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The War on Cannabis Consumers

The Players:

Snitch Society .. today, we live in a society were police see absolutely nothing wrong with trying to enlist letter carriers and meter readers to snoop on Calgary residences -- the very homes they are assigned to provide a service to -- in the campaign to detect illegal marijuana grow operations
  1. Police Need Publics Help To Clamp Down On Pot Grow The 56-page Green Tide report reveals that between 2000 and 2002 the number of operations increased by 250 per cent. Not only that, grow houses produced and housed at least 1.2 million kilograms of marketable pot and related products generating $12.7-billion in revenue; stats show 15,000 grow houses were in operation and 1.2 million plants were seized in 2002.
  2. Help Locating Pot Is Requested Police Want Citizens' Help Putting A Dent In The Pot Industry. Crime Stoppers is looking for tips about outdoor marijuana crops.
  3. Police Asking Hikers For Help In Spotting Marijuana Fields Anyone who finds marijuana plants growing outdoors should not attempt to remove them, but should note the location and estimate the number of plants and average height. It is important to record the location by GPS co-ordinates, compass bearing or nearby landmarks and note any vehicles parked in the area and record licence numbers.
  4. Police Offer Tips On Spotting Outdoor Marijuana Crops The plants are only in their early stages of growth this time of year and hold no real value this early in the season. Members of the community are asked to help Police nip this problem in the "bud."
  5. Police Ask For Help In Fighting Grow Ops  This is not strictly a police matter," "It's a community issue."
  6. RCMP Go Underground In Search For Pot Growers RCMP spent about three hours in the old mine. They didn't find evidence of a grow-op, but say that doesn't mean one wasn't there at some point.
  7. Search on for Pot Growers "It doesn't matter where you are. As soon as somebody is removed from the scene, somebody else takes their place right away... Every little bit certainly helps us, but drugs are still readily available."
  8. Join Monte's Power Rangers Hey kids! Be the first on your block to bust a neighbourhood pot grow-op!
  9. Kwinter's Marijuana Mistake Has Aides Rushing To Clear Air
  10. Hydro To Root Out Grow Ops Hydro officials will soon be able to cut off power to homes without warning if they suspect an illegal marijuana grow operation,police need proof to obtain a warrant to enter a home.  "And it's really difficult to get a warrant when you can't tell them what's in there," Building inspectors, who are already entitled to enter structures to investigate potential safety risks, will be called in to examine suspicious homes and report any criminality they find. The minister said banks will begin specifying in mortgage documents that the whole amount becomes due if a grow operation is discovered.  Insurance companies will also void coverage for grow ops.
  11. Firefighters Will Sniff Out Pot Operations Forget the police. The new frontier of pot busting in Abbotsford comes in the form of firefighters, building inspectors and bylaw officers.
  12. Teachers Asked To Watch For Grow-Op Signs "We don't obviously want a situation where teachers are questioning kids to try to detect a grow-op...But they just need to keep their ears open and use intuition and if things don't seem right, maybe it's time to start asking some extra questions."
  13. Meter Readers To Spot Pot Drug unit investigators are looking to enlist letter carriers and meter readers in their fight against grow-ops. Drug unit officers are already schooling 4,500 local realtors on how to recognize pot farms. The class that is now mandatory for city realtors.
  14. CUPE Wants To Set Up Crime-Watch Program Involving Municipal Workers  Local civic workers want to become extra eyes and ears for the police."While we are out in the community we'd be trained what to look for, things such as grow-ops, [ Sellouts! ]
  15. Police Want Business To Help Fight Grow Houses "There's a need for leaders in the real estate, insurance and banking sectors to work with police, hydro companies and government officials,"
  16. Grow-Op Statement Speaks For Whole City The twist with the public safety committee's plan is that they want the police to read in statements on behalf of the community as a whole. [Don't speak on my behalf!]
  17. Group Aims To Snuff Out Pot Grow Operations Calgarians [ read: cops, business] are sick and tired of criminals setting up marijuana grow operations too close to home, say those who took an important step in eliminating them last night.  "This is a problem bigger than any single agency can solve and it's one that's become a public health and safety issue," said Calgary police drug unit Staff Sgt.  Trevor Daroux.About 40 people representing local financial institutions, businesses and police formed the Stop Marijuana Grow Operation steering committee.
