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Current Affairs 2006 - Police (67 items)

Jun 20, 2006 Undercover Work Led To Officer's Drug Habit - Lawyer ARRIE - A police officer who infiltrated the Hells Angels became so addicted to cocaine, alcohol and marijuana that he cracked under the strain of life undercover, a court has heard.

Jun 5, 2006 Dissenters From The Drug War On May 8, the American DEA ( Drug Enforcement Agency ) and the RCMP met in Montreal to conspire in the so-called "war on drugs." But not all cops are bad. On the same day, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( www.leap.cc ), an association of some 2,000 active or retired cops, held a counter-symposium in Montreal. LEAP wants an end to the war on drugs, which it believes is a failure. It has had a high cost, in terms of money ( US$69 billion a year in the U. S., according to LEAP ). But also in terms of lost liberties: young lives broken by criminal records, prisons overflowing with drug offenders, people who steal or become prostitutes to buy artificially expensive drugs, street violence generated by warring black-market dealers, searches, surveillance, border controls, RICO, money laundering laws and so on, and so forth.

May 24, 2006 RCMP Bust Retiree For Medical Pot Man's Plants Exceeded His Permit. Is This What We Pay Police To Do
The Mounties raided them a few days earlier, cutting down some 300 marijuana plants Bert was growing to supply his 49-year-old wife and another retiree under licences from Health Canada.

May 11, 2006 Ottawa Schools End Random Drug Searches Sweeps Infringe On Charter Rights
Ottawa schools have ended random drug searches after the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled spot searches without warrants violate students' constitutional rights.

May 10, 2006 BC: Grow Op Law Passes B.C. - The provincial legislature has passed a law requiring electrical companies to forward billing information to municipalities.After Bill 25 is passed, electrical companies will give the city two years of electrical bills so a spike in activity can be isolated.

May 10, 2006 Bong Registry Set Up In City Sell a glass crack pipe or bong in Langley City and you'll have to tell police who you sold it to, including the person's name and address. On Monday night, council passed a motion to prohibit sales of drug paraphernalia to all persons under 19 years of age and require sellers to record and report to RCMP all purchases.

Apr 18, 2006 Officer Faces New Charges Federal Crown prosecutor Fergus O'Donnell told Justice Ian Cowan yesterday new charges will be laid against Peel Cst. Sheldon Cook after new information is filed in the court during the officer's next scheduled appearance, April 28.

Apr 12, 2006 Legalize Street Drugs, Ex-Cop Urges Retired Seattle police chief Norm Stamper pulled no punches Tuesday when he told a Fraser Institute lunch crowd the War Against Drugs is an abject failure. After spending $1 trillion since president Richard Nixon declared the war in 1969, the U.S. has a worse drug problem than before, Stamper said. He blamed every subsequent U.S. federal administration for maintaining an immoral, inefficient and uneconomical policy that is corrupting institutions, destroying neighbourhoods and endangering children. Canada has been doing the same. The current criminal prohibition, Stamper said, is being kept in place by a coalition he called the Drug Enforcement Industry -- President George W. Bush, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI, some police, the wine and alcohol producers and organized crime.

Apr 6, 2006 Chief Pans Legal Pot A former Vancouver mayor's call to legalize marijuana had Calgary's top cop on the defensive yesterday, with police Chief Jack Beaton saying he'll never accept pot as harmless.

Apr 3, 2006 Former Police Chief Critical of Harper's Drug Move The former chief of the Seattle police, Norm Stamper, was in Calgary lifting weights in a hotel gym on Monday, at the same time as Canada's conservative prime minister, Stephen Harper, appeared on television in a live broadcast of his speech to the Canadian Professional Police Association's meeting in Ottawa.

Mar 20, 2006 Canada's Growing Marijuana Problem "Cannabis is the biggest issue facing law enforcement now," says Inspector Paul Nadeau of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP ).

