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Current Affairs 2005 - Letters (34 items)

Jan 21, 2005 PUB LTE: Pot Less Deadly Than Approved Drugs ...we continue to hassle those who find pain/symptom relief from medicinal cannabis. I guess we want potheads to die from FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, like the good, law-abiding citizenry does.

Jan 20, 2005 PUB LTE: Pot Prohibition Is A Failed Social Policy Excuse me, but why are we jailing any pot growers? We should be licensing them and forcing them to pay taxes, just like every other business.

Jan 19, 2005 PUB LTE: Pot Prohbition Puts Public Safety At Risk All the police hours spent busting grow-ops could have been spent finding rapists and thieves and drunk drivers. Howard J. Wooldridge, (Retired) Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, http://leap.cc/

Jan 17, 2005 PUB LTE: Growing Like Weed Now if they would only do something about it -- like legalize, regulate and tax.

Jan 14, 2005CN BC: LTE: CADAC Sorry Parents Get Information They Wanted The idea of people, especially youth, self medicating when stressed or upset or using any medication, whether it is safe, effective, and benign for recreational purposes is one of our main concerns. How do people learn to cope with every day events and problem solve if they resort to a drug to make them feel better?

[Ritalin, Valium, Prozac - It is okay for kids to use drugs to cope - as long as they are deemed the right ones]
Jan 13, 2005 PUB LTE: Schools Make Drugs Cool Parents are right to be slamming the failed drug policy employed not only in our schools, but in our whole society. Making drugs an "evil taboo" just adds to it's allure and it's "cool."

Jan 12, 2005 PUB LTE: Pot Report Old News f the statistics and focus groups prove anything, it is that criminalization is less effective than education. If the resources spent to prohibit pot use were redirected to educate and regulate, fewer teens would experiment because they would understand the ris

Jan 10, 2005 PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana: More Legal Cannabis Users About 8,000 Canadians get their organic, multiple-strain, multiple-delivery-option, medical-grade marijuana from compassion clubs across the country, all at no expense to the taxpayers. Meanwhile, Health Canada supplies their single-strain, gamma-irradiated, chemically-contaminated, mulch-pot to only 93 of the 753 Canadians currently licensed to possess cannabis.

Jan 10, 2005 PUB LTE: Pot Busts Only Making Mary Jane Matters Worse Prohibition does not keep society safe from drugs. It does guarantee lifetime employment to those doing the prohibiting. Along with a reliable source of dirty money to any drug warrior so inclined.

Jan 10, 2005 PUB LTE: Cops Want The Drug War To Continue The drug war has been going on for decades and there is no sign the tide will turn any time soon.

Jan 7, 2005CN BC: PUB LTE: Misconceptions About Marijuana No matter what Amy van Elk's, or anyone else's opinions about marijuana may be, the bottom line is that our current system of prohibition is failing to achieve any of its stated goals of reducing use, abuse, harm, and crime.

Jan 6, 2005 PUB LTE: This Just In: Weed, Like,Totally Expands Your Mind .... marijuana is not toxic like other drugs people use. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana and died.

Jan 5, 2005CN AB: LTE: Dumbfounded He says students have a right to privacy but at what cost? Does this right supersede my child's right to safety?

[rebuttal offered]
Jan 5, 2005 PUB LTE: The Biggest News Story Some newspapers have decided the sponsorship scandal is the biggest Canadian news of 2004. Although the sponsorship scandal is pretty big news, we need to put it into perspective. ...To many, a much bigger story of government mismanagement is still the colossal failure of the war on drugs.

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