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Current Affairs 2005 - Activism (117 items)

Oct 27, 2005 This Bud's For All Of Us Bud Inc., by Ian Mulgrew ( Random House Canada, 304 pages, $35 ) After a week in Vancouver I realized that Mulgrew's new book will open the eyes of quite a few people when it comes out next month. Prohibition has failed. The police and courts are overwhelmed. The cultivators are laughing all the way to an offshore account. The only hope is that Uncle Paul and some of his colleagues will come to the glaringly obvious conclusion that Ian Mulgrew spells out again and again. Legalize it.

Oct 15, 2005CN BC: Time To 'Declare Peace In War On Drugs' He's run for political office more times than a family of 10 runs a bath, and fans of Tim Felger will be pleased to hear he is not slowing down his efforts. In fact, rather than going for one position this municipal election, the pro-marijuana candidate is doubling his efforts by running for council in Abbotsford and for the vacant mayor's post in Mission.

Oct 15, 2005CN BC: Marijuana Activist Sentenced To One Day In Jail After Marijuana activist Ted Smith was sentenced to one day in jail Friday, the lowest allowable sentence on his particular drug conviction for cannabis cookies.

[Where are the sanity checks when someone can be convicted for giving away cookies made with a substance less toxic than the other cookie ingredients? ]
Oct 4, 2005 Marijuana Refugee Faces Deportation Steven Tuck, one of a number of high-profile American medical marijuana refugees, is hoping an 11th-hour appeal to the Federal Court will halt his Immigration Canada-ordered return to the U.S.

[Oct. 8, UPDATE: Steve has been seized from a hospital bed in B.C. and taken to a US jail in Washington. See: Marijuana News
Sep 30, 2005 Canadian to File Charges Against Marijuana Activist VANCOUVER - A private citizen says he's filing charges Friday against marijuana activist Marc Emery and two of his associates, partly because that will throw a wrench into the United States' plans to extradite the trio to face drug charges in that country.

Sep 24, 2005CN BC: Smith Beats Marijuana Cookie Rap Ted Smith, Victoria's high-profile champion of medical marijuana, has beaten a trafficking charge on appeal....On Thursday, Smith received a letter from the federal Department of Justice saying it had reviewed his appeal and decided he should be granted a new trial. The Crown, however, has determined it will not proceed and will ask the Court of Appeal to enter an acquittal.

[There is something very wrong with society when baking cookies for ill people can land you in jail]
Sep 22, 2005CN ON: Charge Withdrawn Against Local Marijuana Activist Rick Reimer said authorities withdrew a charge of being intoxicated in a public place during a court appearance last week in Annapolis Royal, N.S. Mr. Reimer, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, has a medical exemption from Health Canada to use marijuana to alleviate the symptoms of his disease. He was smoking a marijuana cigarette when he asked an RCMP officer to check in with security when entering the festival grounds.

Sep 19, 2005 Pioneering Decriminalization But the point here is that I remember thinking how amazing it was that something so harmless as pot smoking would bring about such retribution. Growing up in Ontario, I watched the smog and suburban infiltration plow ahead unchecked, or in some cases, even encouraged.

Sep 19, 2005CN SN: Pot Laws Protested At Weekend Event A couple of hundred people protested Canada's pot laws by hanging out in a downtown Saskatoon park Saturday afternoon....Saskatoon's event was one of more than 40 protests around the globe. Many of the events overseas were staged at Canadian embassies or consulates.

Sep 17, 2005 Pot Use Puts Parents On The Spot A CAS worker had showed up unannounced at their East Mountain home saying she was investigating Baby Christian's welfare based on this written report filed by Sutthery on Aug. 30: "I, officer Sutthery, had a conversation with the owner of the pot cafe in which Chris Goodwin admitted to using marijuana every day. Goodwin also said his wife uses every day." With those two sentences, an investigation and a political firestorm were launched.

[Parents are allowed to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes in front of their children, but as usual, all perspective is lost when it comes to cannabis]
Sep 16, 2005CN NT: Pot Party Candidate Charged With Trafficking "It's Really A Badge Of Honour For Us Rather Than A Stigma" Nunavut's Marijuana Party candidate appeared in court this week to face long-standing charges of drug trafficking and money laundering.

Sep 15, 2005 PUB LTE: Canada's Prisons Don't Compare To Club Med As owner and operator of the Manitoba Compassion Club I went to jail for six months for producing and distributing cannabis to the ill. Let me assure Ms. Sims jail is not exactly Club Med. Jail dehumanizes people.

Sep 11, 2005 Pot Activist Rallies Support Vancouver -- Marc Emery took a quick hit from a joint as his fans smoked and screamed for his freedomin front of the U.S. consulate.... Today, 40 cities around the world, from Warsaw, Moscow, Russia, London, Paris, Madrid, Italy, they are rallying at Canadian consulates around the world. In Melbourne, Australia, and Sydney, Canadian embassies are being picketed!"

Sep 9, 2005 Da Kine Doors Open On Sunday, Business Licence Or Not: Despite his troubles in obtaining a business licence from the City of Abbotsford, marijuana activist Tim Felger says he'll open his downtown Da Kine store on Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

Sep 9, 2005 Crohn's Relief Brought Pot Activist To Cause She was suffering with agonizing symptoms and side effects when an old friend recommended marijuana to ease her afflictions. She said it worked and she hasn't used prescription drugs or had surgery since 1996.

Sep 8, 2005 Chong Says He Was Targeted For His Hippie Persona Edmonton-born Tommy Chong rose to fame in the 1970s as one half of the dope-smoking comedy duo Cheech and Chong. In 2003, Chong was charged in the United States with conspiring to sell drug paraphernalia and sentenced to prison, what he now calls an assault on his civil liberties.

[The powers-that-be have been trying to systematically rid the world of counter-culture types since the 60's... it is just getting more fierce now. ]
Sep 7, 2005 Marijuana Trafficking Charges Stayed TRURO, N.S. -- Trafficking charges were stayed yesterday against two men who say they smoke and supply marijuana for medicinal purposes. John Thomas Cook of Halifax and Stephen Edward Chute of Springhill, N.S., both 40, were each charged with possession of marijuana and possession for the purposes of trafficking. Mr. Cook runs the Halifax chapter of the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada and supplies medicinal pot to about 50 clients. Mr. Cook and Mr. Chute don't deny that they shipped the drugs from Springhill to Halifax County. Crown attorney Cameron MacKinnon wouldn't comment on why the charges were stayed.

[Perhaps the government knows it is on shaky legal ground and don't want to push their luck. Too bad]
Aug 30, 2005CN BC: Judge Sets Aside Bail Conditions For The Sake Of Love Flashing a thumbs up from the prisoner's dock to a handful of supporters, Briere was ecstatic at the ruling that will allow him to run for Vancouver city council in November and paves the way for him to see his lover Carol Gwilt, who also faces drug and money-laundering charges for her role at the Commercial Drive cafe.

Aug 29, 2005 Public Misinformed About Marijuana, Advocates Say FIELD, Ont -- Marijuana users and members of the Church of the Universe gathered Saturday to support Rev. Michel Ethier

Aug 26, 2005 Pot Crusader Says Canadians Will Be To Blame For Extradition Pot crusader Marc Emery said Thursday that all Canadians will be complicit if the United States succeeds in extraditing him to face drug charges in that country.

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