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Oct 6, 2005 Kid Cannabis How a Chubby Pizza-Delivery Boy From Idaho Became a Drug Kingpin:
Nate Norman was hanging out with his buddy Topher Clark when he came up with The Idea. The two friends were sitting around Nate's house, a dumpy little place near the cemetery, and both of them were extremely stoned. And yet The Idea had more legs than your typical pot-inspired idea. It did not involve a second Twinkie inside the first one. It did not involve genetically modifying the bugs so their blood would not be blood but windshield-wiper fluid. It was, in fact, based on a practical application of global economic theory. That, and cheap weed in Canada.

[ Many enterprising kids realize they can make far more money selling pot than be expoited at McJobs. Eventually the pot sellers buy the business and hire the pot buyers to work for them... it's all spelled it in Narco-Dollars for Beginners A MUST READ ]
Oct 6, 2005 Marijuana and Youth Culture Ground-breaking study looks at teenage attitudes By Hilary Thomson Is it therapeutic, harmless or addictive? Adult opinions about marijuana vary widely, but what do teenagers think about using marijuana and how do their perceptions influence their use? Thatís what Nursing Prof. Joy Johnson wants to find out in a three-year study that begins this month....

Sep 19, 2005 Dog Search Sends Signal Drugs and alcohol do not belong in a school setting. That's a great message to send to all students in Edson whether or not they attend Parkland Composite High School. Last Thursday's school search using an RCMP dog will hopefully hammer into students' minds that they shouldn't be messing with drugs. Otherwise, they are messing with their future.

[Have they ever stopped to ask the students exactly what message is being hammered into thier heads with the heavy handed tactics? Didn't think so...]
Sep 17, 2005 Pot Use Puts Parents On The Spot A CAS worker had showed up unannounced at their East Mountain home saying she was investigating Baby Christian's welfare based on this written report filed by Sutthery on Aug. 30: "I, officer Sutthery, had a conversation with the owner of the pot cafe in which Chris Goodwin admitted to using marijuana every day. Goodwin also said his wife uses every day." With those two sentences, an investigation and a political firestorm were launched.

[Parents are allowed to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes in front of their children, but as usual, all perspective is lost when it comes to cannabis]
Jun 10, 2005CN BC: Board Denies Pot Party Claims The BCMP is suing the board for barring the party's candidates from participating in local high school sponsored debates.

[Students are getting a real lesson in what is and is not democracy]
Jun 8, 2005 Drug Free Zones Pitched For Schools Penalties for possession of illegal drugs in or around secondary schools may double next year with the implementation of Drug Free Zones in 100 Mile.

[This idea has no merit anywhere it's been tried, but that never stops a bad idea from spreading further]
Jun 1, 2005CN ARTIC: Police dismantle drug pipeline to the North ARTIC: Dozens of suspects appeared in court today in connection with the massive dismantling of a criminal ring that trafficked marijuana from Montreal to the Far North. ... Gordon McGregor, the president of the police chief's association of aboriginal communities, said the drug ring has created enormous social problems in the communities affected. "We see high rates of suicide, we see a lot more violence, and we see more lot more situations where weapons are involved," McGregor told reported today.

[The northern communities should file a class action suit stating prohibition opens them to greater societal harm, and they need protection against such an unjust law. If there is problems of that magnitude associated with cannabis, than without a supply of non-toxic, less harmful herb , their communities are more susceptible to greater harm and violence from gasoline sniffing, alcohol, and eventually crystal meth, which is easier to smuggle.
May 27, 2005CN ON: Survey Tells All About Our Kids In addition, one in four students have also tried marijuana.

May 24, 2005 A Family Affair - Up In Smoke Ken Francis, a lab demonstrator in Langara's photo imaging department and a father of two, said it's irresponsible for parents to smoke pot with their kids. ...But, Corinne Logan, a youth alcohol and drug counselor at Vancouver Coastal Health Addiction Services thinks it's better if kids smoke dope with their parents rather than on the streets, even though she isn't an advocate of parents getting high with their kids.

