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Current Affairs 2005 - Letters (34 items)

Dec 2, 2005 PUB LTE: Both Parties Help Organized Crime For more than a decade, the Liberals have endorsed and pursued a policy of marijuana prohibition. This policy has subsidized the underground economy, wasted valuable and scarce police resources, deprived Canadians of a valuable source of medicine and tax revenue, started a street war in Toronto, while making marijuana easier for kids to get than either alcohol or tobacco. The Tories would not only continue with this policy, but would increase efforts and spending, likely resulting in even more misery and death. It would also increase the dealers' profits. It sounds to me like both parties are in cahoots with "organized crime."

Nov 24, 2005 PUB LTE: Why The Fuss Over Marijuana Books I don't know a lot of children who read The Journal, so I am not too worried about articles on marijuana warping any young impressionable minds. It seems to me that people who complain about articles on marijuana in the mainstream media think people are nothing but mindless magnets who can't form their own opinions on these issues.... Marijuana is not going away. Let's take it out of the back alleys and bring it around, or even on,

Nov 8, 2005 LTE: Why Not Legalize Theft, Burglary, Rape? If legalizing is equal to less crimes and less court times, then why not legalize theft, burglary, rape? Our courts would havea less burden and judges can go on longer holidays. We can cut the police force in half and save money.

[This so-called logic defies normal intelligence... in the school of life 101, most of us can differentiate between something we do to ourselves versus something done to us by others... BIG DIFFERENCE]
Oct 28, 2005 The Evolving Politics of Pot Just about every time The Banner runs a story about a local police busting a marijuana grow operation, we receive a letter to the editor or two from people championing the other side of the story and urging our reporters to do the same.

[ The power of MAP ]
Oct 13, 2005 PUB LTE: Hemp Will Solve Oil Woes If people would just Google the words "industrial hemp," they'd find that there is a simple answer to all of our energy and gasoline problems. We don't need prime land to grow hemp. It will grow big on even marginal soil. It's really quite simple. Russell Barth

Sep 15, 2005 PUB LTE: Canada's Prisons Don't Compare To Club Med As owner and operator of the Manitoba Compassion Club I went to jail for six months for producing and distributing cannabis to the ill. Let me assure Ms. Sims jail is not exactly Club Med. Jail dehumanizes people.

Aug 19, 2005 PUB LTE: I Am A Canadian I have learned that alcohol does more harm in our society than pot. Pot is actually helpful as a medical aid to many people. Booze is not. I am not a Canerican.

Jul 29, 2005 BCMP Headquarters Raided ordered by U.S. - Emery & others arrested Police raided a marijuana seed store run by the B.C. Marijuana Party leader in Vancouver Friday, apparently at the request of U.S. authorities in Seattle.

At a news conference in Seattle, U.S. authorities announced they've asked for Emery to be extradited to the U.S. to face drug charges.

[ Any illusion that Canada is a sovereign nation is now dead and gone]

Jun 12, 2005 PUB LTE: The Potential Of Pot It about time I read that marijuana should be legalized and regulated like alcohol and tobacco. The good reasons included fewer home invasions, far less people growing for profits and less violence in the industry, if it's controlled by government.

May 15, 2005 LTE: Pothead Advice Not Needed Rather than speak of the virtues of cannabis for the victims of, say, glaucoma or chemotherapy nausea, he chooses to promote the recreational and irresponsible use of this stuff. Mr. Paden is pictured puffing on a huge spliff and quoted as saying "I've been smoking this for probably close to an hour" and "I can't walk anymore."

[Hmmm, we don't think twice when a drunk says that..]
May 4, 2005 PUB LTE: Renters Losing Their Charter Rights Of course, child molesters and child abusers can still hide their victims in the home, still safe from inspection and searches, as long as the don't grow pot. It says much about the priorities of our rulers. So, if you are a renter, it appears that just about everybody has the right to invade your privacy and your home. Big Brother, and doublespeak, are alive and well in Canada.

Apr 24, 2005 PUB LTE: Tell Kids The Truth Why are we letting unqualified police officers teach our children about drugs? We should be encouraging our doctors instead to educate our young people about drugs.

Mar 26, 2005 PUB LTE: Debunking Myths If we are to deal effectively with the problems of drug abuse and addiction, we need education, regulation, treatment and enforcement -- certainly not propaganda, misinformation, prohibition and incarceration.

Mar 25, 2005 PUB LTE: Money Wasted On Drug 'Prohibition' In your editorial, "It's about the money" ( Progress, March 18 ) you say that the legalization of marijuana is naive. I can't help but think that you have it backwards. It is time the prohibitionists were called to account for the abysmal mess drug use suppression has become.

Feb 13, 2005 PUB LTE: Grow-Op Hazard Hyped But police want to make sure that the public is deathly afraid of marijuana growing because they want prohibition to stay in effect. That is why they exaggerate the dangers and value of plants, and the press just report what police tell them without asking any questions.

Feb 11, 2005 LTE: Dear Mary Jane Ganja Herb Some of the long-term effects that you can produce are short-term memory loss as well as the inability to do divided-attention tasks. Therefore, smoking you impairs a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle. That makes you as dangerous as alcohol on our roads.

[Okay - now we have cops talking to plants...what next? ]
Feb 2, 2005 PUB LTE: American Feels Lost I also have some good advice. Carefully observe U.S. drug policy-then do the opposite. Don't follow us - we're lost.

Jan 27, 2005 PUB LTE: Canada Is Small Potatoes Among Pot Exporters ...the available evidence, including reports from the auditor general of Canada, the RCMP, the U.S. and the United Nations, shows just the opposite -- that Canada is in fact only a minor supplier of cannabis to the U.S. -

[written by Eugene Oscapella - Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy ]
Jan 25, 2005 PUB LTE: Politicians Scared Of US The reason that our politicians are so afraid of the marijuana issue has more to do with attitudes to the south of us than here at home.So, you tell me, who really runs this country?

Jan 25, 2005 PUB LTE: Injustice Being Done To Cannabis Activists When did sharing cannabis with friends and political supporters become "trafficking?" Though the law technically allows convictions even where no money is exchanged, there is a terrible injustice being done

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