  18. Grow-ops Creating Headache For Business Real estate agents, who may unwittingly sell a former grow-op or sell to someone wanting to build one, may have the most at stake. ''A realtor is the one stuck in the middle''
  19. Committee Wants Those Who Downplay Marijuana To Get Off The Pot  The Community Alcohol and Drug Action Committee ( CADAC ) invites the community to another free workshop called: It's not JUST Pot! Facts About Marijuana and Other Drugs. Score one for propaganda: Just Pot Meeting Stirs Up Controversy
  20. Citizens Tipping Off Police On Marijuana Grow-ops  'Frankly, I think they're fed up,' constable says
  21. Drug Laws Blamed For Low Crime Stoppers Numbers Crime Stoppers officials believe inconsistencies with Canada's drug laws likely played a part in reducing the number of anonymous drug-related tips in 2003.
  22. Marijuana grow-op task force in response to outrage: Mayor
The Incentives:
  1. Police Chief Requests More Officers As Guns And Grow-Ops Multiply Police Chief Julian Fantino opened the defence of his $691-million budget request with a spirited barrage of statistical propaganda, citing everything from the marijuana-growing growth industry
  2. Province Vows New Efforts Against Pot Growers, Child Porn Ontario's top lawmakers tell top cops fight to be stepped up; more officers to be hired
  3. RCMP's New Team Will Tackle Grow Ops We need to thank the municipalities for allotting the six positions for the team,"
  4. Police Cracking Down On Pot Labs A special team of 30 Peel police officers will be sweeping the city, attacking the growing problem of pot labs set up in local houses.
  5. Ontario To Spend $30m To Hire Police Ontario's cash-strapped Liberal government says it will spend $30 million a year over three years to hire 1,000 more police officers despite statistics indicating there is no increase in provincial crime rates.
  6. Bill Would Help Police To Seize Proceeds Of Crime Police and prosecutors may soon get a new tool in the fight against organized crime, making it easier to seize everything from cars to homes of those convicted of gangsterism.A new bill tabled
  7. Easing Pot Rules May Hike Costs Of Policing: RCMP

The Arguments:
  1. It's For Your Own Protection So in case you didn't think about it before, it's illegal for a reason...  (sic) you're protection.
  2. Judges Urged To Get Tough On Grow Ops Canada's new pot reform laws will toughen penalties to combat dangerous marijuana grow ops -- but judges also need a lesson about the gravity of the crime, said Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan.  ..."We need to help judges understand how absolutely serious this is -- the social costs, the economic costs and quite truthfully, the danger to the lives and safety of first responders when they go into these houses, This is not a crime that should be taken lightly.  This is not a victimless crime."
  3. Drug Grow Houses Cost Public Millions: Report  Marijuana operations cost the public more than $100 million a year and growing, according to Ontario's chiefs of police.Green Tide: A report on the devastating effects of Marihuana Grow Ops in Ontario
  4. Grow-Ops Pose 'Serious Threat' To Public Safety Marijuana Still Illegal, Users 'Pretty Stupid,' Mclellan Says  The federal government is committed to eradicating marijuana grow operations and people who smoke marijuana are "stupid," Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan said yesterday."I see grow-ops as one of the single biggest problems we face in our communities -- they do represent a serious threat to public safety,"
  5. Ottawa's Pot Stand Hurts War On Drugs: Police Local efforts to curb illegal drug use are being complicated by the federal government's mixed message on marijuana, a high-ranking Edmonton police officer said Friday.
  6. Decriminalization Will Increase Problems With Pot - Police Chief Relaxing Canadian laws on pot possession will lead to more social problems, Medicine Hat's police chief said.
  7. Money Goes Up in Toke Pot Grow-Ops Cost Ontarians $260m From 2000 to 2003 That's a little under $60 for every household in the province.  Have you ever paid for a bit of homegrown Ontario pot? No? Draw the blinds, folks, because your hydro company, your insurance company, your landlord and even the police think you have. Add up the stolen electricity, electrical repairs, fires at grow-ops, the expensive and toxic mould cleanup and policing costs to combat the flourishing industry, and the costs passed on to the public are staggering.
  8. Grow-Ops Must Be Stopped   
  9. Don't Let Us Go To Pot
  10. Pot Big Business Here Says Robinson  Cowichan cops are barely touching the roots of the Valley's growing commercial drug problem.And they won't until more resources are freed up to tackle the organized crime problem, according to North Cowichan/Duncan's top cop.
