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Current Affairs 2006 - Police (67 items)

Oct 3, 2006 Medical Marijuana Grower Shot During Attempted Theft Pair Posed As Police To Gain Access To House Where Drug Was Grown A man shot during a home invasion is recovering in a Kingston hospital today, while the OPP search for the men who posed as police officers in order to steal his medicinal marijuana.

[When it comes to stealing gardens, it has always been difficult to differentiate between the cops and robbers - what does that say?]
Sep 28, 2006 Coke Cop Can't Return Repeated drug possession and use -- to say nothing of the thefts -- has landed many others behind bars. And yet Hall thinks he should be put back into a position to enforce the laws he so flagrantly disregarded. Police Supt. Ralph Erfle has tossed cold water on the idea of Hall winning back his job, telling the hearing that the constable is "one of the last officers" the Ottawa force would want as its public face.

Sep 28, 2006 Column: RCMP Must Be Independent Of Politics n the end, what saved the Mounties was dope. Canada was just getting into the swing of the drug prohibition business, and Parliament ultimately decided that a national presence was necessary to effectively enforce the Opium and Drug Act. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was born, and today employs 60,000 men and women. That crucial role of drugs in the history of the RCMP is important when trying to make sense of some of the more intriguing actions on the part of its high-level decision-makers over the past couple of years.

Sep 27, 2006 Green And Legal Feds Won't Tell Grow-Op Busters Who's Got A Licence It's a budding problem cops wish they could weed out. Officers with the Edmonton Police Service-RCMP Green Team are occasionally raiding marijuana grow-ops that turn out to be operated by growers licensed by the federal government to cultivate pot for medicinal reasons.

[So many "problems" would not exist if prohibition did not exist. Then we could see what real problems may be associated with cannabis.
Sep 27, 2006 Support Called In For Large Grow-Op A recent outdoor grow-op involving 7,500 marijuana plants that were close to being ready to harvest was one such an example of the benefits of being part of the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachments. "This recent case is a good example of the real benefits of integrated policing ( with the UFVRD )," says Sergeant Mike McCarthy with the Agassiz RCMP.

Sep 26, 2006 Editorial: Potheads May Not Have Thought This One t seems that every time we carry any kind of drug awareness article in the paper we receive a flood of letters to the editor from people keen to tell us that drugs aren't so bad at all. There seems to be a group of people who spend their lives combing the Internet looking for such stories as an opportunity to argue their case that marijuana should be legalized.

Sep 3, 2006 US To Patrol Alberta Border By Air As Canadian border guards look forward to having guns on their hips within a year, the Americans will soon be patrolling the U.S.-Alberta border with two Black Hawk helicopters and planes equipped with radar taken from F-16 fighter jets.

Aug 31, 2006 Personal Data Bylaws Assailed VANCOUVER -- The Privacy Commissioner in British Columbia is urging municipalities to show restraint and stop enacting what he describes as "surveillance bylaws."...Chilliwack wanted to enact a bylaw earlier this year that would require hydroponic stores to detail all purchases of legal products such as seeds and light bulbs, as well as personal data about the customer and send it electronically to police. After receiving negative publicity, the city said it would wait for the Privacy Commissioner's report before deciding what to do next.

Aug 30, 2006 Veteran Officer Pleads Guilty To Corruption A veteran Winnipeg police constable admits he repeatedly tried to help an angry Hells Angels associate hunt down people who stole $462,000 in drug money and then went on the run. Bruce Huynen, 40, pleaded guilty yesterday to unauthorized use of a police computer that involved nearly a dozen illegal name, address and background searches in 2003 and 2004. ...Weinstein suggested yesterday that other police officers routinely conduct illegal computer checks as favours for friends and relatives without even being charged or punished. He said the lawyer representing the Winnipeg Police Association has told him of "many" such cases.

Aug 30, 2006 RCMP Retract 'Pound For Pound' Assertion Police made an honest mistake by telling The Reminder that marijuana is sometimes traded pound for pound with cocaine, according to the RCMP National Headquarters. Paul Nadeau, the Mounties' national drug enforcement director, said police have no evidence to support this recently-reported "urban myth." "Personally, I have never heard of one instance where we've been able to corroborate that," he said from his Ottawa office. Nadeau said the fallacy is so widespread that it's believed by criminals, lawyers and some of the many thousands of police officers - -- RCMP and otherwise -- across the nation....The pound-for-pound statement was included as part of an Aug. 9 Reminder article outlining how today's marijuana is much more potent - -- and of greater concern to police -- than the pot of yesteryear. Within days of the story running, members of the pro-marijuana lobby from across Canada fired off e-mails and letters to the editor ridiculing the claim. They read the article online.

