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Current Affairs 2006 - Medical (67 items)

May 24, 2006 RCMP Bust Retiree For Medical Pot Man's Plants Exceeded His Permit. Is This What We Pay Police To Do
The Mounties raided them a few days earlier, cutting down some 300 marijuana plants Bert was growing to supply his 49-year-old wife and another retiree under licences from Health Canada.

May 11, 2006 Judge Knew Pot Smoker's Reference A Guelph judge's relationship with a medical marijuana user derailed the sentencing yesterday of a pot crusader who has admitted mailing the drug to users in the United States and Britain.

Apr 7, 2006 Pot Activist Not Giving Up A Supreme Court justice in Chilliwack might have dismissed medical marijuana activist Brian Carlisle's application to get back his equipment this week but he still considers the court appearance a victory of sorts.

Apr 6, 2006 Medical Marijuana Company Heralds Its Public Offering TORONTO -- It's not every company that heralds its public debut with Moses Znaimer, the co-founder of CityTV, on one side and a bag of marijuana from the Canadian government on the other. But that's exactly how Cannasat Therapeutics Inc. did it Wednesday. Cannasat bills itself as one of a handful of companies in the world that is researching and developing medicines derived from cannabis plants.

[A development to watch...]
Mar 30, 2006 Marijuana Advocate Loses Case, Hit With Fine Mr. Turmel, a professional gambler and a medicinal marijuana advocate, was fined $1,000, given three years probation and told to perform 100 hours of community service after he was found guilty of a 2003 offence of possessing marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

Mar 27, 2006 Victoria Mayor Offers Support To Medical Pot Users Victoria's mayor has thrown his support behind local medicinal pot users and called upon Health Canada to conduct an immediate review of how it provides medical marijuana to Canadians. A presentation to council by local compassion clubs last month prompted Alan Lowe to draft a letter to federal Health Minister Tony Clement criticizing public access to the Federal Marijuana Medical Access Regulation program.

Mar 3, 2006 AIDS Victim Gets His Marijuana Back A Regina Medical Marijuana User Has His Plants Back. Tom Shapiro was at police headquarters Thursday afternoon collecting the 21 marijuana plants that were seized by officers last month following a delay in the renewal of his licence to grow pot. Shapiro arrived at the station armed with a court order for police to return the property to him.

[Why did a sick and suffering Canadian have to go through any legal repercussions in the first place? Where is the outrage?]
Feb 26, 2006 Region Dismisses Pot For Health Issue Niagara Compassion Society was looking for a homegrown solution to medical marijuana use when it appeared before the region's public health committee Tuesday. It didn't come. Committee members instead took pot shots at the idea of what some believed amounts to endorsing recreational drug use.

Feb 23, 2006 Court Dismisses 'Compassion' Argument On Pot New Brunswick Court of Appeal rejected Thursday a Saint John woman's argument that she was running a "compassion club" for medicinal marijuana users. However, the province's high court will still consider Lynn Wood's appeal of her marijuana trafficking conviction, albeit on other grounds. Lynn Wood was convicted in February 2005 of trafficking marijuana, and was sentenced to a term of one year in prison.

Feb 17, 2006 Medical Marijuana User Clears Foul-Up A licensed medical marijuana user has had a criminal charge for pot production dropped -- and has had all his growing equipment returned by city police -- after a bureaucratic bungle left him without his medication for weeks.

Feb 17, 2006 Seeking Cannabis Compassion Fifteen people, a tiny downtown apartment and a man sick from AIDS with anywhere from one to five years to live. This is the heart of the Kelowna Compassion Club-the latest medical marijuana operation to grace B.C.'s map.

Feb 8, 2006 Council's Cannabis Confab Cancelled-Sort Of It took two years for Victoria's city council to set up a meeting with Health Canada about medical marijuana, but it would seem the federal agency balked when the city said the meeting had to be open to the public.

Feb 6, 2006 Feds Go After Pot Users For $170,000 Debt OTTAWA ( CP ) - Like any dope dealer, Health Canada has its share of marijuana customers who just don't pay their bills. But unlike street pushers, the department avoids tire irons and switchblades to recover its bad debts in favour of stern letters and collection agencies.

[Cutting off medical users who can't pay for taxpayer funded pot adds insult to injury for the poor and disenfranchised. Instead they will have to see how they fare with not paying their local dealers.]
Feb 3, 2006 Marijuana Activists Fuming Over Arrest Medical marijuana advocates are angry over the treatment of a Regina AIDS patient who was arrested after his marijuana licence expired. Tom Shapiro was handcuffed, along with his wife and son, for four hours while police tried to determine his status in Health Canada's medical marijuana program, said an official with the Canadian AIDS Society.

[Welcome to the new Conservative government and the way things will be done now. Oh, where did some of the biggest websites like Overgrow.com go?}
Jan 27, 2006 Pot Activist Obeys Deportation Order To US VANCOUVER -- Before his deportation to California yesterday, Steven Kubby gathered his wife and two daughters to his side.

Jan 27, 2006 Medical Marijuna Refugee Steve Kubby Arrested Medical marijuana refugee Steve Kubby was taken to the Placer County jail today to begin serving a 4-month sentence on drug possession charges. Supporters are fearful that he will not survive in jail without access to medical marijuana. Kubby has used cannabis exclusively to treat a rare form of adrenal cancer, pheochromocytoma , since the 1980s, and is thought to be the longest living survivor of the disease. [ Read more....]

Jan 26, 2006 Home Grow-Op His Right, Says Spurned Renter A B.C. medical marijuana user has taken his right to grow pot in a rental home to the Human Rights Tribunal. Vandale Smith told a landlord he intended to grow marijuana in the rental home, and was licensed to do so by Health Canada.

[Discrimination, persecution... all the hallmarks are there]
Jan 25, 2006CN NS: Pot Charges Result In Challenge To Charter AMHERST -- A Maccan man who says he was growing marijuana to help himself and 300 others with medical conditions is launching a Charter of Rights challenge in the hopes of squashing several drug charges that have been laid against him.... The charter challenge will be filed with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court on March 6.

Jan 24, 2006 Medical Marijuana Advocate Must Leave VANCOUVER ( CP ) -- After losing his last legal challenge to stay in Canada, medical marijuana advocate Steve Kubby has been told to leave the country by Thursday.

Jan 21, 2006CN NS: No Progress For Man Trying To Get Pot Back TRURO -- John Cook will have to wait another couple of months to get his pot back from the authorities. The medicinal marijuana activist from Halifax has been trying since May 2005 to get a 500-gram package of marijuana -- valued at $7,500 - -- back from police. Officers seized it as he was trying to ship it by bus last January to one of his clients in Springhill.

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