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Current Affairs 2005 - Cultivation (106 items)

Mar 21, 2005CN BC: BC Hydro Could Help Bust Grow-ops Last week, Solicitor General Rich Coleman urged BC Hydro to help police in their battle against drugs. He asked the Crown corporation to turn information over to the authorities when customers have unusually high power bills, which may indicate a possible grow operation in the residence.

[The next generation will have no clue what privacy is or means]
Mar 20, 2005CN BC: Grow-Ops Below BC Average ...B.C.'s average of 1.09 for the number of (grow op) busts per 1,000 people ...

Mar 15, 2005 Let's Admit It: Pot Prohibition's Failed Pot production in the last seven years has more than tripled -- from an estimated 19,727 kilograms in 1997 to 79,817 kilos in 2003. Last year, more than 25,000 growing operations came to police attention but they investigated fewer than 17,000 and only about half of those were prosecuted.

Looking at cannabis prohibition as a numbers game, it is easy to see prohibition can not work. But this is more of a political game - so the numbers can be ignored.
Mar 12, 2005 Marijuana Producer Avoids Jail The first Calgary-area marijuana grower sentenced since the Mayerthorpe massacre was spared a prison term yesterday. But defence lawyer Elliot Baker defended Judge Terry Semenuk's ruling, noting the judge addressed concerns earlier in the week about comparisons to last week's Mountie killings in which four officers were gunned down while investigating a marijuana grow operation.

Mar 12, 2005 Media Duped on Dope Story The fact that the RCMP was so quick to muddy the circumstances of the deaths of four of its own men by insinuating that they were gunned down while marching into a heavily fortified marijuana-growing operation, however, is in entirely bad taste. Whatever the motivation, it looked like shameless opportunism on the RCMP's part, another case of the police manipulating the media and fomenting middle-class panic to get what they want - which is, inevitably, more money and more men to make us safer from the very perils they're fond of exaggerating.

Mar 12, 2005

Pot Patch Violence A Myth

Justice Minister Wrong, Lawyers Say. Ontario Police Met With Violence In Only 2 Of 800 Raids In 4 Years, Cop Testifies ...many in the legal community say the claim by politicians and police that grow-ops are violent vehicles for sophisticated, organized crime groups is a "cheap shot" that does not stand up to "10 minutes of fact checking."

Numerous lawyers who defend these cases in court suggested Public Security Minister Anne McLellan is misleading the public about the dangers of grow-ops with her recent comments in the wake of the Alberta murders.

[There is a lot of political maneuvering going on right now... a minority government that everyone assumed would align with the left on the cannabis Bill to keep voters happy...instead could be aligning with the right to keep the US happy. As trading partners/neighbours, we have been upsetting each other for whatever reasons, so the legalization card could be easily played instead, and get the grow op violence out of the equation. If Canadians do not speak out loud and clear with thier votes and voices, then be prepared for the prison-industrial complex in a neighbourhood near you]
Mar 11, 2005CN BC: Police Strategy Police in B.C. raid about 2,000 marijuana growing operations a year -- a rate of more than five a day. From 1997 to 2003, the percentage of raids that resulted in "no-case seizures" -- in which police seize plants but don't pursue charges against anyone -- jumped dramatically from 35 per cent of all raids to 64 per cent.

[Sounds more like break and enter than law enforcement]
Mar 3, 2005CN AB: CN AB: Four Mounties Shot Dead Gunman Kills Four Mounties: A Police Raid on an Alberta Marijuana Operation Goes Terribly Wrong, Shocking the National and Touching Off Calls for A Crackdown

[( PROPAGANDA ALERT: All the headlines scream "Killed in grow op raid", though no plant numbers are given,,,, that is a first.

Regardless of the FACT that this incident was NOT related to a cannabis crop - the pot was successfully investigated the night before, the RCMP were there about the stolen cars but this will always be imbedded in the public mind as a grow op raid gone back.
More commentary: Shooting coveup?
Fifth Estate Documentary: Hail of Bullets]
Feb 25, 2005CN BC: City Bylaw Pounding Pot Growers A new Chilliwack bylaw is muscling marijuana grow-ops out of residential neighbourhoods and hitting operators in the pocketbook - even before court convictions. Four hundred grow-ops were reported to police in Chilliwack last year, suggesting the real number could be more than 1,200.

