzle. Speaking to the Perth County Task Force on Crystal Meth, Corp. Hill said he would like to see a national registry created of those found guilty of manufacturing illegal drugs, similar to that used to keep tabs on sex offenders. Such a registry would provide rapid access by police to current vital information about convicted drug producers. A person convicted of a designated drug offence could be required to report to the appropriate registration centre to re-register annually and every time they change their address or legal name....Would the registry differentiate between chemical drug producers and small-scale marijuana growers, and should it? Regardless, this is an idea that shouldn't be allowed to get mired in the legislative system for years. It should be examined fully, post haste.

[Using the extremes of the crystal meth scare as propaganda to snag someone growing a plant in their backyard by making "drug producers" seem the same as someone with an obvious mental defect and unwitting victim, is illogical and hopefully unconstitutional. Also, if registries for real crimes involving victims continues, will there be a drunk driver registry so everyone can know when a convicted drunk driver moves to the neighbourhood? Is this what we want?]
Nov 1, 2006 Kids Protected From Grow Ops One week after three Calgary children were found living in a home used as a marijuana grow op, a law enabling police to charge unfit parents for exposing their kids to drugs comes into effect. Under the Drug Endangered Children Act, officers can seize kids found in narcotics situations, as well as charge the family members who put them in harm's way.

[Although the intention of these laws sound good, there is too much room for abuse of the system by authority in deciding "what is best for the children"]
Oct 30, 2006 Judge Calls For Stiffer Penalties For Grow-Ops A B.C. Supreme Court judge has waded into the debate over sentencing for marijuana grow-ops, saying sentences are "notorious" for being ineffective. Justice Sherman Hood, who made the comments during the sentencing of a repeat offender in Port Alberni, says the problem in B.C. has become "critical."

Aug 30, 2006 RCMP Retract 'Pound For Pound' Assertion Police made an honest mistake by telling The Reminder that marijuana is sometimes traded pound for pound with cocaine, according to the RCMP National Headquarters. Paul Nadeau, the Mounties' national drug enforcement director, said police have no evidence to support this recently-reported "urban myth." "Personally, I have never heard of one instance where we've been able to corroborate that," he said from his Ottawa office. Nadeau said the fallacy is so widespread that it's believed by criminals, lawyers and some of the many thousands of police officers - -- RCMP and otherwise -- across the nation....The pound-for-pound statement was included as part of an Aug. 9 Reminder article outlining how today's marijuana is much more potent - -- and of greater concern to police -- than the pot of yesteryear. Within days of the story running, members of the pro-marijuana lobby from across Canada fired off e-mails and letters to the editor ridiculing the claim. They read the article online.

Police propaganda gets trounced - thanks to the efforts of many letter writers. It would be so much easier to separate fact from fiction if all media followed up on the dubious claims of reefer madness spewed into the "news", and got retractions from police and politicians.
Aug 28, 2006 Resurrect 'Reefer Madness' As Reason To Crack Down on Marijuana A pair of articles in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry has resurrected the "reefer madness" argument about marijuana and its links to mental illness. Cannabis use can trigger schizophrenia in people already vulnerable to the mental illness -- and this fact should shape marijuana policy, argue two psychiatric epidemiologists in this month's journal. "This is that old hobgoblin that resurfaces now and again. There's nothing new in the literature. They just keep rehashing the old literature."

Aug 5, 2006 Reefer Is Worth Getting Mad About Today's Marijuana Isn't The Stuff Baby Boomers Toked, Says the UN's Antonio Maria Costa. Pot's Characteristics Now Aren't That Different From Other Plant-Based Drugs -- Like Cocaine and Heroin

UN, US what's the difference? Same propaganda. See: Top Ten Facts ALL Canadians Need To Know About Cannabis
Jul 28, 2006 Officials Unite In The Fight Against Pot Use "Unfortunately, it appears that our society has grown complacent about marijuana use. A lot of people simply think that it's no big deal," Blain said. "It is a big deal. Marijuana use has claimed many lives, it is a health and safety hazard, and its production is linked to organized crime."

Unfortuantely the RCMP offer no facts or references to back their assertion that "Marijuana use has claimed many lives". This contradicts all scientific reports, yet it gets printed anyway.
Jul 22, 2006 Propaganda Film Hits Stage Evils of drug use will be explored at the Duncan Garage Showroom during next month's musical-comedy version of Reefer Madness. J.E. Productions' directors Maddison Popov and Brianna Wiens are using Kevin Murphy's script based on the 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film that's become a cult classic.

Jul 21, 2006 The Truth About Marijuana This article is not intended as a scare tactic, rather a truthful look at marijuana and it's effects on the human body.

A classic example of the propaganda being used today.
Jul 3, 2006 It's Time To Take Ragers Off The Road Opinions Differ On The Causes Of Road Rage, But One Thing Is Clear: People With Anger Issues Don't Belong Behind The Wheel ... researchers think it's ... a medical condition called intermittent explosive disorder. A Canadian study ..found frequent road ragers were more likely to take ecstasy... cocaine, cannabis and alcohol. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health concluded that drugs and alcohol are the main cause of angry, erratic behaviour behind the wheel.

[Big Pharma is working overtime to pump out the "disease of the day" so they can peddle their latest cure to replace the mostly less harmful substances some people choose to self-medicate with:
Psychotropic medications used with Intermittent Explosive Disorder.
Carbamazepine (Tegretol and others).
Divalproex (Depakote).
Fluoxetine (Prozac).
Gabapentin (Neurontin).
Lamotrigine (Lamictal).
P henytoin (Dilantin).
Sertraline (Zoloft).
Venlafaxine (Effexor).
Jun 30, 2006 BC: Properties Must Be Inspected Every 3 Months Landlords will be required to make mandatory inspections of their rental properties every three months, if a proposed anti-drug bylaw is adopted by Langley Township council.

[Homeowner = some privacy rights, Renter = no privacy rights. Slowly our freedom and rights disappear for metaphorical wars, and surprisingly, very few are concerned about it.]
Feb 24, 2006 Pot Can Make You Psychotic Heads up potheads. Cannabis use may lead to psychosis. At an SFU forum on cannabis, mental health and addiction, Professor David Ferguson from the University of Otago, New Zealand, told his audience pot is definitely not a harmless drug.

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