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Current Affairs 2008 - Chronological (120 items)

Jun 19, 2008 $40 Pot Charge Has Law in Turmoil Clifford Long's constitutional saga began in September 2005 when he was a passenger in a car stopped by police for a seatbelt infraction.

Jun 16, 2008 Police Get New Powers To Nab Drivers On Drugs Marijuana, crack cocaine or too much pain medication? It's been tough for police to tell what a person is high on, especially when they're behind the wheel -- but that's about to change. Police forces across the province are gearing up for July 2 when a new federal law takes effect that gives them additional powers to boot drug-impaired drivers off the road.

Jun 14, 2008 Parasiris 'Relieved' Upon Learning His Fate Parasiris and his wife both testified they had no idea it was the police who had broken into their home. Both said they didn't hear officers shout "Police!" until after Tessier had been shot.

As one writer put it: "If you can't trust armed masked raiders who burst into your home in the middle of the night, who can you trust?"
Jun 10, 2008 Health Canada Taking Bids On Pot Contract The federal department is inviting firms from across the country to submit bids on a contract to cultivate and distribute medical marijuana for the next seven years, with options for two one-year extensions.

Jun 6, 2008 Judge Throws Major Drug Bust Case Out Of Court A major Winnipeg drug bust has been thrown out of court after a judge found police had no right to conduct a gunpoint takedown of a suspected dealer. The 2004 arrest -- in which a large quantity of marijuana and meth was found inside a vehicle in St. Vital -- was deemed an excessive show of force by police and a "serious" breach of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

May 31, 2008 Suing Abbotsford Police A wheelchair-bound man is suing the Abbotsford Police department for an alleged assault and negligent treatment he suffered in police cells after his home was subject to a drug bust in November.

[Any facade of being public servants who serve and protect quickly vanishes in instances such as this]
May 29, 2008ON: 'I Just Want The Same Access As Tobacco Users' And now Mr. Barth has become the latest marijuana user to file a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, after being prevented from smoking outside an Ottawa comedy club after a May 7 performance. Absolute Comedy management told the couple that liquor licence rules prevented them from lighting up on the front patio near cigarette smokers. They left "embarrassed and humiliated," according to Mr. Barth's complaint, which claims the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is violating the provincial Human Rights Code -- specifically, his ability to use marijuana in designated smoking areas. Marijuana helps his appetite, prevents anxiety attacks and allows him to walk without "jangled nerves," Mr. Barth said. Health Canada's Marijuana Medical Access regulations allow for Mr. Barth and his wife to use marijuana. But the provincial Liquor Licence Act prohibits the possession or consumption of controlled substances on an establishment's premises.

May 28, 2008NK: Medicinal Pot User Gets House Arrest A Rothesay man who says he was growing marijuana for medicinal purposes has been sentenced to house arrest. ...Tonning sent the strong message to people who claim their drug use is for medicinal purposes. In Roberts' case, he says the pot helps alleviate the pain of his gastrointestinal illness. "If it's going to be used for medicinal purposes, the clear reality is you have to get a doctor's certificate to use it," Tonning said.

[Effectively. this judge is saying you do not need Health Canada's permission.. just a doctor's recommendation]
May 27, 2008 Study Shows Marihuana Use Not A Threat Augustana sociology professor Geraint B. Osborne is of the opinion that people who use marihuana are no more a criminal threat to society than are alcohol and cigarette users.

May 27, 2008 ON: Church Of The Universe Founder Released Pending Appeal Church of the Universe founder Michael Baldasaro has been sprung from prison pending an appeal of his pot-trafficking conviction. But the Ontario Court of Appeal forbade the hemp-hatted clergyman from returning to his church's Barton Street East headquarters or communicating with its co-founder Walter Tucker.

May 23, 2008 Canada's Laws Going To Pot They fought the law and the ... law lost. In fact, Canada's petty, nanny-state prohibition on simple marijuana possession has been repeatedly revealed as either non-existent or as murky as well --used bong water. Except, you'd never know it as the charges continue to be laid and judicial resources go up in smoke.

May 21, 2008 Meaford Couple To Challenge Pot Law A Meaford man and woman will fight drug charges - laid one month before he received licences to possess and grow marijuana for medicinal purposes - by arguing Canada's marijuana possession law is unconstitutional.

May 20, 2008 Military Drug Tests Find 1 In 20 Using More than one in 20 Canadian soldiers and sailors in non-combat roles tested positive for illicit drug use in random tests conducted on more than 3,000 military personnel from coast to coast. The results provided to The Canadian Press show that over a four-month period, 1,392 sailors in the navy's Atlantic and Pacific fleets and 1,673 soldiers in the army's four regions and training branch were subjected to blind drug testing. Averaged out, 6.5 per cent of those tested in the navy and 5 per cent in the army indicated positive results, almost entirely for marijuana.

The Canadian Forces personnel will eventually switch to cocaine or meth like others who are drug tested... it only stays in the system for several days instead of 30 days like cannabis...
May 20, 2008 Drugs A Booming BC Business Marijauna is our number 1 economic contributor, and like all successful businesses, it's growing. It isn't restricted to just one part of the province either. Marijuana is grown all over the place, even in the hinterlands, it's truly a provincial bonanza. MacLeans says it's a $5 billion to $7 billion a year business. The hard drugs bring in billions and we also do well with manufactured drugs such as methamphetamine and ecstasy. A BC Business magazine report ranks the marijuana industry as the province's second largest business, but that's still significant.

May 19, 2008 High Cost Of Toking A human rights settlement between a medical marijuana user and the owner of a Burlington sports pub has left behind a cloud of controversy. Afroze Edwards of the Ontario Human Rights Commission said people who partake of marijuana for medical reasons have a right to reasonable accommodation of their disabilities.

May 17, 2008 Shotgun, Dope Seized From Cop's Wrecked BMW EDMONTON - A shotgun and marijuana were seized from the car belonging to an off-duty Edmonton constable accused of causing a fiery crash while intoxicated. ...Brown, 29, faces five counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm, five counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and one count of driving with a blood alcohol level over .08. ...Brown, a three-year veteran of the force, has been suspended with pay from his job.

[Is there any other profession where you can screw up so badly, yet get time off work with pay that is provided by taxpayers?]
May 13, 2008 Grow-Op Hunt Sparks Class-Action Suit A Coquitlam homeowner has filed a class-action lawsuit after his power was cut off and his tenant forced to move out following a search for a marijuana grow-op. ...Monaco's case is the fifth lawsuit against Coquitlam since last year. One is in small-claims court, two are petitions, and one is a writ.

May 8, 2008 Court Rulings Allow for Protection of Students And Their Charter Rights A recent Supreme Court of Canada decision concerning police use of trained dogs to ferret out drugs in schools has some school administrators up in arms. But the decision is a reasonable one, as it protects students' constitutional rights while still allowing police searches in certain circumstances.

May 4, 2008AB: Marchers Push Marijuana's Medical Merits Calgary - Close to 500 protesters took to the streets Saturday in favour of marijuana's medicinal use and making it more accessible to those suffering debilitating pain.

May 4, 2008ON: Pot Fans Rally In Big Smoke Thousands Pushing For Legal Weed Peacefully Mark Freedom Festival, 10th Global Marijuana March Queen's Park may have been soggy from yesterday's rain, but sparks were flying as thousands spent the day smoking pot just north of the Legislature.

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