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Mar 12, 2005

Pot Patch Violence A Myth

Justice Minister Wrong, Lawyers Say. Ontario Police Met With Violence In Only 2 Of 800 Raids In 4 Years, Cop Testifies ...many in the legal community say the claim by politicians and police that grow-ops are violent vehicles for sophisticated, organized crime groups is a "cheap shot" that does not stand up to "10 minutes of fact checking."

Numerous lawyers who defend these cases in court suggested Public Security Minister Anne McLellan is misleading the public about the dangers of grow-ops with her recent comments in the wake of the Alberta murders.

[There is a lot of political maneuvering going on right now... a minority government that everyone assumed would align with the left on the cannabis Bill to keep voters happy...instead could be aligning with the right to keep the US happy. As trading partners/neighbours, we have been upsetting each other for whatever reasons, so the legalization card could be easily played instead, and get the grow op violence out of the equation. If Canadians do not speak out loud and clear with thier votes and voices, then be prepared for the prison-industrial complex in a neighbourhood near you]
Mar 8, 2005 I Was Too Quick to Blame Deaths on Drugs, RCMP Chief Canada's top police officer,RCMP Commissioner Guiliano Zaccardelli, said yesterday that he was too quick to condemn a marijuana grow operation as the root cause in the deaths of four Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers last week....it appears the murders were the work of a deranged man with a long criminal history and a grudge against police, and not that of a gangster protecting his cash crop.

[Now the media, Anne McLellan, and Ralph Klein must admit their roles in what transpired as a huge public deception ]
Mar 3, 2005 BC Supreme Court Wants More Proof Before Ruling on Validity of Pot Laws VANCOUVER -- Have the laws against marijuana fallen? That was the question before the BC Supreme Court today... the judge declined to give a Constitutional exemption from Canadas unworkable medical cannabis access system without more proof that her rights had been violated.

[ A very significant case winding it's way to the Supreme Court]
Mar 3, 2005CN AB: CN AB: Four Mounties Shot Dead Gunman Kills Four Mounties: A Police Raid on an Alberta Marijuana Operation Goes Terribly Wrong, Shocking the National and Touching Off Calls for A Crackdown

[( PROPAGANDA ALERT: All the headlines scream "Killed in grow op raid", though no plant numbers are given,,,, that is a first.

Regardless of the FACT that this incident was NOT related to a cannabis crop - the pot was successfully investigated the night before, the RCMP were there about the stolen cars but this will always be imbedded in the public mind as a grow op raid gone back.
More commentary: Shooting coveup?
Fifth Estate Documentary: Hail of Bullets]
Feb 28, 2005 Marijuana Party Head Joins Liberals The head of the Marijuana Canada party has resigned to join the Liberals. Marc-Boris St-Maurice, who led the party from its inception in 2000 until December of 2004, said he will make a formal announcement on Tuesday

Feb 28, 2005 Canucks In Haze On Pot Canadians are confused about what the feds mean when they talk about the decriminalization of pot, a new poll shows. The poll of 1,000 Canadians was conducted between Jan, 28 and Feb. 2 by the polling firm SES for Tory MP Randy White.

Feb 24, 2005 Tax Relief Goes To Pot OTTAWA - Canadians will get tax relief to buy marijuana, gold and jewellery and for world travel under yesterday's proposed federal budget.

Feb 23, 2005 Police Too Quick To Bust Down Door A husband and wife have been acquitted of growing marijuana after an RCMP officer failed to give them enough time to answer their door before he smashed it down with a battering ram.

Feb 21, 2005CN NK: Pot caf owner found guilty of trafficking SAINT JOHN, N.B. - The owner of the Cannabis Caf in Saint John has been found guilty of drug trafficking, after a judge rejected the defence that she was running a compassion club.

Feb 20, 2005CN BC: Medical User Needs Help! After years of struggle, Denny was finally granted his license just last week. He is only awaiting the official paperwork to come through. While Denny was in hospital, these gestapo agents proceeded to search Denny's home. Of course they found his grow room. Denny was between crops, and didn't have even so much as a clone. Yet Sgt. Stadenco and his Keystone cops, proceeded to tear down the room and seize all the gear.

