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Current Affairs 2006 - Medical (67 items)

Oct 3, 2006 Medical Marijuana Grower Shot During Attempted Theft Pair Posed As Police To Gain Access To House Where Drug Was Grown A man shot during a home invasion is recovering in a Kingston hospital today, while the OPP search for the men who posed as police officers in order to steal his medicinal marijuana.

[When it comes to stealing gardens, it has always been difficult to differentiate between the cops and robbers - what does that say?]
Sep 29, 2006 Nurses Lash Out At Spending Cuts Ontario nurses are lashing out at recently announced spending cuts by the federal Conservative government..... They also take aim at money cut from the medical marijuana, Health Canada policy research and court challenges programs.

Sep 28, 2006 Feds' Wily Weed Cash Ruse Bouzanis confirms that only $2 million was ever doled out of the original $7.5 million earmarked for reefer research, while about $5.5 million remains to be spent. Vancouver NDP MP Libby Davies has requested that Auditor General Sheila Fraser look into the accounting of all money spent on the program.

Sep 28, 2006 Straight Dope From Pot Prof U of T philosophy professor Doug Hutchinson, who won the right this week to smoke pot during work hours for an undisclosed medical condition, goes public about his travails in an open letter released September 22 to U of T authorities, fellow philosophy professors and graduate students.

Sep 27, 2006 Green And Legal Feds Won't Tell Grow-Op Busters Who's Got A Licence It's a budding problem cops wish they could weed out. Officers with the Edmonton Police Service-RCMP Green Team are occasionally raiding marijuana grow-ops that turn out to be operated by growers licensed by the federal government to cultivate pot for medicinal reasons.

[So many "problems" would not exist if prohibition did not exist. Then we could see what real problems may be associated with cannabis.
Sep 26, 2006 Pot Crusader Found Guilty Of Trafficking Marijuana Grant Krieger, a well-known pot crusader, has again been found guilty of trafficking in marijuana after he sent packages to people in Manitoba for medicinal uses on two separate occasions. Provincial court Judge William Pepler found Krieger guilty Monday of two counts of trafficking in marijuana on Dec. 3, 2003 and Jan. 8, 2004.

Aug 28, 2006 Resurrect 'Reefer Madness' As Reason To Crack Down on Marijuana A pair of articles in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry has resurrected the "reefer madness" argument about marijuana and its links to mental illness. Cannabis use can trigger schizophrenia in people already vulnerable to the mental illness -- and this fact should shape marijuana policy, argue two psychiatric epidemiologists in this month's journal. "This is that old hobgoblin that resurfaces now and again. There's nothing new in the literature. They just keep rehashing the old literature."

Aug 11, 2006 First Medical Marijuana Exhibit First Medical Marijuana Exhibit at the XVI International AIDS Conference: Canada Leads the Way TORONTO, August 11, 2006 - For the first time in the conferenceís history, an exhibit on the therapeutic use of marijuana (cannabis) is being offered at the XVI International AIDS Conference this week in Toronto. This initiative acknowledges that for many people living with HIV/AIDS cannabis is an important part of their medical therapy.

Aug 4, 2006 Marijuana And Pregnancy For women trying to get pregnant, a marijuana joint should be one of the farthest things from their lips, a study suggests. ...Women trying to conceive "should stay away from smoking marijuana," advises Dr. Dey, whose finding were published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Aug 1, 2006 PUB LTE: Getting High As a Side Effect of Marijuana Use There is no doubt about pot making people "feel" better, aside from any biochemical mechanism between human and medicine. That softening of symptoms and mild euphoria makes all the difference sometimes. ...Getting high for the sake of getting high is called recreational use, but getting high because it is a side effect of medicinal cannabis use is something entirely different. That high is the measure of the medicine's potency, and is necessary for correct titration of dose.
If one has weak pot, they need to use more. If the pot is very potent, then they only need a little. The way to tell the difference is when the high arrives. That high is the body's way of saying "OK, that's enough for now." Russell Barth

Jul 27, 2006 Wanted: Pot Growers WINNIPEG -- People who want to grow pot for the federal government may soon get the chance. Health Canada's five-year, $5.75-million contract with its current supplier of medicinal marijuana, Prairie Plant Systems, appears to be winding down and the department is preparing to seek proposals from all potential suppliers.