  11. Everyone Pays Stolen Electricity, Structural Damage And Toxic Mould Are Among The Byproducts Of Indoor Grow Ops [No - they are  byproducts of prohibition]
    It's More Potent Than In The '60s  While methamphetamines have been around since the 1960s, the new wave of high-powered crystal meth is much purer and more potent than what was available in the past, says the prevention/treatment manager for the Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area in Washington State. [Thought it was about pot, right?  No - same template, different illegal drug ]
  12. Easing Pot Laws Bad For Economy, Warns Big Business
  13. CEOs Fear Reefer Madness
  14. Stockmarket Used By Organized Crime
  15. Hash Oil Burns Home Parents Cooked Drugs, Not Breakfast For Kids. At a time when many people would be cooking bacon and eggs, a North End couple spent their Saturday morning making something a little less traditional. A kitchen fire broke out about 9 a.m. Saturday as the parents of four young children, were cooking drugs on the stove. [Maybe the kids already had breakfast, perhaps many people don't cook bacon and eggs, maybe if the parents could have bought some oil at the store... ]
  16. Children in Squalor at Grow House  [ Thanks to misdirected resources, kids all over Canada live in squalor, the majority are not in grow ops]
  17. Pot Cafe A High-Volume Dealer, Say Police [Liquor stores, bars, pharmacies and hospitals are all high volume drug dealers too - just depends on how you want to spin it]
  18. Pot Hypocrisy Carol Gwilt says she's "just trying to be a business person." So were all the restaurant and bar owners who allowed smoking on their premises and can no longer legally do so.  [Were they thrown in jail for months without bail too?  Didn't think so]
  19. Marijuana Not The Harmless Drug
  20. Cops Fear Grow-Op Exposure Canada's police chiefs are calling on the federal government to launch a study into the health effects for police officers who bust marijuana grow operations ( MGO ).
  21. Police Say Illness Tied To Pot Raid A Vancouver policewoman is suffering from a mysterious illness police say is linked to a raid on a marijuana growing operation, but medical experts are at odds over the cause.
Strategies  (for those with unlimited funds provided in part by cannabis consumers themselves):
  1. Province Developing Law To Help Tackle Grow-ops Winnipeg
  2. Landlords' Association Criticizes Proposed Marijuana-Growing-Operation Bylaw The bylaw allows penalties of up to $10,000 for landlords whose buildings are used to grow or produce illegal drugs.
  3. Where There's Pot Smoke, There's Abbotsford's Ire The city is putting forward a resolution to the Union of B.C.  Municipalities' ( UBCM ) annual convention next month, calling for a harder line to be taken against those found guilty of growing or distributing pot.
  4. Landlords To Pay For Grow Ops Property owners who allow their buildings to be used for meth labs or marijuana grow operations in Maple Ridge will be stung with hefty bills for cleanup costs, because of a bylaw whisked through council on Monday.
  5. Pot Bylaws Strengthened Those caught with marijuana growing in their houses in Abbotsford will have their water shut off within 24 hours and will have to vacate their premises, as the city council agreed to add more muscle to the Controlled Substance Bylaw.
  6. Council Studies Ways To Combat Marijuana Grow Houses A proliferation of marijuana grow houses in the city -- specifically in northwest Scarborough -- has city councillors considering new ways to combat the new urban menace.
  7. Grow-Op Statement Speaks For Whole City The twist with the public safety committee's plan is that they want the police to read in statements on behalf of the community as a whole.
  8. Get Tough On Drugs, Cops Urge Kelowna RCMP want tougher sentences for drug traffickers, and they're thinking of asking for volunteers to track the kind of punishment - or lack of it - judges are handing out
  9. Court Watchers Find 97% Of Drug-related Charges Result In Very Little Punishment Abbotsford's court watchers program is calling for changes to the criminal justice system after finding 97 per cent of drug-related charges receive *little punishment* in the courts. [ What REAL Women do in their spare time]
  10. Drug Program Targets Adolescents the end of this school year, every Grade 7 and 8 student in Portage and Oakville will have gone through an extensive drug and alcohol prevention program. 
  11. Drug Seminar Aimed At Parents Speakers will include Cst. Rob Rubuliak of the Vermilion RCMP/ AADAC addictions counsellor Kim Ruptash. 
  12. Reformed Gangster Talks Tough To Teens 
  13. Harm Reduction No Cure For Drug Use In Schools Harm reduction, defined as reducing the negative health and social consequences of drug use, should be integrated with the current abstinence education children receive in schools, district drug and alcohol prevention and intervention co-ordinator Angela Lawrence reported. 
  14. Drug Policy Must Focus On Kids"By the time a child is in Grade 6 they are making decisions on whether to use drugs or alcohol," [a small percentage will make that decision, yet all will probably drive - how much time and attention is given to how to safely maneuver thousands of pounds of steel at speeds of 100 km an hour ?]


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