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Current Affairs 2006 - Propaganda (24 items)

Feb 3, 2006 LTE: Troubled By Youth's View Of Marijuana TROUBLED BY YOUTH'S VIEW OF MARIJUANA As an educator and counsellor of teens, I have felt the need to write about the apparent acceptance, by many, of marijuana use as a harmless pastime. My need to write was heightened after observing student reactions to a recent all-candidates meeting and the student "practice" federal election held in area schools. The Marijuana Party candidate received cheers, support and significant votes from many students.

Jan 28, 2006 Delta Police Issue Warning On Meth-Laced Marijuana "The police have received information that this is occurring in order to facilitate a new addiction to methamphetamines in those that are using marijuana recreationally or in a social capacity," said media liaison officer Const. Kim Sheridan.

[If public safety was the top priority for public funds, then wouldn't the public enjoy the protection of a regulated market? If even their pet food is regulated, why can't substances they may ingest be too?]
Jan 27, 2006CN BC: CN BC: Bylaw Aimed At Paraphernalia, Hydroponic Sales The city can't ban outright the sale of drug paraphernalia or hydroponic equipment that can also be used for indoor marijuana grow operations, but charging a hefty licence fee and setting up a buyers' registry would make those who want to trade in those markets think twice.

[Big brother takes aim... again]
Jan 3, 2006 Straight Talk On Pot Recent Canadian statistics show that 39.1 per cent of Grade 7 students reported using marijuana at least once during the year ( 2003 Ontario Student Drug Use Survey from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health ) Here's what you should know about today's marijuana. [INSERT PROPAGANDA HERE]

Same old, same old ....

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