May 12, 2005 Crown Right Not To Charge Cops Who Tasered Teen: Prof Fryingpan was 16 years old and passed out drunk in the back of a car in the parking lot of a north-end townhouse project on Oct. 5, 2002 when police were called. The teen was shocked six times in 66 seconds by Const. Mike Wasylyshen, the son of then-chief Bob Wasylyshen.

[To serve and protect... the police are our friends...]
May 10, 2005 Pot Party's Participation Called 'Inappropriate' Student voters at Kwalikum Secondary in Qualicum Beach didn't hear a particular voice at yesterday's school forum. That's because Marijuana party candidate Michael Mann was not invited. KSS principal Darryl Craig called Mann's participation inappropriate.

[Students learn a lot about so-called democracy..]
May 10, 2005 School Official Says Province's Drug Dog Idea 'Not Adequate' Solicitor General Harvey Cenaiko. .. said he was working to convince reluctant school boards to allow police dogs to conduct drug searches after school hours. Cenaiko said there were some school boards that don't want the dogs in schools and he was currently considering legislation to overrule them..."The dogs are growing up in our schools. The kids get to know them. "Kids know the dogs are being trained to smell drugs."

[Kids also grow up with the knowledge of how hypocritical adults are, which is why so many messages get "lost" on youth, no matter what tactics are used ]
May 10, 2005 Police Sweep Of Carter High School Yields No Evidence Of Illegal Drugs Leamington police came up empty-handed after their third drug sweep this year at Cardinal Carter Secondary School. Leamington officers, assisted by the OPP and its canine unit searched the school Friday, but found no illegal drugs.

[So we can all agree this is more about accustomizing kids to terrorizing authority than drugs?]
May 8, 2005 MLA Touts Drug Dogs As School Mascots School mascots should be drug dogs, Alberta's Alliance MLA thinks. "What would it be like in our schools if we were indeed to have a mascot dog that was a drug sniffer?" Cardston MLA Paul Hinman mused in the legislature this week.

May 6, 2005 B.C. Marijuana Party Shut Out Of Schools B.C. Marijuana Party candidates won't be allowed to participate in all-candidates meetings at Surrey schools.

[Yes, kiddies, this is what democracy looks like...]
May 1, 2005 Cops Find Kids Being Kept In Drug Houses [Are parents who grow legal crops indoors also guilty of exposing their kids to unsafe conditions.. if nothing else, this is just another reason why ALL drugs should be regulated]

Apr 24, 2005 PUB LTE: Tell Kids The Truth Why are we letting unqualified police officers teach our children about drugs? We should be encouraging our doctors instead to educate our young people about drugs.

Apr 21, 2005 Speaker Warns Students About The Dangers Of Smoking Marijuana Jerome Bouvier, who is paralyzed from the chest down as a result of waterskiing while stoned at the age of 23, brought his anti-drug message to Surrey this week. ..He started smoking pot at age 14. "Pot has a lot of friends," he said, listing cocaine, methamphetamine and acid. "I kept meeting all these friends." By age 19, he said, he couldn't function without cocaine and lost contact with his family.

[There is no mention that tobacco and alcohol are the foremost "gateway" drugs around]
Apr 21, 2005 High Schools Need To Do More: RCMP Const. Richard DeJong, the RCMP's drug-awareness coordinator, describes DARE as a "building block of prevention."

[Many people describe DARE as steady employment for cops]
Apr 18, 2005 New Drug Dogs Join Police Force The Medicine Hat police have added a couple new members to their force -- two seven-week-old chocolate Labrador dogs that will eventually aid in keeping drugs out of schools.

[Not only is are the police not our "friends" anymore, they are making sure that even dogs can no longer be considered "man's best friend" when they are used for this purpose...]

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