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Pot : Legalize Vs Prosecute: With So Many Canadians Smoking And Growing It, Is A Ban Practical? Canadians will today consume roughly 2,100 kilograms of marijuana... By the end of the year, three million of us, according to a recent study by the Senate, will have smoked, eaten or otherwise inhaled almost 770,000 kilograms of the stuff -- impressive numbers considering that marijuana use is a federal crime ... police and industry insiders estimate about 215,000 growers across the country produce more than 2.6 million kilograms of cannabis each year.

Q: What's it like in Canada right now ?
A:  One Weird Scene, Man                     

There is an impression throughout Canada and the world that a compassionate policy exists so people who are in pain or suffering from debilitating disease have legal access to cannabis -  but nothing could be further from the truth:  Medical Patients Have Become Victims  Of The 'WAR' On Drugs
  • The courts and police refuse to recognize the law is of no force and effect as per the Parker and Krieger rulings,
  • The government is in contempt of court for not removing the obstacles which make the regulations unconstitutional as ordered by courts that still recognize the old law and new regulations,
  • Politicians refuse to bring any real or meaningful change that will protect the public good
  • Police enjoyment continues to thrive in persecuting the sick, poor, young, and disadvantaged so they suffer as much as possible, and cannabis prohibition is a "great tool" as they like to remind us. Never mind the benefit of the doubt even though it's illegality is in dispute. In an enlightened society, would not the public guardians err on the side of respect, and refuse to enforce a victimless law until there is legal clarity and everyone is on the same page, and instead put their time and resources into protecting against those who violate our persons, homes or possessions? Apparently not, as you will see.

  1. Police Put Marijuana Grow Operations Under Spotlight
  2. The Massive Secret Inside Barrie's Former Brewery police found more than 25,000 pot plants
  3. Another Week, Another 1,900 Pot Plants
  4. 31,000 Marijuana Plants Seized
  5. 4,200 Pot Plants Found In Scarborough Warehouse
  6. Almost 7,000 Pot Plants Found At Old Chicken Farm
  7. That's A Lot Of Pot Winnipeg city cops uncovered more than 10,000 pot plants inside the core-area warehouse
  8. A Million Joints Seized By TO Cops Toronto Grow-Ops An Epidemic As of Oct.  31, police officers had scooped about 7,000 kilos of weed off the street -- more than double the 3,100 kilos of marijuana seized last year,
  9. Dope Houses Grow Like Weeds Marijuana grow houses are 'everywhere' in London and police say the problem isn't slowing down. "They're everywhere -- apartments, residential settings in the suburbs, warehouses, attics, closets,
  10. Military Gone To Pot?
  11. Marijuana Found In Gatineau Park
  12. Marijuana Stash Forces Cancellation Of Film Shoots A spokesman for the B.C.  Buildings Corp., which owns the building, said he was shocked to learn that one of the province's most popular film sites was cultivating B.C.'s most notorious export.  "My reaction was disbelief, how something like this could happen is beyond me."
  13. Wet Weather Creates Bumper Marijuana Crop
  14. Marijuana Grow Labs Harder To Spot   smaller marijuana grows that do not steal electricity are becoming more common But police are now doing more follow-up on raids, rather than simply raiding as many operations as possible, "That's the trend now, they're paying through the meter.  We're not getting the ( hydro ) thefts, so it's more difficult for us to obtain the warrants.  It's more time consuming,
  15. Cowichan Police Estimate 600 Area Grow-Ops Robinson estimates up to 600 local grow-ops are producing high-potency marijuana fetching up to $4,000 a pound in the U.S.  "We're lucky if we know of 25 per cent of grow-ops,We've identified 60 grow-ops in our detachment so far this year but only 15 have been busted.
  16. Marijuana Grow Houses Crop Up In Apartments
  17. More Than Half Interior Town In Pot Business, Police Say  Organized crime investigators swooped down on the small community of Seymour Arm at the north end of Shuswap Lake Tuesday in a raid on several large-scale marijuana-growing operations that police say involved more than half the town's residents
  18. Police Resume Raids On Interior Pot Growers  Latest Swoop Uncovers Underground Bunker . 
  19. The Pot Patrol: How Spotters Untangle Web Of BC Bud
  20. Pot Busts Roll Along
  21. Mom, 74, Son, 44, Arrested In Grow-op Bust
  22. Welcome To Pot St  3 Grow Ops Raided On One Little Street In Scarborough
  23. Stats Show More Grow-op Busts, Charges
  24. Pot Workers Busted In Mission For the second time in less than six months, Mission RCMP have busted a marijuana grow operation, only to find a large number of people working inside the building.
  25. Big Pot Busts Just Another Bust  Over 10 days recently the police and the military worked together to find outdoor marijuana grow operations on Vancouver Island.  Using helicopters they removed 18,300 marijuana plants that would have soon been on the streets.The RCMP might have found more outdoor grow ops, but funding for helicopter time ran out.
  26. Marijuana Haul Worth US $56-million  Police and customs officers on both side of the border are trying to piece together the events that led to the seizure of more than US$5.6-million in marijuana hidden in a shipment of wood shavings.
  27. 'Bienvenue A Stoner City' Statistics show police seized more marijuana plants in Quebec in 2003 than they found in British Columbia
  28. Busts Of Grow Ops Just Drop In Bucket
  29. Pot Starts To Rot Before Fatigued Police Respond
  30. Gro-Ops Too Many To Raid, Police Say Police Say Hydroponic Marijuana Is A Canadian Growth Industry Grown Out Of Control   There are so many grow houses in neighbourhoods across the country that officers leading the fight are focusing on large, gang-run operations and resigning themselves to seeing countless others go untouched
  31. Police Seize Illegal Tobacco From Bus, Pot From Fields
The Gulf Islands  - Militarizing the War on Pot Growers:
  1. RCMP Bust Grow Op - Vancouver Island Site a Sophisticated Operation The guys describe it as two football fields ...  you couldn't see from one end of the grow operation to the other."
  2. RCMP, Military Smoke Out Island's Outdoor Grow-Ops
  3. Lasqueti Island a Marijuana-Growing 'Mecca,' Police Say  Lasqueti Island has become a marijuana "mecca" where residents conduct business with pot instead of money, say Mounties newly determined to take action.
  4. Lasqueti Islanders Scoff At Mounties' Pot Claims  "Disturbing." "Ludicrous." "Impossible."
  5. The Day That Paradise Went To Pot   Lasqueti Island Residents Get Their Apology From The RCMP After A Marijuana Crackdown
Unintended Consequences:

