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Feb 1, 2005 Response consistency in young adolescents' drug use self-reports: a recanting rate analysis. Conclusions: The high levels of recanting uncovered cast doubts on the reliability of drug use reports from young adolescents. Failure to address this response error may lead to biased prevalence estimates, particularly within school surveys and drug education evaluation trials.

[This published study confirms suspicions when kids (or adults) are asked about drug use - they will not honestly report whether they break the law.
Jan 28, 2005CN BC: RCMP Reach Settlement With Off-Duty Policeman Who should wave him over and ask to see his driver's licence and vehicle registration but a tall man with a thick Texan accent? "We have different freedoms than they do down there. You don't want your police meshing to the point where we start taking on the policies of another police jurisdiction."

[Disturbing trend - more US cops coming over the border ]
Jan 26, 2005 Canada Top Pot Supplier Canada is now the largest single supplier of pot to the United States, says a top customs official.

[ LIES!!!!... it was only 3 months ago the report below came out...]

*FLASHBACK* October 25, 2004 United States-Canada Border Drug Threat Assessment: While Canadian-produced marijuana accounts for only approximately 2% of overall U.S. marijuana seizures at its borders, the two governments are very concerned about an upward trend in seizures... [Further reading from CFDP]
Jan 25, 2005CN BC: Bail Set At $150,000 For Marijuana Activist Abbotsford's self-proclaimed marijuana activist Tim Felger will have to pay a $150,000 bail to get of out jail and allow Abbotsford police to search his property any time if he is released.

Jan 25, 2005CN BC: BC Crime-fighting Budget Gets Boost Of $122-Million ... the explosive growth of marijuana-growing operations in British Columbia, which has earned the province the unenviable title of "Colombia North," was a big incentive for the government. A study released in 2002 showed the number of marijuana grow-ops in British Columbia had increased 222 per cent between 1997 and 2000 and had jumped by more than 1,000 per cent in some areas.

[The incentives are so obvious - keep cannabis illegal to keep the cash flowing to police jobs rather than social programs]
Jan 23, 2005CN AB: Hunter High On Pot Fined $1,800 "We think it is one of the highest fines ever levied in the province for hunting while impaired by a drug..."Wildlife officers said they smelled drugs...

Jan 21, 2005CN BC: Municipality Owns Grow-Op Property .. the municipality of Saanich became the first landlord affected by its new grow-operation bylaw. " The thing to do was take the high road and say let's make an example - let everyone get past their initial reaction as well."

[The bylaw involves up to $3,500 in fees, but it's taxpayers money, so why not?]
Jan 21, 2005CN BC: Medical-marijuana Activist Convicted Of Trafficking Ted Smith...a medical marijuana activist who lit up several joints at a pro-marijuana rally ..was found guilty of trafficking Thursday and now faces a maximum of five years in jail.

[Disturbing trend - second person convicted of trafficking for just passing a joint]
Jan 17, 2005 Pot Prohibition A Policy Flop If we needed any more proof that the war being waged against pot is futile, we got it a few days ago in a Health Canada report. The federal agency reports pot is easier to get in Canadian school yards than tobacco.

Jan 17, 2005CN QU: Psychologist In Trouble Over Pot Offer A high-profile Montreal psychologist specializing in addictions is in hot water with his professional order for offering to procure cannabis for a former client.

Jan 15, 2005CN NS: Patriquen Faces $260,000 Fine The founder of Nova Scotia's Marijuana Party was sentenced Friday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

Jan 15, 2005CN ON: Man Dies as Police Raid Home "The officers were attempting to arrest a man inside the home and became involved in a struggle with him," the statement read. "At approximately 2:07 a.m., police requested an ambulance because the man was having trouble breathing."

Jan 12, 2005CN BC: Pot Activist's Charter Rights 'Violated Marijuana champion Ted Smith is the victim of discrimination because he is a pot smoker and a political activist, a provincial court judge heard Tuesday.

Jan 10, 2005 Pot Easier To Get At School Than Tobacco, Teens Say Marijuana perceived as less harmful; Success of federal anti-smoking campaigns partly responsible, focus groups suggest

Jan 8, 2005CN BC: Pot User Laments Loss Of 'Medicinal' Source Brian Carlisle, who was the victim of a home invasion in Chilliwack in September, had been growing his pot at local marijuana advocate Tim Felger's Bradner Road property since the fall. On Thursday morning, Abbotsford Police converged on the well-known property and arrested two men.

Jan 8, 2005CN BC: Medical Pot Advocate Guilty Of Trafficking Medical Pot Advocate Guilty Of Trafficking The charge against Smith arises from a March 21, 2002 search of the club's Johnson Street offices. Police seized marijuana, cookies, massage oils and salves. The cookies, oils and salves were tested by Health Canada and shown to include cannabis resin, a prohibited substance. He was handed a nine-month conditional discharge.

Jan 7, 2005 Boy Dies After Mixing Marijuana With Painkiller A 14-year-old boy from Levis is dead and another is in hospital with severe health effects after mixing marijuana with a prescription drug.

[Could the cannabis kill him by itself? NO Could the prescription drug kill him by itself? YES]
Jan 6, 2005CN BC: Champion Of Medical Weed Gets One Of Two Counts Dropped Ted Smith, Victoria's self-appointed champion for people who use marijuana as medicine, was back in court Wednesday.But in this new trial, prosecutor Michael Lawless rose at the start to say the Crown was staying one charge of trafficking in marijuana. But the Crown is still pressing ahead with a second charge, that is possession of cannabis resin, a different substance according to the law.

Jan 5, 2005CN BC: Medical Marijuana User Finds A Grower To Keep Him Supplied A local man who says he needs medical marijuana to stay alive has found a grower, thanks to the Capital News.

Jan 4, 2005CN BC: Court To Hear US Man's Refugee Case An American user of medical marijuana who had his claim for refugee status in Canada rejected more than a year ago says the Federal Court has agreed to hear an appeal of his case.

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