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Current Affairs 2005 - Police (93 items)

May 26, 2005CN QU: US Worried About Drugs From Quebec RCMP Officer Cites Trafficking Concerns. Criticizes Force's Closing Of 9 Detachments In Province, Shifting Resources From Border Area

May 22, 2005 Angel Linked To Grow-Op A Kelowna-area marijuana grow-op bust provides one of the strongest links yet between the Hells Angels and the illegal pot industry, police say.

[It's not so obvious that this article is not about the angels that watch over home cannabis gardens, but it soon beciomes apparent that it is just more propaganda from the boys in blue]
May 17, 2005 Police Must Reinstate Drug-Addicted Officer A drug-addicted Toronto police officer is being allowed to keep his job. Mr. Kelly, an undercover drug squad officer with an otherwise perfect record, was fired last fall after becoming addicted to cocaine.

[If only all coke addicts were so lucky]
May 13, 2005 Cops Hurt In Drug Raid Two Toronto cops are in hospital suffering from broken bones after they tried to arrest a group of men in an alleged high-rise crackhouse.

[This is why they prefer to stick to busting pot growers...]
May 12, 2005 Crown Right Not To Charge Cops Who Tasered Teen: Prof Fryingpan was 16 years old and passed out drunk in the back of a car in the parking lot of a north-end townhouse project on Oct. 5, 2002 when police were called. The teen was shocked six times in 66 seconds by Const. Mike Wasylyshen, the son of then-chief Bob Wasylyshen.

[To serve and protect... the police are our friends...]
May 10, 2005 School Official Says Province's Drug Dog Idea 'Not Adequate' Solicitor General Harvey Cenaiko. .. said he was working to convince reluctant school boards to allow police dogs to conduct drug searches after school hours. Cenaiko said there were some school boards that don't want the dogs in schools and he was currently considering legislation to overrule them..."The dogs are growing up in our schools. The kids get to know them. "Kids know the dogs are being trained to smell drugs."

[Kids also grow up with the knowledge of how hypocritical adults are, which is why so many messages get "lost" on youth, no matter what tactics are used ]
May 10, 2005 Police Sweep Of Carter High School Yields No Evidence Of Illegal Drugs Leamington police came up empty-handed after their third drug sweep this year at Cardinal Carter Secondary School. Leamington officers, assisted by the OPP and its canine unit searched the school Friday, but found no illegal drugs.

[So we can all agree this is more about accustomizing kids to terrorizing authority than drugs?]
May 8, 2005 Grow-Op Bust Ends In Death A 45-YEAR-OLD woman, apparently trying to elude police, plunged 15 storeys to her death at an apartm

[or..Prohibition claims another life...]
May 4, 2005 Police Board Suggesting Cameras To Curb Crime In an effort to put a stop to criminal and anti-social behaviour after-hours on Scott Street, the Police Services Board wants the town to install a surveillance system in the downtown area.

[Big Brother has eyes everywhere..]
May 4, 2005 Cop Gets Eight-year Sentence A Superior court judge has sentenced a veteran Peel Regional Police officer to eight years in prison after the 60-year-old admitted to stealing nearly $3 million worth of cocaine and hash from a police storage facility just months before he was to retire.

May 4, 2005 Pot Bust Tactic Challenged Police busted Marc-Boris St-Maurice for pot possession last year after taking out memberships in the pro-marijuana political party he founded and infiltrating its clubhouse, Cafe Marijane.

[...making the streets safer...it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic what the cops won't do...]
May 1, 2005 Cops Find Kids Being Kept In Drug Houses [Are parents who grow legal crops indoors also guilty of exposing their kids to unsafe conditions.. if nothing else, this is just another reason why ALL drugs should be regulated]

May 1, 2005 Grow Ops -- An Inside Look So the question for all Canadians is, How would we have the law separate the Herbs from the Luus? How can organized-crime-driven grow operations be prevented while still allowing Canadians who choose to smoke marijuana--or need to smoke it for medical reasons--to provide for themselves and others without risking jail and a criminal record? In other words, how should the law draw the line between personal choice and those who would criminally exploit us?

Apr 30, 2005 Cops May Face Rap Over Rights Breach After handcuffing the men, the officers searched the vehicle and seized cocaine, marijuana, a knife and cash. "Reading someone their rights has got to be the first thing they do," said Jenuth. "You see it on TV. It should be second nature."

Apr 21, 2005 High Schools Need To Do More: RCMP Const. Richard DeJong, the RCMP's drug-awareness coordinator, describes DARE as a "building block of prevention."

[Many people describe DARE as steady employment for cops]
Apr 20, 2005 Police Beating 'Shamed' Officer After being yelled at by Const. Raymond Gardner, who told Desjardins the police weren't about to lose control of Granville Street to drug dealers and that the people there were tired of their activities and the area being unsafe, Peters said Desjardins received "a flurry" of short, punches from the five officers. He fell to the ground and "turtled up" in an effort to protect himself with his arms covering his head, and knees drawn up to his chest. The officers then began to deliver short kicks to his body, with Kojima moving his head from side to side with the inside of his boot much like a "small child trying to control a soccer ball."

[To serve and protect. eh?]
Apr 18, 2005 New Drug Dogs Join Police Force The Medicine Hat police have added a couple new members to their force -- two seven-week-old chocolate Labrador dogs that will eventually aid in keeping drugs out of schools.

[Not only is are the police not our "friends" anymore, they are making sure that even dogs can no longer be considered "man's best friend" when they are used for this purpose...]
Apr 13, 2005CN NS: Drug-dealing Cop To Be Paroled A former RCMP officer and convicted drug dealer will get out of prison after only eight months behind bars.

Apr 8, 2005CN BC: Massive Grow Op Nailed By Cops Chilliwack: Police pulled 3,967 marijuana plants from two barns in the 48700 block of McConnell Road Wednesday.

Apr 5, 2005CN ON: Judge Throws Out $500,000 Grow-Op Case WHITBY, ONT. - A judge has thrown out all charges in a $500,000 marijuana grow-op seizure because of serious charter violations by police who killed two dogs at a home in Pickering, Ont.

[Every once in awhile, justice previals just enough to give us some hope]

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