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Feb 6, 2006 Feds Go After Pot Users For $170,000 Debt OTTAWA ( CP ) - Like any dope dealer, Health Canada has its share of marijuana customers who just don't pay their bills. But unlike street pushers, the department avoids tire irons and switchblades to recover its bad debts in favour of stern letters and collection agencies.

[Cutting off medical users who can't pay for taxpayer funded pot adds insult to injury for the poor and disenfranchised. Instead they will have to see how they fare with not paying their local dealers.]
Feb 3, 2006 Marijuana Activists Fuming Over Arrest Medical marijuana advocates are angry over the treatment of a Regina AIDS patient who was arrested after his marijuana licence expired. Tom Shapiro was handcuffed, along with his wife and son, for four hours while police tried to determine his status in Health Canada's medical marijuana program, said an official with the Canadian AIDS Society.

[Welcome to the new Conservative government and the way things will be done now. Oh, where did some of the biggest websites like Overgrow.com go?}
Jan 28, 2006 Delta Police Issue Warning On Meth-Laced Marijuana "The police have received information that this is occurring in order to facilitate a new addiction to methamphetamines in those that are using marijuana recreationally or in a social capacity," said media liaison officer Const. Kim Sheridan.

[If public safety was the top priority for public funds, then wouldn't the public enjoy the protection of a regulated market? If even their pet food is regulated, why can't substances they may ingest be too?]
Jan 27, 2006 Pot Activist Obeys Deportation Order To US VANCOUVER -- Before his deportation to California yesterday, Steven Kubby gathered his wife and two daughters to his side.

Jan 27, 2006 Medical Marijuna Refugee Steve Kubby Arrested Medical marijuana refugee Steve Kubby was taken to the Placer County jail today to begin serving a 4-month sentence on drug possession charges. Supporters are fearful that he will not survive in jail without access to medical marijuana. Kubby has used cannabis exclusively to treat a rare form of adrenal cancer, pheochromocytoma , since the 1980s, and is thought to be the longest living survivor of the disease. [ Read more....]

CON 124 (36.25%) | NDP 29(17.49%)
LIB103(30.22%) | IND1(.52%)
BQ51(10.48%) | OTH 0(5.05%)

Victory for US?

Once again, Canadaís antiquated first-past-the-post system wasted millions of votes, distorted results, severely punished large blocks of voters, exaggerated regional differences, created an unrepresentative Parliament, and may possibly have even given us the wrong government.

Jan 24, 2006 Medical Marijuana Advocate Must Leave VANCOUVER ( CP ) -- After losing his last legal challenge to stay in Canada, medical marijuana advocate Steve Kubby has been told to leave the country by Thursday.

Jan 20, 2006 Judge Says Cancer Victim, Steve Kubby, Must Be Sent to US Denies Appeal to Stop Removal Order. Claims Kubby Will Not Be Arrested Despite Statement by California Prosecutor. Claims Prop 215 Protects Patients, Despite Fact No US Jails Allow Medical Cannabis Use. Family Fears He Will Die in US.

VANCOUVER -- Canadian Federal Justice, Yvon Pinard, ruled today that Immigration Canada may now proceed with its attempt to send Steve Kubby, cancer patient and medical marijuana refugee, to die in an American jail. Immigration Canada is expected to issue a new removal date, presumably sometime next week.

For more info call: Michele Kubby (250)578-8422

Please phone or fax the Ministers of Immigration, Health, Justice and Public Safety:
[In transition due to election - how convenient.]
Jan 16, 2006 Apocalypse Now! A Conservative Canada? Pot people in Canada face extreme danger if a Conservative Justice Minister and the Conservative Party win on January 23rd

The Conservative Party say they will give any Canadians caught selling more than 3 kilograms of marijuana a mandatory 24 months minimum in jail. The Conservatives, who lead the polls in Canadaís general election for next Monday, January 23, have already indicated they want mandatory jail terms for any Canadian growing marijuana.

They promised never to decriminalize marijuana.

[ Also see: The swell of opposition to rightwingnuts ruling us is beginning to grow! Voters are shaking the amnesia and remembering Brian Mulroney, Mike Harris and their kind.
Jan 12, 2006 Activist Takes Pot Law To Top Court Test of rare defence seeking 'jury nullification'; Although judges are supposed to encourage jurors to stick to the letter of the law, Krieger's lawyer, John Hook, argues the Supreme Court formally recognized jury nullification in the 1988 acquittal of abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler. At the time, the bench described the jury's power as "the citizen's ultimate protection against oppressive laws and the oppressive enforcement of the law."

[ Usually we don't hear about SCC decisions for at least six months after the hearing.]
Jan 9, 2006 Judge refuses to issue stay BREAKING NEWS:
Judge in Kubby Hearing has taken case under advisement and will issue a decision at a later date.

"Considering that this was a routine request to issue a temporary stay while the court considers our motion, I have lost all remaining faith in the court system and can only plead with people who hear about our situation to call, call and call again until those Ministers who are responsible fix this legal nightmare," said Mrs. Kubby.

"Phone calls to the Ministers of Immigration, Health, Justice and Public Safety may be our only hope now," added Mrs. Kubby.

Press Info and Contact Info HERE
Jan 6, 2006 Police Officer Back To Court On Drug Charges Const. Sheldon Cook, 38, a 14-year veteran of the Peel force, is facing the drug trafficking charges after the RCMP followed a shipment of cocaine to a home in Cambridge, where they discovered 15 kilograms of the narcotic with a street value of more than $500,000.

Jan 6, 2006 Stay Of Charges Against Pot Activist Paves The Way For Extradition A lawyer for pot activist Marc Emery says the federal government's decision not to proceed with drug charges against his client clears the way for his possible extradition to the United States and means Ottawa is kowtowing to the Americans.

Jan 5, 2006 NORML Canada launches marijuana policy survey NORML Canada launches it's marijuana policy survey for candidates in the 2006 federal election.
Given the prominence of marijuana prohibition in recent Canadian public discourse, it is truly surprising that the issue has not been raised in the present federal election campaign.
This following questionnaire has been mailed to every candidate. Campaign offices will also be called as a follow up. Responses will be posted on our website as the campaign unfolds.
Go to Questionnaire

Medical Marijuana Still Not Widely Available: Report The federal government's medical marijuana program doesn't work, the Canadian AIDS Society said in a report released Wednesday. The group's report suggests few users of medical marijuana obtain the drug through official channels. "Over 85 per cent of the people we consulted who used cannabis are currently relying on illegal sources for their supply of cannabis," said Lynne Bell-Isle, who worked on the 18-month project for the society.

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