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Current Affairs 2005 - Police (93 items)

Jan 28, 2005CN BC: RCMP Reach Settlement With Off-Duty Policeman Who should wave him over and ask to see his driver's licence and vehicle registration but a tall man with a thick Texan accent? "We have different freedoms than they do down there. You don't want your police meshing to the point where we start taking on the policies of another police jurisdiction."

[Disturbing trend - more US cops coming over the border ]
Jan 27, 2005 Project North Star a beacon for intelligence community Project North Star, run by the U.S. Border Patrol, gathers law enforcement experts from Canada and the north eastern U.S....the two-day conference also dealt with the explosion of marijuana grow operations in Toronto, ...He said one attendee from the U.S. left a mountain of literature on drugs that will be distributed to the community by Toronto Drug Squad officers.

[The US propaganda machine permeates deeper into Canadian culture, and for good reason.... although we are the closest peer country in geographical proximity, we are further away politically from the US than the sell out Commonwealth nations we share our roots with.]
Jan 26, 2005 I'll Take Police Over Landlords, Thanks I don't think a bylaw that encourages landlords to be any more paranoid or nosy is a good idea. Of equal concern for tenants is that landlords are not very good at recognizing innocent tenants. Worse, many landlords are not familiar with the Residential Tenancy Act, and a concept called the right to "quiet and peaceful enjoyment of property."

[Of course if you are wealthy enough to afford your own home, you live in a less intrusive world than your less fortunate counterparts. Is it class war when those who make these laws have a choice to live under them, while for others there is no choice?]
Jan 25, 2005CN BC: BC Crime-fighting Budget Gets Boost Of $122-Million ... the explosive growth of marijuana-growing operations in British Columbia, which has earned the province the unenviable title of "Colombia North," was a big incentive for the government. A study released in 2002 showed the number of marijuana grow-ops in British Columbia had increased 222 per cent between 1997 and 2000 and had jumped by more than 1,000 per cent in some areas.

[The incentives are so obvious - keep cannabis illegal to keep the cash flowing to police jobs rather than social programs]
Jan 19, 2005CN BC: Activists Call For 'Sensitive' Cops "The type of training they receive is basically battlefield conditions, and we're not the enemy,"

Jan 19, 2005 PUB LTE: Pot Prohbition Puts Public Safety At Risk All the police hours spent busting grow-ops could have been spent finding rapists and thieves and drunk drivers. Howard J. Wooldridge, (Retired) Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, http://leap.cc/

Jan 19, 2005CN BC: Want Stiffer Sentences For Grow-Ops? Lobby MPs, Not Judges only one in seven people in British Columbia -- and only one in 13 in Vancouver -- convicted of growing marijuana between 2002 and 2004 received a jail sentence. Not surprisingly, law enforcement personnel, who have stepped up raids on grow-ops in recent years, are disappointed with the sentencing records. B.C. Solicitor-General Rich Coleman has also expressed disappointment with the courts..

Jan 15, 2005CN ON: Man Dies as Police Raid Home "The officers were attempting to arrest a man inside the home and became involved in a struggle with him," the statement read. "At approximately 2:07 a.m., police requested an ambulance because the man was having trouble breathing."

Jan 12, 2005CN BC: Seizures Down A Bit As BC Bud Makes A Run For The Border U.S. Authorities Nabbed 5 Tonnes Of Pot In 2004, But Concede More Gets Through

Jan 11, 2005CN AB: Pot, Cons And Pilferers Although there have been rumblings across Canada concerning the so-called decriminalization of marijuana, and headlines have been made about its medical uses, the Pincher Creek RCMP issued a press release last week "to remind people that possession and use of marijuana is still a criminal offence in Canada."

Jan 8, 2005CNBC: Marijuana Grow-Ops A Community Problem Author: Beth Blackburn, RCMP Note: RCMP Const. Beth Blackburn is the drug awareness coordinator for central Vancouver Island. Questions and Answers on Marijuana Grow-Ops Why should I be concerned?

Jan 6, 2005CN AB: Cops Hope Pot Busts Turn Tide The 2004 dollar amount is more than 10 times the $9 million worth seized in 2001.

Jan 1, 2005CN BC: Drug Charges Thrown Out For 'Judge Shopping' Rejected Once, Officer Sought Search Warrant From Second Official

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