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Parti Marijuana Party du Canada

By Debra Harper

Although some think it is a prank, the Marijuana Party isn't joking about what it's doing. It is a one issue party - the legalization /regulation of cannabis - and a very serious issue to the Party candidates.

It isn't about having pot available to anyone, anywhere - that is what is happening now and what the Party wants changed. It is about age restrictions and quality control. It is also about human rights and quality of life; neither of which should be taken lightly.

For those who believe the controls on alcohol are more effective than if we allowed anyone to make, distribute and buy it; and for those who believe it is futile to prohibit tobacco, so restricting it to adults, taxing and regulating it is common sense; and for those who believe that what takes place between two consenting adults is not a crime and prohibiting such activities is a breach of human rights and a waste of tax money; and for those who believe we have a right to choose natural medicines for a better quality of life, than you already believe in what the Marijuana Party stands for.

There are many other benefits that Canadians will immediately notice if the Marijuana Party has it's way. Organized crime would lose a prime source of financing which can not be ignored as some insane notion any longer. This non-evasive, peaceful way of achieving what politicians are attempting through tougher legislation which ultimately tramples every ones rights and freedoms and increases overall violence , is not an insane notion.

The millions of dollars that lay hidden in an underground economy which keeps communities buoyant in no arbitrary fashion, combined with the tax money saved from prosecution, lawyers, police, judges, prison guards, could be filtered into health care, treatment, education, and an overall tax reduction, in turn benefiting all of society.

Enough is enough, or a single issue party like the Marijuana Party would not exist, ironically counting success as not needing to be around by the next federal election and if common sense and compassion prevail, it won't be. But to every person who believes the laws are wrong, whether they personally use cannabis or not, now is the time to support quality of life, human rights and everything else the Marijuana Party stands for by helping to form a Provincial party to carry on the work.

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