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Current Affairs 2005 - Police (93 items)

Apr 1, 2005CN ON: Pot Activists Sound Off At Meeting A town hall meeting about illegal marijuana grow ops in Scarborough grew heated last night when activists supporting the legalization of cannabis challenged the information being presented by a parade of local politicians and police.

Mar 30, 2005 The Heat Is On And while police still build their cases the old-fashioned way, they also rely on a little help from technology. It sounds a little sci-fi and comes with its own controversy, but the Saanich police department's thermal imager helps turn hunches into search warrants.

[More rights gone to make tracking victimless "crime" easier.... a theme that we see repeating over and over ]
Mar 22, 2005CN ON: Grow-op Posse Alarms Police Politicians Hunt Drug Door To Door - Almost Vigilantism,' Officers Contend Two Scarborough politicians are going door to door in their neighbourhood looking for marijuana grow houses to report to police.

[Can you imagine if politicians put this much time and energy into ending poverty. What a wonderful world it would be.]
Mar 21, 2005CN BC: BC Hydro Could Help Bust Grow-ops Last week, Solicitor General Rich Coleman urged BC Hydro to help police in their battle against drugs. He asked the Crown corporation to turn information over to the authorities when customers have unusually high power bills, which may indicate a possible grow operation in the residence.

[The next generation will have no clue what privacy is or means]
Mar 18, 2005CN QU: Bloc Pot Leader Complains Of Police Sting The leader of the Bloc Pot told a Quebec Court hearing yesterday that undercover Montreal police officers secretly joined the pro-marijuana political party to find evidence against users of the illegal drug.

The police have infiltrated Narcotics Anonymous meetings and everything else, so it should be no surprise.
Mar 18, 2005 RCMP Defends Controversial Report On Increasing Danger Critics Say Study Should Look At More Data Than Are Provided By Police Statistics "This was $250,000 of taxpayers' money, essentially for the police to market their agenda," The RCMP is defending its decision to spend $110,000 on a high-profile study that warned of the increasing dangers of marijuana grow-ops in British Columbia and was headed by a criminologist with extensive links to police forces in North America.

Why should it surprise us that cannabis-obssessed police would not try and further their agenda?
Mar 12, 2005 Media Duped on Dope Story The fact that the RCMP was so quick to muddy the circumstances of the deaths of four of its own men by insinuating that they were gunned down while marching into a heavily fortified marijuana-growing operation, however, is in entirely bad taste. Whatever the motivation, it looked like shameless opportunism on the RCMP's part, another case of the police manipulating the media and fomenting middle-class panic to get what they want - which is, inevitably, more money and more men to make us safer from the very perils they're fond of exaggerating.

Mar 11, 2005CN BC: Police Strategy Police in B.C. raid about 2,000 marijuana growing operations a year -- a rate of more than five a day. From 1997 to 2003, the percentage of raids that resulted in "no-case seizures" -- in which police seize plants but don't pursue charges against anyone -- jumped dramatically from 35 per cent of all raids to 64 per cent.

[Sounds more like break and enter than law enforcement]
Mar 10, 2005 Devil's Advocate In a news story of this size and scope, the first casualty in the mainstream media is the truth....the mainstream media played their Orwellian word association game. Marijuana-Grow Operation-Four Cops Killed. We have seen this before. Muslim-Fundamentalist-Terrorist. Native-Reservation-Alcoholic. Male-Black-Criminal. Male-White-Racist. See? Pushing your political agenda through the media in the midst of the nation's grief is how you keep your job. It seems as if some politicians shed crocodile tears to further their agenda of cannabis prohibition. Some politicians would rather have Health Canada approve pharmaceuticals responsible for thousands of deaths every year, than tell the truth about the medicinal value of the cannabis plant.

