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Current Affairs 2005 - Youth (60 items)

Mar 12, 2005 Marijuana Is Dangerous, Now and in the Future RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli retracted his statement that the Mayerthorpe tragedy was about marijuana, but the sad reality is that he may have been right the first time.

[They can do all the studies they want, but compared to any pharmaceutical drug, it can never be proved that cannabis is harnful enough to be banned ]
Feb 16, 2005 'Smoke Pits' To Be Eliminated SAY GOODBYE to the high school smoke pit, the refuge of rebellious, cigarette-puffing teens since the dawn of cool. ..Along with the smoking ban, students can also expect random locker searches conducted with drug-sniffing dogs, a process outlined in the district's draft policy on illegal drugs.

If read about the unsolved murders of many teen in: Highway of Tears, you wonder what right-minded BC citizen, in any opinion poll, isn't going to support directing police resources towards solving these murders, rather than fighting grow ops? Or "smoke-pits? The successful SAFER campaign in Denver was partly based on this angle, and it is a good way for people to prioritize their own safety needs, rather than have them dictated by law enforcement.
Feb 16, 2005CN ON: Teen Turns In Drug Producing Dad Peel Regional Police say a 15-year-old Meadowvale girl turned her father in this week, telling investigators he was operating a massive marijuana lab in the basement of the family home. "More and more often, parents are exposing their children to the hazards of marijuana grow labs,"

[More and more reasons to legalize and regulate]
Feb 15, 2005 Breath-Testing Technology Goes To High School A Growing Number Of Principals Are Buying Devices To Check For Alcohol - Or Drugs

[ You have to wonder what's next...]
Feb 3, 2005CN BC: School Drug Policy Shelved In recent weeks, the District's Parent Advisory Council slammed draft Policy No. 300.1: Use of Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Inhalants, which was undergoing six weeks of field-testing, saying it was seemingly based more on a discipline approach rather than a preventative approach to drug use.

[Parents fighting back for a change]
Feb 2, 2005 Make Good Choices "Make the right choice about drugs," the parent tells the child, cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth, wine bottle clutched in her hand.

[Until all drugs are regulated the same, the situation will never change]
Feb 1, 2005 Response consistency in young adolescents' drug use self-reports: a recanting rate analysis. Conclusions: The high levels of recanting uncovered cast doubts on the reliability of drug use reports from young adolescents. Failure to address this response error may lead to biased prevalence estimates, particularly within school surveys and drug education evaluation trials.

[This published study confirms suspicions when kids (or adults) are asked about drug use - they will not honestly report whether they break the law.
Jan 22, 2005CN BC: Awareness Critical Abbotsford MP Randy White was pushing his message to the converted last week as he urged the school board to familiarize themselves with a bill that would decriminalize marijuana and mobilize parent groups to get involved.

Jan 20, 2005CN NK: Give Us The Straight Dope Here's the irony: Hearing that marijuana is demon weed - or watching someone taken to court over selling the stuff - sends a terrible message to young people. Because when they figure out that marijuana is not so bad and then look at other warnings - that ecstasy is a potential killer on the rise in N.B.- they think, "Whatever." I know I do.

Jan 14, 2005CN BC: LTE: CADAC Sorry Parents Get Information They Wanted The idea of people, especially youth, self medicating when stressed or upset or using any medication, whether it is safe, effective, and benign for recreational purposes is one of our main concerns. How do people learn to cope with every day events and problem solve if they resort to a drug to make them feel better?

[Ritalin, Valium, Prozac - It is okay for kids to use drugs to cope - as long as they are deemed the right ones]
Jan 14, 2005CN BC: White Fears For Children Will Bill C-17 Abbotsford MP Randy White fears a bill that calls for the decriminalization of marijuana will give school children "the green light" to light up.

[So criminalizing adults is the answer, eh?]
Jan 13, 2005 PUB LTE: Schools Make Drugs Cool Parents are right to be slamming the failed drug policy employed not only in our schools, but in our whole society. Making drugs an "evil taboo" just adds to it's allure and it's "cool."

Jan 13, 2005CN AB: Who Let The Dogs Into Our Schools? Maybe I'm hopelessly old-fashioned, but I don't see how bringing drug-sniffing dogs into high schools can be called "extremely positive."

Jan 12, 2005CN AB: Students Have Right To Privacy It makes me shudder how easily most Canadians give up their basic democratic freedoms.

Jan 12, 2005 Teens Smoke Marijuana? Why, It's Just Shocking! Shock is the coinage of the news media, and even if we are not shocked ourselves, we will print something not all that shocking if we think anyone at all will be shocked by it.

Jan 11, 2005 Drug Dog Will Visit Schools The project, Dogs for Drug Free Schools, differs from traditional enforcement tactics in that a friendly dog is used to demonstrate its drug-finding capabilities to students while its handler lectures about the dangers of drug use.

[Disturbing trend - De-sensitize kids to drug dogs by associating less threatening canines with the task]
Jan 10, 2005CN BC: School Drug And Alcohol Policy Slammed By Parents oms and Dads Says Policy Focuses on Punishment Rather Than Proactive Approach to Dealing With Issues

Jan 10, 2005 Pot Easier To Get At School Than Tobacco, Teens Say Marijuana perceived as less harmful; Success of federal anti-smoking campaigns partly responsible, focus groups suggest

Jan 5, 2005CN AB: LTE: Dumbfounded He says students have a right to privacy but at what cost? Does this right supersede my child's right to safety?

[rebuttal offered]
Jan 1, 2005CN BC: DARE Takes On New Approach With Older Students Author: Beth Blackburn Note: RCMP Const. Beth Blackburn is the drug awareness coordinator for central Vancouver Island.

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