[Too bad identify theft, break and enter and other crimes that citizens would consider the biggest problems for them aren't also where the police put their resources]
Mar 9, 2006 Dopey RCMP Math Following a 14-month investigation, RCMP officers recently uncovered a clandestine cyber cartel selling marijuana seeds via the Internet. Seven persons were subsequently charged with a variety of cannabis-related offences. Trumpeting this latest victory against the "scourge of marijuana" -- their term -- the Mounties claimed that the amount of seeds they seized would fill 500 greenhouses, each with 400 plants, representing 42 million joints on the street.

Mar 3, 2006 AIDS Victim Gets His Marijuana Back A Regina Medical Marijuana User Has His Plants Back. Tom Shapiro was at police headquarters Thursday afternoon collecting the 21 marijuana plants that were seized by officers last month following a delay in the renewal of his licence to grow pot. Shapiro arrived at the station armed with a court order for police to return the property to him.

[Why did a sick and suffering Canadian have to go through any legal repercussions in the first place? Where is the outrage?]
Mar 1, 2006 RCMP Close Montreal Marijuana Seed Vendor Although the Montreal-based company Heaven's Stairway has operated brazenly since 1998 and is currently listed on Quebec's business registry, the RCMP announced Tuesday it has shut it down. The RCMP described the large-scale bust as the first of its kind in Canada. Besides evoking Led Zeppelin's signature song for its name the company also sold seeds with quirky labels like Crippy Bud and Deep Blue Rush.

[ By attacking the very source - seeds - they may merely be preparing for when the time comes for cannabis to be legal. With all other avenues effectively shut down, corporations like Monsanto will emerge as the main distributer of seeds. (Who is really ordering the raids on seeds??? ) ]
Feb 28, 2006 War On Drugs A Joke To Ex-Cop In Norm Stamper's world, the "drug store" is a place that is much different from what generally comes to mind. The 28-year police veteran of the San Diego police department and former Seattle police chief wants to see all street drugs legalized, firmly regulated and sold just like we sell alcohol today.

Feb 23, 2006 Pot Smell Justified Dwelling Search, Judges Say VANCOUVER -- The smell of marijuana coupled with a suspect speaking a foreign language can be sufficient grounds for police to enter a private home without a search warrant, the British Columbia Court of Appeal has ruled. The decision could expand the power of police to enter homes without warrants under certain conditions, such as an officer smelling marijuana in a dwelling.

[Say good-bye to more of our rights]
Feb 21, 2006 PUB LTE: Legalize Marijuana For Adults As the leader of the world's largest organization of police, judges and other criminal justice professionals who oppose the policy of drug Prohibition, I'd like to echo letter writer Robert Sharpe. Having the criminal justice system as the primary arm of public response to marijuana use is bad policy. The proposed law changes better mirror the common sense approach we use in response to the most addictive and dangerous drugs - alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals.

Feb 18, 2006 True Justice Is Blind An Orangeville area man is charged after police bust a marijuana grow-op in his home, seizing almost 600 plants. A judge with the Ontario Superior Court later tosses out the charges after expressing criticism of the investigating officer's methods....An Ontario Provincial Police officer identified Nguyen and other Vietnamese Canadian community members through a land title search. He focused on them because of previous incidents of Vietnamese Canadians being involved in grow-ops.

Feb 17, 2006 Medical Marijuana User Clears Foul-Up A licensed medical marijuana user has had a criminal charge for pot production dropped -- and has had all his growing equipment returned by city police -- after a bureaucratic bungle left him without his medication for weeks.

Feb 3, 2006 Marijuana Activists Fuming Over Arrest Medical marijuana advocates are angry over the treatment of a Regina AIDS patient who was arrested after his marijuana licence expired. Tom Shapiro was handcuffed, along with his wife and son, for four hours while police tried to determine his status in Health Canada's medical marijuana program, said an official with the Canadian AIDS Society.

[Welcome to the new Conservative government and the way things will be done now. Oh, where did some of the biggest websites like Overgrow.com go?}

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