[This is how the police treat our sick family members]
Feb 16, 2005 'Smoke Pits' To Be Eliminated SAY GOODBYE to the high school smoke pit, the refuge of rebellious, cigarette-puffing teens since the dawn of cool. ..Along with the smoking ban, students can also expect random locker searches conducted with drug-sniffing dogs, a process outlined in the district's draft policy on illegal drugs.

If read about the unsolved murders of many teen in: Highway of Tears, you wonder what right-minded BC citizen, in any opinion poll, isn't going to support directing police resources towards solving these murders, rather than fighting grow ops? Or "smoke-pits? The successful SAFER campaign in Denver was partly based on this angle, and it is a good way for people to prioritize their own safety needs, rather than have them dictated by law enforcement.
Feb 11, 2005 Will The Real Dopes In This Marijuana-Use Study Please Stand Up How Much Marijuana Does A Research Volunteer Need To Smoke To Demonstrate That Dope Is Bad For Your Brains? Apparently, Up To 350 Joints A Week.

[350 joints a week - 50 per day...that would eliminate (with a few exceptions) the entire pot smoking population... the study is nothing but more propaganda- which is why most US drug research is discredited by serious scientists]
Feb 9, 2005 Health Canada suspends the market authorization of ADDERALL XR Health Canada has suspended the market authorization of the product due to safety information concerning the association of sudden deaths, heart-related deaths, and strokes in children and adults taking usual recommended doses of ADDERALL and ADDERALL XR.

[How many deaths from cannabis after thousands of years of use? NONE. But it is banned. Where's the logic, science or any other justification? UPDATE: August 24, 2005: Health Canada allows Adderall XR back on the Canadian market Who can protect us against Health Canada? ]
Feb 9, 2005CN NK: Defence in N.B. pot trial seizes on Ottawa's slow response to medical need New Brunswick - Ottawa's slow and cautious response to requests for medicinal marijuana has become an issue for the defence in a New Brunswick drug trafficking trial.

[This significant case deals directly with the inadequacies of the government program.]
Feb 8, 2005CN AB: Police raid orchid grow-op Using a battering ram to force entry through the front door of the home a few days ago, officers found perfectly legal orchids growing inside instead of marijuana plants,

[Canadians should all be encouraged to grow herbs and vegetables in their homes due to our climate, and offset the rising cost and contamination of the food supply. This would also help keep police in check.]
Feb 6, 2005Europe: Spain to Test Cannabis As Aid for Patients Spain's socialist government has given the go-ahead for the most wide-ranging trial of therapeutic cannabis ever conducted, putting the country at the forefront of drug policy. Four hospitals, 60 pharmacies and up to 1,500 patients in Catalunya will take part in a year-long pilot programme sponsored by the regional government to establish the drug's effectiveness in treating a range of conditions.

[They must have realized watching the Canadian program was a waste of time]
Feb 4, 2005 Alcohol as harmful as smoking, study warns LONDON - Alcohol causes almost as many deaths and disabilities worldwide as smoking or high-blood pressure, a study warns....despite evidence that alcohol causes as much harm as tobacco and high blood-pressure, public-policy decisions are governed all too often by political instead of health concerns...

[If it weren't so, then cannabis would be legal]
Feb 3, 2005CN BC: School Drug Policy Shelved In recent weeks, the District's Parent Advisory Council slammed draft Policy No. 300.1: Use of Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Inhalants, which was undergoing six weeks of field-testing, saying it was seemingly based more on a discipline approach rather than a preventative approach to drug use.

[Parents fighting back for a change]
Feb 2, 2005CN BC: Victoria pot activist fined $500 A medical marijuana activist was fined $500 Wednesday for lighting up five joints at a pro-pot rally. Leon Edward (Ted) Smith, 35, was found guilty of marijuana trafficking after he lit up five marijuana joints at a pro-marijuana rally at the University of Victoria in November 2000.

Feb 2, 2005CN QU: Judge cites racial profiling, throws out charges A Montreal judge has thrown out drug charges against a black man, saying he was a victim of racial profiling.

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