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  1. The Mainstreaming Of Marijuana
  2. Nation Of Pot Users To Celebrate Monday
  3. Potheads Ready To Roll On Day They Call 4:20
  4. Pot Smokers Celebrate Holiday Their Own Way so Canada Day becomes Cannabis Day in some parts of our culture, and other popular pot events just keep growing,
  5. Homegrown Scores At Cannabis Cup
  6. Police Yank Hemp Mascot Out Of Parade
  7. Medical Marijuana Advocates Raising Awareness at Lawrencetown Event   The First Atlantic Hemp Fest has out-grown its initial venue size.  In doing so, its organizers overcame a giant hurdle in securing a larger venue at short notice. 
  8. Two Arrested at Pro-Marijuana Rally in Toronto
  9. We Smoke More and Want It to Be Legal: Canadians are smoking pot more than ever before and the majority want police and government to leave people to indulge in peace.
  10. Medical Marijuana Advocates Raising Awareness at Lawrencetown Event   The First Atlantic Hemp Fest has
  11. Arrests at Protest Red Deer RCMP arrested two people and hauled at least one of them away in handcuffs during the annual demonstration in City Hall Park The young people said police treated them like criminals and wasted time in cracking down on a peaceful gathering.  "It's a waste of people's tax money and the police resources, 
  12. Vancouver 'Pot Block' Goes Up In Smoke.
  13. Legalize it, Ex-Cop Tells Hill Pot Rally  "When I speak to police officers on a one-to-one basis, they almost always agree with me that the war on drugs is a dismal failure,"
  14. Pot Users' March Urges Legalization Of Drug
  15. B.C. Bud Goes Cheap Here As Supply Exceeds Demand  A pound of pot grown in the province fetched $2,200 to $2,600 two years ago...  Now, the price has dropped to as low as $1,500
  16. Beavis And Berton
  17. Bomb Threat On Ferry Goes Up In Smoke Upon Investigation  What was thought to be a bomb threat on a ferry sailing out of Tsawwassen was really just a case of two guys trying to find a private place to smoke a joint.
  18. High Everybody! Over the past 13 years, the number of Canucks aged 15 or older who admit to using marijuana or hashish has nearly doubled, according to a report released yesterday by Statistics Canada.
  19. Pot Preferred To Booze  More 15-year-olds have tried marijuana than have experimented with a night of drinking, a national survey of Canadian teens shows. but even one of our oldest and dearest Canadian icon weighs in,
  20. Marijuana Use Doubles / 57% Back Legalization
  21. Berton's Advice: Go Ahead And Inhale  At 84, He Rages Against 'Stupid' Marijuana Laws  Prohibition is really working, eh?
  22. Tax the Stoners If you had any lingering doubt that the push to legalize marijuana is no longer limited to left-wing activists and aging hippies, a report this week from the Fraser Institute should erase it
  23. Businessman Pushes Paper During The Day, Pot At Night
  24. Weed Grower Gets Out Of Jail, Goes Directly To Board Games
  25. Canada's Guru Of Psychedelia Dies At Age 86 .  Sadly, brilliant psychiatrist Dr. Humphry Osmond,

Da Kine Smoke and Beverage Shop - Persecuting pot people:

Up In Smoke Cafe:
  1. Up In Smoke
  2. Cops Should Butt Out
  3. Woman, 70, Arrested at Pot Cafe
  4. Granny Gets Off On Pot Charge
  5. Proprietors Promote Pot Peace

 Vancouver Province reporter Jon Ferry goes on a one man crusade:


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