Of course, anyone with experience that has been "caught" need not apply.
Jul 19, 2006 Publicity Leads To Pot Theft "Let me die in peace" is the message Tom Shapiro wants sent to two teenagers who broke into his Ottawa Street home early Monday morning and demanded he hand over his pot. The Regina man, who has a licence to grow and use marijuana to ease symptoms of AIDS, is now worrying for the safety of himself and his wife due to his advocacy of medical marijuana use. Around 1 a.m. Monday, Shapiro said he was with his wife in their living room when she noticed two teenage boys walking by, pulling up the hoods on their sweatshirts. The pair came up the walk and pulled open the home's locked screen door.

Jul 6, 2006 Ease Pot Restrictions - CAS A new study from the Canadian AIDS Society ( CAS ) says Canadians living with HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses need better access to medical marijuana. The study report identifies barriers that prevent patients from getting a reliable and affordable supply of medical pot and proposes ways to make access easier.

Jul 6, 2006 Ottawa Making Medical Pot 'Almost Impossible' Too Many Hurdles, Lawyer Tells Court CALGARY - The government provides a legal method for a person to grow and possess marijuana for personal medical reasons, but makes it "almost impossible" to do so, a lawyer argued yesterday. John Hooker, counsel for longtime Calgary pot crusader Grant Krieger, told provincial court Justice William Pepler the medical marijuana issue is similar to the abortion issue, in which the government permits women to legally have abortions, then puts many hurdles in place.

Jul 3, 2006 It's Time To Take Ragers Off The Road Opinions Differ On The Causes Of Road Rage, But One Thing Is Clear: People With Anger Issues Don't Belong Behind The Wheel ... researchers think it's ... a medical condition called intermittent explosive disorder. A Canadian study ..found frequent road ragers were more likely to take ecstasy... cocaine, cannabis and alcohol. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health concluded that drugs and alcohol are the main cause of angry, erratic behaviour behind the wheel.

[Big Pharma is working overtime to pump out the "disease of the day" so they can peddle their latest cure to replace the mostly less harmful substances some people choose to self-medicate with:
Psychotropic medications used with Intermittent Explosive Disorder.
Carbamazepine (Tegretol and others).
Divalproex (Depakote).
Fluoxetine (Prozac).
Gabapentin (Neurontin).
Lamotrigine (Lamictal).
P henytoin (Dilantin).
Sertraline (Zoloft).
Venlafaxine (Effexor).
Jul 2, 2006 Tories Keep Medical Pot As much as the Tories would probably love to ditch the medical marijuana program, they have quietly extended the contract with the government's official pot grower.... The five-year, $5.7-million deal the Liberals inked with Prairie Plant Systems, which grows Ottawa's weed in an abandoned mine in Manitoba, expired Friday ( after a six-month extension was previously granted ).

[While other growers of that magnitude are MAKING $5.7-million in NON-TAXABLE income over 5 years, the government is SPENDING $5.7-million in TAXPAYER MONEY over 5 years on the pot trade, yet no alarm bells seem to be going off... in fact , the status quo is reinforced more than ever at every level.]
Jun 29, 2006 Casual Pot Use A Disability, Alberta Judge Finds
EDMONTON - An Alberta judge has ruled that a construction company discriminated against a man when it fired him from an oilsands project after his pre-employment drug screening tested positive for marijuana.
Instead, Justice Sheilah Martin said the man -- a recreational user -- should have been treated the same way as someone with a drug addiction, which is considered a disability in a growing body of human rights case law across Canada.
Although he never used drugs at work and was not a drug addict, the policy treated him like he was, Judge Martin wrote. The requirement that he be tested for drugs with an automatic penalty for a positive test is on its face discriminatory, she said.

[A victory? ]
Jun 25, 2006 Cookin' With Cannabis Barth and his wife, Christine Lowe, put on a cooking clinic during the Ravenswing Craft and Zine Fair at the community centre yesterday.... Barth and Lowe can be cavalier about their pot use because they hold federal licences to use the bud for medicinal purposes.

Jun 14, 2006 Case 'Dragging On,' Pot Activist Says Fifteen months after he was arrested for exporting marijuana to sick clients, and four months after pleading guilty, a pot activist's roller-coaster ride through the legal system entered a new phase yesterday when the matter was slated to resume sometime next year.

May 26, 2006 Legally Using Marijuana In Canada Canada was the first country to regulate medical marijuana use. Health Canada established guidelines to allow Canadians access to marijuana for medicinal reasons in 2001, called Marijuana Medical Access Regulations. The regulations outline circumstances that permit people to use pot for medical reasons under two categories:

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