[Squeezing out the family gardens in favour of organized crime - good idea- NOT]
Feb 23, 2005 Police Too Quick To Bust Down Door A husband and wife have been acquitted of growing marijuana after an RCMP officer failed to give them enough time to answer their door before he smashed it down with a battering ram.

Feb 20, 2005CN BC: Medical User Needs Help! After years of struggle, Denny was finally granted his license just last week. He is only awaiting the official paperwork to come through. While Denny was in hospital, these gestapo agents proceeded to search Denny's home. Of course they found his grow room. Denny was between crops, and didn't have even so much as a clone. Yet Sgt. Stadenco and his Keystone cops, proceeded to tear down the room and seize all the gear.

[This is how the police treat our sick family members]
Feb 16, 2005CN ON: Teen Turns In Drug Producing Dad Peel Regional Police say a 15-year-old Meadowvale girl turned her father in this week, telling investigators he was operating a massive marijuana lab in the basement of the family home. "More and more often, parents are exposing their children to the hazards of marijuana grow labs,"

[More and more reasons to legalize and regulate]
Feb 16, 2005CN ON: More Grow-Ops In Toronto Than US Ontario Cabinet ministers who back calls for harsher gun-crime penalties say Toronto is home to as many marijuana grow operations as all of the United States and claim that criminals in the city now rent guns for weekend jobs "like they are videos from a video store."

[They never mention where they get these so-called "facts". Anyone with half a brain would know this is nothing more than fantasy reporting at it's finest.]
Feb 11, 2005 LTE: Dear Mary Jane Ganja Herb Some of the long-term effects that you can produce are short-term memory loss as well as the inability to do divided-attention tasks. Therefore, smoking you impairs a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle. That makes you as dangerous as alcohol on our roads.

[Okay - now we have cops talking to plants...what next? ]
Feb 3, 2005 So You Want to Grow Your Own Pot I, as a proud pot-smoking Canadian, have been a trifle disturbed by some of the anti-drug rhetoric floating around lately. We've seen such gems as Anne McLellan labelling all pot smokers as "stupid" and the shameless use of an American national tragedy to push an inane anti-drug agenda: namely, advertisements linking drug use to terrorism. This is spin that makes dervishes look amateur.

[How can you tell this is NOT from mainstream media ?]
Jan 26, 2005 I'll Take Police Over Landlords, Thanks I don't think a bylaw that encourages landlords to be any more paranoid or nosy is a good idea. Of equal concern for tenants is that landlords are not very good at recognizing innocent tenants. Worse, many landlords are not familiar with the Residential Tenancy Act, and a concept called the right to "quiet and peaceful enjoyment of property."

[Of course if you are wealthy enough to afford your own home, you live in a less intrusive world than your less fortunate counterparts. Is it class war when those who make these laws have a choice to live under them, while for others there is no choice?]
Jan 25, 2005CN BC: Bail Set At $150,000 For Marijuana Activist Abbotsford's self-proclaimed marijuana activist Tim Felger will have to pay a $150,000 bail to get of out jail and allow Abbotsford police to search his property any time if he is released.

Jan 22, 2005CN BC: Pot Inc. Big Businesses Have Sprung Up Around the Fuzzy Legal Boundaries of Marijuana Cultivation in Canada. Are Some Crossing The Line?.... the government is supplying roughly 1,000 people with marijuana...compassion clubs... are illegally supplying nearly 10,000

Jan 21, 2005CN BC: Municipality Owns Grow-Op Property .. the municipality of Saanich became the first landlord affected by its new grow-operation bylaw. " The thing to do was take the high road and say let's make an example - let everyone get past their initial reaction as well."

[The bylaw involves up to $3,500 in fees, but it's taxpayers money, so why not?]
Jan 21, 2005CN BC: They Make Millions Helping Pot Growers The owners of Advanced Nutrients beat back legal challenges even as they improve yields for B.C. bud

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