Pot Turns An Ugly Leaf On pure principle I may not like it, but I'd far prefer to educate my child on why pot is legal despite warnings about its use, than try to exorcise the demons left behind after a home invasion - over a damned plant.
  1. Police Warn Of 'Grow-Rippers' Police issued a warning yesterday about a scary trend in the marijuana industry.
  2. Grow-Ops Threaten Innocent Family, Friends: Police
  3. Pot Thieves Bring Terror In The Night
  4. Wrong House Raided As Marijuana Grow-op
  5. Thieves Looking For Medicinal Marijuana Threaten  Two people were terrorized inside their Chilliwack, BC home by thieves looking for medicinal marijuana.
  6. Surrey Man Shot During Grow-Rip
  7. Violence Increasing With Added Grow Ops  As the number of marijuana growing operations has increased throughout Abbotsford and the rest of B.C. so has the number of pot rip-offs.
  8. Violent Crime Increase Blamed On Drug Trade
  9. Police Fear BC Biker War
  10. Police Brace for Nasty Turf War A recent drop in the price of marijuana in B.C. could lead to increased gang violence as rival organized-crime groups battle for control of the $6-billion pot trade, police say.
  11. Organized Crime Hurts Everyone The most common organized crime in B.C. is growing marijuana.
  12. How Did We Let the Criminals Take Over?
  13. Hash Oil Burns Home Parents Cooked Drugs, Not Breakfast For Kids. At a time when many people would be cooking bacon and eggs, a North End couple spent their Saturday morning making something a little less traditional. A kitchen fire broke out about 9 a.m. Saturday as the parents of four young children, were cooking drugs on the stove. [Maybe the kids already had breakfast, perhaps many people don't cook bacon and eggs, maybe if the parents could have bought some oil at the store... ]
  14. Pot-oil Blast Injures Man
  15. Stolen Boats Go For Pot
  16. Pot Grower Tells How He Makes Millions
  17. Green Behind The Tills
  18. Busted Grow Op's Plants Go Missing
  19. Desperate Beef Producers Look to Drugs for Relief
  20. Marijuana Grow Equipment Recycled, Police Charge It seems that marijuana grow-lab equipment, previously seized by police, has been sold at auction and then turned up at other grow operations in York Region
  21. Marijuana Case Thrown Out"A B.C.  man charged with growing marijuana at a large hydroponic operation near Chamberlain is now a free man after a Regina judge ruled the Crown and police made several errors bringing the case to trial/"
  22. Posters Get Women In Trouble   The poster, which labeled the man as a "rat," contained a photo of the 43-year-old officer, his address, phone number, employer and vehicle license... he provided police with information that led to the discovery of the massive marijuana grow operation at the former Molson brewery in Barrie.  One of the women arrested is the officer's wife.


