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Current Affairs 2005 - Cultivation (106 items)

Aug 20, 2005 Hydroponic Store Owners Should Help Us If indoor growing supply shops tracked customer purchases and informed police of suspicious buys, it would make stopping large-scale marijuana operations easier...But....."A lot of our customers are vegetable growers concerned about pesticides and preservatives and those that want to grow their own vegetables year-round,"

[The lengths the police must go to continue this war on consensual "crime" is nothing short of mind boggling]
Aug 18, 2005 Senior Sentenced For Tobacco, Pot A southern Alberta man was fined $20,000 Wednesday for illegally manufacturing tobacco in the largest operation of its kind in Western Canada.....was also sentenced to 90 days in jail for producing marijuana

[Where corporate control and prohibition meet]
Aug 16, 2005 Emery Says Seed Clients Being Set Up B.C. pot activist and former Londoner Marc Emery yesterday warned his marijuana seed customers their orders may have been intercepted by U.S. justice officials.

Jul 27, 2005CN BC: Compassion Society Defends Sooke Grow-Op In Court Philippe Lucas, head of the Vancouver Island Compassion Society, will be in at the Western Communities court house tomorrow and Friday for a preliminary trial into a RCMP raid on the compassion society's grow-op in Sooke.

[This facility was involved in several research projects and supplies cannabis - much more than the government is doing, without costing taxpayer's a cent. Close the competition down seems to be government strategy]
Jul 26, 2005 'Football Fields' Of Pot Discovered Police in Northern Ontario have charged a Toronto man after they found marijuana fields stretching "three football fields in length" in what is considered to be one of Canada's largest pot busts.

Jul 25, 2005CN ON: Growing Season Is Here Last year, police seized 104,000 plants across the province and charged 37 people. That number is up significantly from the previous two years, when police seized 78,000 plants in 2003 and 56,000 plants in 2002. In 2000, 89,000 marijuana plants were seized by police and 41 people were charged.

Jul 24, 2005 Drug Tunnel - Sources Says Conduit Not Just For Pot Three Surrey men who allegedly spent more than a year digging a drug tunnel under the border to the U.S. planned to use it for smuggling ecstacy as well as marijuana, American authorities say.

[Tunnels have been around since alcohol prohibition]
Jun 14, 2005 Medical Marijuana Sub-Standard, Patients Say "What we see is a massive level of distrust with the entire program," says Philippe Lucas of Canadians for Safe Access, an advocacy group for users of medical marijuana. "If they are going to offer it to me, why not offer it so it can work for me, and offer it properly" says Reardon. "Put it in the hands of the master growers - people who do this for a living."

Jun 10, 2005CN QU: Pot Industry Was An Open Secret Everyone knew or knew of the 11 local farmers arrested on Wednesday during a massive marijuana bust involving three police forces in two countries. In every depanneur, the newspapers were sold out by 8:30 a.m., a store clerk said. With every report that said the smuggling ringleaders intimidated local farmers into handing over plots of land to the marijuana growers, men and women scoffed in disbelief. "It's all exaggerated. They're not the Hells Angels, they're not Al-Qa'ida," said one bar customer, enjoying an afternoon beer. "This is just a nice big story to sell papers."

May 16, 2005 Advocate For Pot Arrested A Windsor man who says he grows marijuana for the sick and dying has been busted on drug charges. Fred Pritchard, 37, a self-styled marijuana legalization advocate who goes by the moniker Daweedking, is facing charges of marijuana production and trafficking.

[Busting compassion clubs means shutting down the competition to the governments med pot program.. not how capitalism is supposed to work..]
May 14, 2005 Tenants' RightsGroup Worries Grow-Op Bylaw Could Be Abused [When there is one set of rules for home owners and another for home renters, the divide between the haves and have nots widens and deepens]

May 10, 2005 City Wants Info On Who's Using Hydroponics An Abbotsford city council resolution asking the province to force retailers to give police data on customers who buy hydroponic growing equipment, goes to the Lower Mainland Municipal Association this week.

[You are a suspect if you do buy anthing from grow equipment to cold medicine...mandatory ID for any purchase is next..]
May 9, 2005 Dealing Dope in B.C. Is Far From a Victimless Crime To hear some latter-day hippies tell it, marijuana use is a victimless and harmless crime. You buy the substance from your friendly neighbourhood dealer just as you would a carton of cornflakes from your corner grocer. But a Province news story last week points to a sinister aspect of drug sales in B.C., namely their apparent connection to violent gangs.

[The media constantly mistakes prohibition-realted problems with cannabis-growing problems which makes matters worse,,, and worse...]
May 8, 2005 Hydroponics Industry Getting 'A Bad Rap Lately' The hydroponics business is getting caught up in the illegal grow-op business and it's unfair, according to one worker. ..."We're trying to promote plants that aren't low light that need good light and good nutrition. A lot of people are into small vegetable gardens in the winter or they grow orchids or bonsai trees. That's what we try to promote."

[If every Canadian family would begin a small garden at home, then the so-called "dangers of indoor growing" would be eliminated from our lexicon]
May 8, 2005 Grow-Op Bust Ends In Death A 45-YEAR-OLD woman, apparently trying to elude police, plunged 15 storeys to her death at an apartm

[or..Prohibition claims another life...]
May 5, 2005 City Applies Pressure On Grow-Ops The project starts immediately and involves three specially-appointed city officials travelling around Abbotsford's streets. Using equipment that senses excessive heat, they will scan homes from the outside to determine whether there is a grow-op inside. If they suspect there is, the staff would knock on the door of the home, and if there is an answer, act under the provincial Community Charter to enter the property on the grounds of it being a public safety hazard.

[How to circumvent the Charter of Rights in one easy swoop...]
May 5, 2005 Customs Officer Says B.C. Gang Forced Him To Smuggle Drugs A customs officer with the Canadian Border Services Agency is in a U.S. federal prison awaiting a bail hearing after he was arrested Tuesday at the truck crossing in Blaine, Washington allegedly trying to smuggle more than 100 kilograms of B.C. bud past colleagues guarding the U.S. border.

May 4, 2005 PUB LTE: Renters Losing Their Charter Rights Of course, child molesters and child abusers can still hide their victims in the home, still safe from inspection and searches, as long as the don't grow pot. It says much about the priorities of our rulers. So, if you are a renter, it appears that just about everybody has the right to invade your privacy and your home. Big Brother, and doublespeak, are alive and well in Canada.

May 3, 2005 Indoor Gardening Expo Bears Some Bitter Fruit A rift centred on an upcoming local expo highlights the sensitivities surrounding the indoor gardening technique of hydroponics. One B.C. company that pitches itself as a medical marijuana leader said it is boycotting the fifth annual International Indoor Gardening Expo, which takes place Saturday and Sunday at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

May 1, 2005 Border Guards Awash In Sea Of Green B.C. drug smugglers are breaking the law -- and the bank -- when they sneak across the border. An increase in seizures is putting enormous strain on Washington county law enforcement and local officials say they've had enough.

[Canada is responsible for 2% of US pot, so this is just another example of a lost cause...]

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