Mar 8, 2005 I Was Too Quick to Blame Deaths on Drugs, RCMP Chief Canada's top police officer,RCMP Commissioner Guiliano Zaccardelli, said yesterday that he was too quick to condemn a marijuana grow operation as the root cause in the deaths of four Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers last week....it appears the murders were the work of a deranged man with a long criminal history and a grudge against police, and not that of a gangster protecting his cash crop.

[Now the media, Anne McLellan, and Ralph Klein must admit their roles in what transpired as a huge public deception ]
Mar 3, 2005CN AB: CN AB: Four Mounties Shot Dead Gunman Kills Four Mounties: A Police Raid on an Alberta Marijuana Operation Goes Terribly Wrong, Shocking the National and Touching Off Calls for A Crackdown

[( PROPAGANDA ALERT: All the headlines scream "Killed in grow op raid", though no plant numbers are given,,,, that is a first.

Regardless of the FACT that this incident was NOT related to a cannabis crop - the pot was successfully investigated the night before, the RCMP were there about the stolen cars but this will always be imbedded in the public mind as a grow op raid gone back.
More commentary: Shooting coveup?
Fifth Estate Documentary: Hail of Bullets]
Feb 25, 2005CN AB: Cops On Hook For Injuries During Raid Cops who cracked the ribs of a city man when they wrongly raided his home must pay him $20,000, Alberta's top court ruled yesterday.

[What happened to the cop? He got a promotion...]
Feb 23, 2005 Police Too Quick To Bust Down Door A husband and wife have been acquitted of growing marijuana after an RCMP officer failed to give them enough time to answer their door before he smashed it down with a battering ram.

Feb 20, 2005CN BC: Medical User Needs Help! After years of struggle, Denny was finally granted his license just last week. He is only awaiting the official paperwork to come through. While Denny was in hospital, these gestapo agents proceeded to search Denny's home. Of course they found his grow room. Denny was between crops, and didn't have even so much as a clone. Yet Sgt. Stadenco and his Keystone cops, proceeded to tear down the room and seize all the gear.

[This is how the police treat our sick family members]
Feb 16, 2005CN ON: Teen Turns In Drug Producing Dad Peel Regional Police say a 15-year-old Meadowvale girl turned her father in this week, telling investigators he was operating a massive marijuana lab in the basement of the family home. "More and more often, parents are exposing their children to the hazards of marijuana grow labs,"

[More and more reasons to legalize and regulate]
Feb 16, 2005CN ON: More Grow-Ops In Toronto Than US Ontario Cabinet ministers who back calls for harsher gun-crime penalties say Toronto is home to as many marijuana grow operations as all of the United States and claim that criminals in the city now rent guns for weekend jobs "like they are videos from a video store."

[They never mention where they get these so-called "facts". Anyone with half a brain would know this is nothing more than fantasy reporting at it's finest.]
Feb 11, 2005 LTE: Dear Mary Jane Ganja Herb Some of the long-term effects that you can produce are short-term memory loss as well as the inability to do divided-attention tasks. Therefore, smoking you impairs a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle. That makes you as dangerous as alcohol on our roads.

[Okay - now we have cops talking to plants...what next? ]
Feb 8, 2005CN AB: Police raid orchid grow-op Using a battering ram to force entry through the front door of the home a few days ago, officers found perfectly legal orchids growing inside instead of marijuana plants,

[Canadians should all be encouraged to grow herbs and vegetables in their homes due to our climate, and offset the rising cost and contamination of the food supply. This would also help keep police in check.]
Feb 2, 2005CN QU: Judge cites racial profiling, throws out charges A Montreal judge has thrown out drug charges against a black man, saying he was a victim of racial profiling.

Jan 28, 2005CN BC: Organized Crime Is Here, Say RCMP The RCMP has a national strategy to deal with organized crime... Illegal drugs are the top priority, followed by outlaw motorcycle gangs, economic crime, high-tech crime, money laundering, illegal migration and trafficking of human beings, corruption and street gangs.

[ Trafficking of human beings - usually women - is way at the bottom of the list, but does anyone ever mention the skewed priorities?]

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