My View Who's in charge here anyway? I hope it's not the police. This isn't a police state yet. I hope it's "the people" in charge and the courts who care for their best interests

Data Mining 
  1. Cops Ready To See Red "We plan on being a lot more pro-active," It's an excellent tool."
  2. Surveillance Method Ruled Unconstitutional ... none of the evidence presented by the prosecution was admissible as the RCMP had infringed on the defendants' rights against unreasonable search and seizure....while the prosecution brought forward 72 phone calls they deemed relevant to the case, the RCMP recorded about 16,000 phone calls over a five-month period. "This is not walking on a technicality,
  3. Privacy Legislation Impedes Pot Battle, Crime Summit  Overrestrictive privacy laws are preventing corporate Ontario from helping police and governments in their fight against marijuana grow operations
  4. Police Access to Addicts' Health Data Urged  Police should have access to the confidential health information of drug addicts suspected of illegally obtaining prescription drugs
  5. Schools May Feed Students' Info To Police School trustees met last night to discuss supplying police with Personal Digital Assistants programmed with names, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, photographs and timetables of every student in the board's 18 high schools.
  6. Cannabis Users Balk At Sharing Medical Data  Health Canada is threatening to force licensed users of medicinal marijuana to give the agency permission to pass on personal information to the police.
  7. Police Welcome Chance To Test For Drugs even though Drug Driving Already Illegal
  8. Police Lawyers Told To Clam Up
  9. Workplace Drug Tests: To Pee Or Not To Pee Alberta -- with a workforce of more than 1.7 million -- would be the only province to set up laws on drug testing. [Texas North]
  10. Peeing In The WindSo, with little -- if any -- proof, the province wants to move to allow companies to violate workers' privacy. Pee in a cup? Sounds more like peeing in the wind to me.
  11. Union Balks At Forestry Firm's Drug-testing Regimen

