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Current Affairs 2005 - Activism (117 items)

Feb 17, 2005CN BC: Pot Party Looks For Candidates If the thought of legalizing marijuana is high on your list of priorities, consider becoming a Marijuana Party candidate in the May 17 B.C. election.

Feb 15, 2005 A Genuine Joint The Hot Box Cafe isn't some trendy side-street eatery on Bloor West. It is Toronto's first and only marijuana cafe, tailored to the city's 'high' society. Nestled between Kensington Carpets and open-air grocery stores in the heart of Kensington Market, it's a place where patrons can sit down for a coffee and smoke a joint. Customers are encouraged to bring and smoke their own weed in the cafe.

Feb 2, 2005CN BC: Victoria pot activist fined $500 A medical marijuana activist was fined $500 Wednesday for lighting up five joints at a pro-pot rally. Leon Edward (Ted) Smith, 35, was found guilty of marijuana trafficking after he lit up five marijuana joints at a pro-marijuana rally at the University of Victoria in November 2000.

Jan 28, 2005 Canada bans pot, but taxes seeds Pot may be illegal in Canada, but that hasn't stopped this country from becoming one of the top suppliers of seeds in the world, a marijuana activist says .These companies have found a legal loophole within the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Under section 58, the act specifies "non-viable seeds" as legal but doesn't say anything about "viable seeds."

Jan 27, 2005 PUB LTE: Canada Is Small Potatoes Among Pot Exporters ...the available evidence, including reports from the auditor general of Canada, the RCMP, the U.S. and the United Nations, shows just the opposite -- that Canada is in fact only a minor supplier of cannabis to the U.S. -

[written by Eugene Oscapella - Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy ]
Jan 26, 2005CN BC: Hey, What Are They Smoking? Ted Smith's marijuana conviction hasn't slowed the flow at the Cannabis Buyers' Club. The Johnson Street storefront is still open to the 1,400 or so people who say they need marijuana for medical purposes.

Jan 25, 2005CN BC: Bail Set At $150,000 For Marijuana Activist Abbotsford's self-proclaimed marijuana activist Tim Felger will have to pay a $150,000 bail to get of out jail and allow Abbotsford police to search his property any time if he is released.

Jan 25, 2005 PUB LTE: Injustice Being Done To Cannabis Activists When did sharing cannabis with friends and political supporters become "trafficking?" Though the law technically allows convictions even where no money is exchanged, there is a terrible injustice being done

Jan 21, 2005CN BC: Medical-marijuana Activist Convicted Of Trafficking Ted Smith...a medical marijuana activist who lit up several joints at a pro-marijuana rally ..was found guilty of trafficking Thursday and now faces a maximum of five years in jail.

[Disturbing trend - second person convicted of trafficking for just passing a joint]
Jan 20, 2005CN QU: Coffee Pot Closed To little fanfare, the Coffee Pot, the Latin Quarter pot-smoking lounge and restaurant, closed its doors last month....business was so slow that he had no choice but to shut its doors just before Christmas.

Jan 19, 2005CN BC: Activists Call For 'Sensitive' Cops "The type of training they receive is basically battlefield conditions, and we're not the enemy,"

Jan 16, 2005CN BC; Cannabis Crusade - A House Divided On the face of it, Phillippe Lucas, and Ted Smith, share common cause. Why, then, do they barely talk to each other?

Jan 15, 2005CN NS: Patriquen Faces $260,000 Fine The founder of Nova Scotia's Marijuana Party was sentenced Friday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

Jan 12, 2005CN BC: Pot Activist's Charter Rights 'Violated Marijuana champion Ted Smith is the victim of discrimination because he is a pot smoker and a political activist, a provincial court judge heard Tuesday.

Jan 8, 2005CN BC: Pot User Laments Loss Of 'Medicinal' Source Brian Carlisle, who was the victim of a home invasion in Chilliwack in September, had been growing his pot at local marijuana advocate Tim Felger's Bradner Road property since the fall. On Thursday morning, Abbotsford Police converged on the well-known property and arrested two men.

Jan 8, 2005CN BC: Medical Pot Advocate Guilty Of Trafficking Medical Pot Advocate Guilty Of Trafficking The charge against Smith arises from a March 21, 2002 search of the club's Johnson Street offices. Police seized marijuana, cookies, massage oils and salves. The cookies, oils and salves were tested by Health Canada and shown to include cannabis resin, a prohibited substance. He was handed a nine-month conditional discharge.

Jan 6, 2005CN BC: Champion Of Medical Weed Gets One Of Two Counts Dropped Ted Smith, Victoria's self-appointed champion for people who use marijuana as medicine, was back in court Wednesday.But in this new trial, prosecutor Michael Lawless rose at the start to say the Crown was staying one charge of trafficking in marijuana. But the Crown is still pressing ahead with a second charge, that is possession of cannabis resin, a different substance according to the law.

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