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Current Affairs 2005 - Activism (117 items)

Apr 21, 2005 Victoria's Top Toker Can't Join Smoke-In Pot aroma wafts over City Hall in sixth annual joint jubilee Victoria's best-known pot advocate was one of the few who didn't light up Thursday afternoon outside City Hall. It's not that Ted Smith didn't want to join revelers in the annual marijuana 4/20 celebrations -- it's just that a few police officers were keeping an eye on Centennial Square, and Smith is already facing drug charges.

Apr 21, 2005 Pot Users Light Up Outside Legislature MORE than 500 pot smokers spent yesterday afternoon smoking joints and lounging on the Legislative Building grounds as part of an annual call for the legalization of marijuana.

Apr 19, 2005 Politics Pot Party Candidate Pushing Medical Use Tony Adams said his recent classified ad in The Peace Arch News offering to train potential Marijuana Party candidates as medical marijuana growers was legitimate.

Apr 19, 2005 Smokin' Up The Joint Tomorrow is World Marijuana Day. You won't find it on the calendar. Actually, you won't find it anywhere but on the Internet.

Apr 19, 2005 Just-released Marijuana Grower Wants To Run For Election Felger intends to run for the Marijuana party of B.C. in the May 17 provincial election against de Jong, the Liberal MLA who has represented Abbotsford-Mount Lehman since 1994.

Apr 18, 2005 'Toking Time' At Falls NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. -- The Horseshoe Falls was the backdrop for activists rallying to legalize marijuana. "Weed is a good thing. It's stereotyped not in a good way," said Mary Wilson, a Niagara Falls woman among approximately 250 people who lit up in Queen Victoria Park on Saturday at 4:20 p.m., the time of day pot-smokers consider the universal toking time.

Apr 7, 2005 And Marijuana For All By Alan Young. I am becoming embarrassed by the endless pot debate in Canada. Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan recently stated that marijuana smokers are stupid ( Was this her way of saying she smokes the herb? ), but the true imbecility lies in the irresolute and confused response of our governemt to a no-brainer issue of public policy.

Apr 6, 2005 Reefer Refugees No American Has Ever Been Granted Canadian Refugee Status Because of the War on Drugs, but the Times They May Be Changing.

Apr 1, 2005 Think Before Un-inviting A Guest By yanking Emery from the invitation list, Warawa has created greater flak than if he had just let Emery come and debate. The new MP said he didn't want the situation to become politicized. Well, it's Canada and it's pot. There is little that is more political, more of a hot-button issue, than that.

Apr 1, 2005CN ON: Pot Activists Sound Off At Meeting A town hall meeting about illegal marijuana grow ops in Scarborough grew heated last night when activists supporting the legalization of cannabis challenged the information being presented by a parade of local politicians and police.

Apr 1, 2005CN NS: Man Wants Company To Help Him Pay For Pot So as part of his claim for special damages, Mr. Patriquen wants the defendants to pay for the costs of growing his own marijuana for medical use, as authorized under a Health Canada permit.

Mar 25, 2005 Returning Pot Activist To US A Death Sentence he wife of medical marijuana activist Steve Kubby told Federal Court Justice Sandra Simpson that returning her husband to the U.S. to serve a prison term would be a death sentence.

Mar 21, 2005 American Woman Awaits Extradition Decision Nightmares about abuse in prison and separation from her son have plagued Renee Boje for more than four years as she awaits a decision on her extradition to the United States.

Mar 18, 2005CN QU: Bloc Pot Leader Complains Of Police Sting The leader of the Bloc Pot told a Quebec Court hearing yesterday that undercover Montreal police officers secretly joined the pro-marijuana political party to find evidence against users of the illegal drug.

The police have infiltrated Narcotics Anonymous meetings and everything else, so it should be no surprise.
Mar 12, 2005CN BC: Cookie Lady Charges Dropped VANCOUVER-- All charges have been dropped against the naked cookie lady whose cannabis loaded gingersnaps became a cause celebre at Wreck Beach. On Thursday the Crown informed Mary Jean Dunsdon's lawyer, John Conroy, that all remaining charges against her were being stayed.

Cookies - a danger to society? This was worthy of even bringing into a court of law?
Mar 9, 2005CN ON: Is Pot Plant Flag Causing A Problem? The controversial flag looks similar to Canada's national flag but where the red maple leaf should be there is instead the image of a marijuana plant. The flag has been displayed in the front window of Redfearn's adult shop Parties and Affairs for four years. "They are only now waking up to it? That cracks me up," she said.

Mar 3, 2005 BC Supreme Court Wants More Proof Before Ruling on Validity of Pot Laws VANCOUVER -- Have the laws against marijuana fallen? That was the question before the BC Supreme Court today... the judge declined to give a Constitutional exemption from Canadas unworkable medical cannabis access system without more proof that her rights had been violated.

[ A very significant case winding it's way to the Supreme Court]
Feb 28, 2005 Marijuana Party Head Joins Liberals The head of the Marijuana Canada party has resigned to join the Liberals. Marc-Boris St-Maurice, who led the party from its inception in 2000 until December of 2004, said he will make a formal announcement on Tuesday

Feb 21, 2005CN NK: Pot caf owner found guilty of trafficking SAINT JOHN, N.B. - The owner of the Cannabis Caf in Saint John has been found guilty of drug trafficking, after a judge rejected the defence that she was running a compassion club.

Feb 20, 2005CN BC: Medical User Needs Help! After years of struggle, Denny was finally granted his license just last week. He is only awaiting the official paperwork to come through. While Denny was in hospital, these gestapo agents proceeded to search Denny's home. Of course they found his grow room. Denny was between crops, and didn't have even so much as a clone. Yet Sgt. Stadenco and his Keystone cops, proceeded to tear down the room and seize all the gear.

[This is how the police treat our sick family members]

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