Legalize it, Ex-Cop Tells Hill Pot Rally  "When I speak to police officers on a one-to-one basis, they almost always agree with me that the war on drugs is a dismal failure,"
  1. Pot Growing Likely to Be Hot Topic for Chiefs resolutions dealing with marijuana grow operations may be one of the hot topics being discussed today at the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs 99th annual conference
  2. Chief Wants Pot Growers Behind Bars With the number of marijuana grow operations reaching "epidemic proportions", York Region's top cop wants mandatory minimum sentences for anyone convicted of cultivating the cash crop.
  3. Police Team To Target Grow-Ops
  4. Smoking Out Pot Plantations
  5. Project Targets Grow-Ops
  6. Police To Target Drugs, Hookers Three of the city's five new police officers will be used in a continuing crackdown on drugs and prostitution
  7. Grow-Ops Take All Vice Squad's Time York Region police's entire 20-officer vice squad spends all its time combating the burgeoning marijuana grow house problem
  8. Toronto Police Can Approach Anyone To Buy Drugs On Particular Street Section A nearly one kilometre-long stretch of a busy Toronto street has been designated a target area where police can approach "any person" and try to coerce them to sell drugs to an undercover officer.
  9. Drug Informant Earned Big Bucks Mounties paid nearly $350,000 to a civilian "agent" for a sting operation targeting drug dealers which netted two suspected Calgary heroin peddlers  
  10. RCMP Believe Shooting Was Drug Related The 34-year-old man was murdered by a Quebec hit man who was a police informant on the Hells Angels in Quebec. His murder was a contract killing.
  1. A Snapshot Of Police Corruption In Canada
  2. T.O. Cop Faces Drug Charges
  3. Massive Probe Costs $3m-Plus The RCMP-led probe into alleged Toronto Police drug squad wrongdoing was initiated by Police Chief Julian Fantino amid allegations of theft of drugs and cash.
  4. Stanley Park Six Face Drug Court Judge For Sentencing The judge who will sentence six Vancouver police constables tomorrow for assaulting three suspected drug dealers in Stanley Park last year is also a drug court judge.
  5. OPP Officer Lied To Get Wiretaps
  6. 20 More Eyed In Durham Cop Probe
  7. Police Officer Among Those Charged In Grow Op
  8.  Man Sues RCMP, Alleging Entrapment on Thai Drug Charges
  9. Jail Guard Faces Trafficking Charges
  10. Lawyer, JP Face Charges Of Drug Trafficking And Money
  11. Guilty Mountie Made Pot Deals From Cruiser Details of disgraced former Mountie Danny Ryan's drug peddling came out yesterday, showing he brazenly scored deals right out of his police car.
  12. Drug Unit Calls Probe A 'witch Hunt'
  13. Drug Charges Making Ex-Cop's Life A Misery  Since drug trafficking charges were laid against him, a former RCMP officer says he has suffered isolation from his peers, severe depression and humiliation. Welcome to the same club over a 1.5 million Canadians have faced
  14. RCMP Officer Loses Bid To Get Drug Case Stopped
  15. Cop Who Sold Seized Drugs Gets Four Years Ryan, 33, was sentenced Monday to four years in prison. The sentence was one year longer than the Crown actually requested.
  16. Good Cops Gone Bad All the current allegations of corruption seem to relate to the enforcement of drug and liquor licence laws, with smatterings of elements of prostitution and gambling.  Enforcing laws relating to private morality among consenting adults brings out the worst in police. 
  17. If You Can't Trust The Cops ...  no matter how many officers are prosecuted, nothing will be solved until department-wide reforms are implemented.  
  18. Canada's Image On Civil Liberties, Rights Hurt By Reports Of Police Abuse "Each and every day in some courtroom in Toronto, some police officer gives perjured testimony, 
  19. A Bad Week For Policing 
  20. A Plan To End Police Corruption integrity testing, in combination with more careful hiring, better training and a broad education in ethics for all officers, could help prevent the rot of corruption from taking hold.  
  21. Policy Cuts OPP From Crime Bargains A new OPP policy has been developed to ensure officers don't benefit from the proceeds of crime
  22. Radical Change Urged For Way Officers Police Themselves "I think a lot of these recommendations go to the assumption that police officers are breaking the law, and we have concerns with that. . . . You are killing a flea with a sledge hammer.
Call The Police!?:
  1. Identity Crisis Cops planning a massive co-ordinated series of drug raids in 1999 feared officers would be mistaken for attacking rival gang members, a fatality inquiry into the deaths of two young men heard yesterday.
  2. Pot Prohibition Works For Cops And Crooks Alike
  3. Mountie Will Take Lie-Detector Test If Angel Does, Too
  4. Fanatics With A Badge
  5. Scared Senior Hid In Closet
  6. Police Raid Trashes Home A single mother is outraged that police pointed guns at her son and dumped some of her late husband's cremated remains on the floor during a raid on her home...The police found a single pot plant and took it with them
  7. Police To Post Grow House Busts "We have a sign that we're going to place on the front lawn of any marijuana grow house that we investigate in 42 Division to let the neighbourhood know what we're doing here,"
  8. $1m Spent Busting Drug Ring... a nine-month investigation netted eight arrests and $376,380-worth of illicit drugs. The cost of the investigation was up to $1-million but the value comes from arresting the group and smashing the drug network...


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