Police propaganda gets trounced - thanks to the efforts of many letter writers. It would be so much easier to separate fact from fiction if all media followed up on the dubious claims of reefer madness spewed into the "news", and got retractions from police and politicians.
Aug 25, 2006CN BC: Pot Eradication Teams Storm The Island Police officers from the RCMP's outdoor marijuana eradication team took to the skies in Canadian Forces helicopters as they began their annual search and destroy mission on Vancouver Island.

...using the military to look for plants? Everyone's okay with that?
Aug 25, 2006 Drug Raid Ruling Upheld Calgary's police chief meted out a "reasonable" punishment to a rookie constable whose mistakes led to a drug raid on the home of an innocent family nearly six years ago, the Law Enforcement Review Board has ruled. In a long-awaited decision, the three-member, quasi-judicial board has ruled Const. Ian Vernon's actions along with others involved in the execution of a search warrant on the home of Nancy Killian Constant and her family in 2000 was not a case of misconduct.

Aug 14, 2006 Sting nets cross-border team multiple drug arrests Victoria Police teamed up with U.S. navy personnel to nab more than a dozen suspected drug dealers last week during a three-day sting dubbed "Project Calypso."... Members of the Victoria Police Strike Force and Focused Enforcement Team worked alongside members of the U.S. Navy Criminal Investigative Services from the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis in the investigation.

Use of foriegn military to wage war on Canadian citizens at home must be okay, as there is no outrage anywhere to be seen. Which is more scary?
Aug 11, 2006 New Forfeiture Act 'Outrageous End Run' Around Legal As the provincial government gears up to use its new Civil Forfeiture Act, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association is decrying the legislation as an attack on the rights of British Columbians. The law, which came into force April 20, enables the province to seize property, goods or cash deemed by a civil court judge to have been gained illegally or used in the commission of an illegal act. If seized, property such as cars, boats and houses can be liquidated, with the proceeds going to the province....But this bill gives B.C. control over seized assets rather than Ottawa. "This is the province getting their foot in the door on collecting some of these proceeds for themselves," Vonn said.

Aug 3, 2006 Cops Bust Pot Camp Cops shut down one of Alberta's largest marijuana grow-ops yesterday, seizing more than $5 million worth of weed....They found 12 greenhouse-like buildings, housing 5,523 plants in various stages of growth, and 11 kg of processed weed. ..While the bust was a big one, it will likely have a negligible affect on the marijuana trade in and around Edmonton, said Derko. ... "So I don't think it will effect the price in Edmonton. You can get it anywhere, anytime."

There is nothing left to say about prohibition.
Jul 28, 2006 Officials Unite In The Fight Against Pot Use "Unfortunately, it appears that our society has grown complacent about marijuana use. A lot of people simply think that it's no big deal," Blain said. "It is a big deal. Marijuana use has claimed many lives, it is a health and safety hazard, and its production is linked to organized crime."

Unfortuantely the RCMP offer no facts or references to back their assertion that "Marijuana use has claimed many lives". This contradicts all scientific reports, yet it gets printed anyway.
Jul 19, 2006 Nelson Shop Owner Busted One of the owners of the Holy Smoke Culture Shop in Nelson is vowing to fight on in his advocacy of marijuana despite new criminal charges laid against him. Paul DeFelice, 48, was busted Saturday on charges of possession and trafficking of pot. "We're going to persevere," DeFelice insisted yesterday. "The show will go on. We're in it to the bitter end."

Jul 1, 2006 Crime Stoppers Tip Line Enjoys Banner Year Up to 75 per cent of calls are drug related, involving information about drug trafficking, marijuana grow operations, etc. "We have a lot of repeat tipsters, which shows they have confidence in our program," said Houliston.

Crimestoppers belies our core values to reject betrayal and deceit, in favour of honesty, intergrity and decency, by creating an avenue for people to snitch on one another - not out of indignation or offense to our common good, but to punish someone they have a beef with, or to provide easy money to those who prey on illicit substance users by befriending them, then turning them in.
Jun 27, 2006 Police Officer Faces Trafficking Charges A 14-year veteran of the Montreal police department was charged in court yesterday with drug trafficking, money laundering, conspiracy to import drugs and possession of the proceeds of crime.

Jun 22, 2006 Ex-Officers Arrested MONTREAL -- Two former police officers were arrested yesterday as part of a drug ring that made weekly shipments to the United States, the RCMP said. .. was among the 36 people arrested and charged during raids that took place early yesterday....About 350 police officers, including members of the RCMP, Quebec provincial police and aboriginal police, carried out the drug raids.

[Besides netting two corrupt cops, a big 'make work' project paid for from the public purse to hire 10 fully armed police for every one arrestee. At what point will the absurdity become too much?]

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