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Current Affairs 2005 - Activism (117 items)

May 14, 2005 Pro-Pot Party Takes School Board, City To Court The party went to B.C. Supreme Court Friday, saying officials of the Surrey school board and the City of Abbotsford have infringed on the rights of its candidates by ripping down the party's signs and banning its standard-bearers from all-candidates meetings.

May 12, 2005 Who's Your Puff Mama? Puff Mama's sunday-night ganja and grub revue headlined by Global Marijuana March MC Watermelon would have impressed Jay Gatsby himself. A warm-hearted med-cannabis baker, Puff Mama - who refuses to use her other name - throws grass-infused, in-the-know fundraisers featuring her delectable edibles and Wayward Comedy Show.

May 10, 2005 Pot Party's Participation Called 'Inappropriate' Student voters at Kwalikum Secondary in Qualicum Beach didn't hear a particular voice at yesterday's school forum. That's because Marijuana party candidate Michael Mann was not invited. KSS principal Darryl Craig called Mann's participation inappropriate.

[Students learn a lot about so-called democracy..]
May 10, 2005 Crusaders Promote Pot With Flagpole Prank Spirits were flying high in the downtown civic square on the weekend, when someone hoisted a mock Canadian flag with a cannabis leaf up a City Hall flagpole.

[The cannabis leaf flag is as common as the real flag...so it's surprising anyone noticed the change]
May 9, 2005CN SN: Marijuana Activists Join Global Protest SASKATCHEWAN - Marijuana Activists From Saskatoon Joined A Global Protest Saturday. About a dozen people marched from Broadway Avenue to city hall Saturday afternoon to raise awareness of what organizers call state-sponsored discrimination.

[Lifting the bonds of oppression has never been an easy task for any group, but perserverence has it's rewards eventually...]
May 8, 2005 Downtown Pot Rally Brings Whiff Of The '60s Close to 3,000 people celebrated cannabis culture as part of the sixth "Global Million Marijuana March," marked in more than 200 cities worldwide. "We want to see it legalized and decriminalized," said organizer Franklin Skanks. He believes legalizing pot would bring in more revenue via "sin taxes," boost tourism and help shut down organized marijuana grow-ops.

May 7, 2005 With A Bong In His Heart Dominic Cramer is running late. But when you preside over a growing retail empire rooted in marijuana, being time-challenged comes with the turf. Make no mistake, though, Cramer is no ordinary pothead.

May 6, 2005 B.C. Marijuana Party Shut Out Of Schools B.C. Marijuana Party candidates won't be allowed to participate in all-candidates meetings at Surrey schools.

[Yes, kiddies, this is what democracy looks like...]
May 5, 2005CN AB: Global March Supports Effort To Legalize Marijuana Marijuana has been garnering a lot of negative media attention in Calgary recently due to the burgeoning numbers of grow-ops police are busting and concern over organized crime involvement in the industry....But a group of Calgary pot users will be trying to send out a different message on May 7. They'll be participating in Global Marijuana March, a worldwide protest to legalize pot, which first began in New York City in 1996 and has since spread to 37 countries and 181 cities.

May 5, 2005 The Longley And Winding Road Who is Blair Longley? "I am like a grandfather of the Marijuana Party. I was the first person back in Vancouver in 1987 to get away with publicly cultivating pot and be let off, acquitted, even though I was clearly doing it. There was absolutely no doubt about it, but I was let go. The whole story is very amusing."

May 4, 2005 Pot Bust Tactic Challenged Police busted Marc-Boris St-Maurice for pot possession last year after taking out memberships in the pro-marijuana political party he founded and infiltrating its clubhouse, Cafe Marijane.

[...making the streets safer...it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic what the cops won't do...]
May 3, 2005 Marijuana Party Joins The Race Nelson-Creston Riding: Just Under The Wire, Philip McMillan Files Papers To Bring Total Names On The Ballot To Four

May 3, 2005 Indoor Gardening Expo Bears Some Bitter Fruit A rift centred on an upcoming local expo highlights the sensitivities surrounding the indoor gardening technique of hydroponics. One B.C. company that pitches itself as a medical marijuana leader said it is boycotting the fifth annual International Indoor Gardening Expo, which takes place Saturday and Sunday at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Apr 29, 2005 One-Mann Campaign For Marijuana Party If Michael Mann gets elected on May 17, he wants to serve as a watchdog on behalf of the people who elected him. ..The B.C. Marijuana Party candidate for the Alberni-Qualicum constituency says having an independent voice in the legislature to hold people to account is something that's sorely needed.

Apr 26, 2005 Medicinal Marijuana Activist Brings Fight To Legalize Drugs to Sackville A former corrections officer and one of Canada's most outspoken medicinal marijuana activists says that calls for tougher drug sentencing following the recent slayings of the four RCMP officers in northern Alberta is not the answer.

Apr 26, 2005 Krieger Taking Cannabis Crusade To Supreme Court Calgary pot crusader Grant Krieger, challenging his conviction for possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, is taking the case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Apr 25, 2005 Gone To Pot More than 500 people gathered there -- at the seat of government and lawful authority in Manitoba -- to listen to music, play a bit of Frisbee, giggle perhaps more than usual and get high on dope. ... And yet the police did nothing except mark time. Enforcement of the Criminal Code should not be arbitrary. Arbitrary enforcement brings the justice system into disrepute...The law should be made to reflect the current reality. It was not illegal on Wednesday. It cannot be illegal today and should not be illegal tomorrow.

Apr 24, 2005 For Pot Smokers, It's Always 4:20 A private security staffer drove his car across the grounds, in an apparent attempt at intimidation. It didn't work. "What's all the fuss," asked one MLA of the crowd. 4:20. "Well, better than nine-eleven," he said.

[Well said]
Apr 22, 2005 Scuffle At Pro-marijuana Rally Results In Charges An RCMP officer escaped injury during a scuffle with a man arrested at a pro-marijuana rally outside Red Deer's city hall, say police.

Apr 22, 2005 Compassion Club Takes High Road Mark Russell doesn't think sick people should have to hang out in bars or back alleys in order to get their medication. He doesn't think they should have to deal with the criminal element in order to do so, either.

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