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Current Affairs (2009) - Activism (2 items)

Feb 3, 2009 BC Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Medical Marijuana Compassion clubs and other medical marijuana distributors should have restrictions on them lifted, a B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled on Monday. PIC To the delight of a packed courtroom in Vancouver, Justice Marvyn Koenigsberg said federal regulations that limit people's access to medicinal cannabis are "constitutionally invalid" and gave the government a year to amend the rules.

The current rules under the federal medical marijuana program limit a supplier from providing marijuana to more than one patient and restrict growers from sharing a common space.

Koenigsberg made the ruling during the trial of Vancouver Island resident Mathew Beren. ...."In my view, it would be contrary to public interest for Mr. Beren to have criminal record," Koenigsberg told the courtroom. "If ever there was a case where an absolute discharge is appropriate, it's this one."

Jan 23, 2009 Band Bangs Drum For Pot Reform A 10-member, underground rock band that calls itself the Indus Guys - -- or In Disguise -- has launched a website promoting a series of original songs singing the praises of pot, as well as a political plea for Canadians to call their MPs and demand an end to 81 years of marijuana prohibition.

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