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Current Affairs 2008 - Chronological (120 items)

Sep 4, 2008 Relight Those Nice Dreams Cheech & Chong Reprise Their Hit '70s Comedy Act In Ottawa
Nearly 25 years after their breakup, the wildly popular comedy team of the 1970s is back to "Light Up Canada." And, after that, they're going to blaze up America too. "Our performance in Ottawa is actually going to be the first time that we've done Born in East L.A. together," says Cheech, calling from Hawaii, of the comedy team's hit parody of a Bruce Springsteen original. "Condoleezza Rice called us and said, 'You know, I'm having no luck with the Palestinians and the Israelites and I need to get somebody together before my reign is out here.' Ottawa - you're the first guys."

Sep 3, 2008 'Say No' To Canine Cannabis - Vet Keep your dogs away from pot. That's the message to all pet owners from an emergency veterinarian..... Symptoms of an affected dog include sleepiness, extreme sensitivity to light and motion, low heart rate, low blood pressure and the dog urinating on itself, or dribbling urine.

Aug 27, 2008 Alberta's Reefer Madness Hitting New Highs s Albertans go, they outnumber Catholics, smokers, Edmontonians, voters and overweight folk -- though a massive intake of potato chips might soon balance out the latter. They're pot smokers, and a new study by Health Canada shows a staggering -- and presumably peckish -- 45.3% of Albertans have inhaled marijuana, with 34.7% returning for a regular hit of weed.

Aug 27, 2008 B.C.'s Crime Rate Hits 30-Year Low The reported crime rate in B.C. is at a 30-year low, according to statistics released Tuesday by the provincial government. ...By comparison, B.C.'s drug crime rates -- which have consistently been the highest in Canada since the 1980s -- increased in 2007, due largely to a spike in possession of cannabis offences.

Aug 22, 2008BC: Workers To Face Drug Tests A new drug-and-alcohol policy that requires unionized construction workers in B.C. to be tested before being hired and after they've been involved in an accident likely won't withstand a legal or human-rights challenge, legal experts said yesterday.

Aug 20, 2008 Is Society Benefiting From The War On Pot? By all accounts, Mike McCormick minded his own business and never hurt another soul. He lived off the land, hunting, digging clams and cutting his own firewood. And he grew pot. Lots and lots of pot. In fact, when police stumbled across McCormick's shack in the woods behind his house, there were 243 plants growing inside it. ...Other than lawyers, who benefits from criminalizing pot smokers?

Aug 17, 2008 Here's The Secret Every Jury Needs To Know I've got a secret to tell you. It's about jurors. Jurors called for duty on criminal cases have a secret power. It's a secret because in a trial neither the judge nor the lawyers are allowed to tell the jurors this power exists. But it does. It's called "jury nullification."

Aug 13, 2008 Ruling Needed on Vehicle Searches: Judge With the Moncton judiciary split on the legality of a local Mountie's vehicle searches, Judge Irwin Lampert says it's time for New Brunswick's Court of Appeal to rule on the subject. ...He said if police are allowed to search people based on guesses or hunches, it "can too easily mask discriminatory conduct."

Aug 13, 2008 Technical Breech' Of Pot Law Not Worth Prosecuting: Crown ederal Crown attorney Clayton Conlan withdrew all drug charges Tuesday against a Meaford man who says he uses marijuana medicinally and against the man's wife because prosecuting the charges "would not be in the public interest."

Aug 9, 2008 Drug Trafficker Has Big Heart AMHERST - A drug trafficker who believes he's found the cure for cancer in marijuana wants his $2,000 fine to go to a good cause. "Since I am paying this fine for the heinous crime of saving lives, I think I should have a say as to where the money goes," Rick Simpson said in a July 27 letter sent to officials at the Justice Centre in Amherst. Mr. Simpson made the letter public Friday.

Aug 7, 2008 New Law Passes First Test In Saint John Courtroom SAINT JOHN - A 33-year-old Saint John man is the first in New Brunswick to be convicted for drug-impaired driving based on new investigative tools provided by federal legislation. Ralph Daniel Craig, a Dilaudid addict, was subjected to new drug detection tests by police after rear-ending another vehicle and "failed miserably," Crown prosecutor Chris Titus told provincial court. Craig was "clearly impaired by drugs," Titus said.

Aug 6, 2008 St-Isidore Seed Dealer Experimenting With Hemp Marc Bercier grows hemp on the lower part of a field behind his St-Isidore seed cleaning facility. He's testing 100 varieties and hopes to soon find the right one to produce vegetable oil and market it as a Canadian substitute for virgin olive oil. "I'm anti-multinationals," Bercier says, standing inside a container housing his new oil press.

Aug 5, 2008 Right to Puff Sparks Tiff The complaint states that the government has failed to "amend legislation to accommodate licensed medical marijuana users" because the club's liquor licence could be suspended if someone was caught smoking marijuana on the premises -- even if they have a medicinal licence.

Jul 26, 2008 More Than One Border Guard Involved In Drug Ring During their first face-to-face meeting in Vermont on Oct. 11, 2007, the undercover agent and Mr. Desilets discussed trading more than 400 kilograms of marijuana grown in Canada for 150 kilograms of cocaine from the U.S. "Desilets advised that his organization utilizes a customs border agent to assist their smuggling operation," the affidavit says.

Jul 16, 2008 Blood Testing For High Drivers Drivers suspected of being high on drugs could be facing an unwelcome needle at the hands of police. New federal legislation enacted on July 2 allows police to collect blood and fluids from drivers suspected of being high on drugs.

Jul 8, 2008 New Drug-Impairement Testing Now In Effect As of July 2, 2008 drivers will have to submit to a Standardized Field Sobriety Test for impairment when demanded by a peace officer who suspects they are driving while impaired by drugs. Bill C-2 empowers Canadian police who suspect a driver of being impaired by any drug, illegal, prescription or over-the-counter, to demand the subject submit to a breathalyzer test, physical coordination tests and an assessment by a Drug Recognition Expert using the Drug Evaluation and Classification ( DEC ) assessment along with a demand of bodily fluid samples ( blood, saliva or urine ).

A constitional challenge just waiting to happen...
Jul 5, 2008 Police Officers Get Bail After Grow-Op Bust A City of Vaughan notice taped yesterday on the front door of an alleged former marijuana grow operation deems the suburban house unfit to occupy. ...This municipal order may cause a problem for Toronto Police Constable Kevin Bourne, 33. Police arrested him on Thursday, accusing him of taking part in a marijuana grow-op drug ring. Yesterday a court released him on $50,000 bail and ordered he reside in the Vania Drive house he lived in with his wife, Wendi, and their toddler son.

Jul 2, 2008 Rupert Cops Raid Tomato Grow-Op Red-faced drug cops looking for a marijuana grow-op came up with a tomato grow-op instead. Prince Rupert commercial fisherman Bruce Aleksich said yesterday that about 15 Mounties burst into his business last Thursday, only to find 400 tomato plants in various stages of growth.

As more people begin to grow their own food, rooting out "grow-ops" will become impossible.
Jun 25, 2008 Search Warrants Challenged A local lawyer has finished his arguments in a case that could change the way search warrants are handled across British Columbia and invalidate thousands of search warrants issued in the past six years, calling the police investigations and subsequent court cases into question

Jun 25, 2008MB Growers Breeding New Hemp HEMP growers in the Dauphin region are going back to some of the original hemp breeds in the area from the 18th century to come up with new varieties.

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