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Current Affairs 2008 - Cultivation (105 items)

Aug 20, 2008 Is Society Benefiting From The War On Pot? By all accounts, Mike McCormick minded his own business and never hurt another soul. He lived off the land, hunting, digging clams and cutting his own firewood. And he grew pot. Lots and lots of pot. In fact, when police stumbled across McCormick's shack in the woods behind his house, there were 243 plants growing inside it. ...Other than lawyers, who benefits from criminalizing pot smokers?

Aug 16, 2008 P.E.I. Pot Is No Small Potatoes: Boston Newspaper Prince Edward Island's Anne isn't the only thing that's green, according to a new article in a Boston alternative newspaper. Writer Alan Earls claims "Pot Edward Island" is a haven for dope growers and inexpensive electricity from Quebec fuels the island's grow-ops.

Aug 8, 2008 Grow-Ops Threat To Environment Outdoor grow-ops can pose an environmental hazard, Martherus said, because of the heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides.

1) The amount of fertilzer from cannabis production is not at levels farmers use. 2) Regulation and control instead of prohibition would alleviate the problem.
Jul 24, 2008 Rights Intact After Bust, Court Rules Winnipeg police didn't breach a man's charter rights when they went to check on his emotional well-being and found a marijuana grow operation inside his home. Ryan Tereck tried to fight his drug conviction on the grounds police had no right busting into his home and seizing about 300 pot plans found inside. ... The unusual case dates back to April 2005, when Tereck apparently told his psychiatrist in a letter he planned to shoot and kill himself.

Jul 17, 2008 Bust My Bubbleator When I pictured what high times pot orgy the Toronto Cannabis Cup would look like, I imagined tables and tables piled high with sweet toke.

Jul 16, 2008 It's Harvest Time For Marijuana Growers Ontario Provincial Police are gearing up for an annual harvest, and it's looking like a bumper crop of illegal marijuana this summer.

Jul 16, 2008 CMP Urging Albertans To Watch For Weed The RCMP is asking for public assistance in reporting illegal outdoor marijuana grow-operations and the crops they yield as the summer months wind down.

Why should anyone volunteer to do police work?
Jul 15, 2008 Put A Lid On It The most recent Ontario studies have found marijuana use is already at a 30-year peak among adults and very close to that mark for teens. Adult use has climbed steadily from a low of eight per cent to a 2005 level of 14 per cent -and more than 38 per cent among the 18-29 age group. Among students in Grades 7 to 12, the number who smoked at least once in the previous year was 25.6 per cent in 2007, up from 9.9 per cent in 1991.

Jul 14, 2008 B.C. Grow-Op Tips Have Slowed, RCMP Report Says Mr. Emery identified three factors leading to the recent drop in grow-ops in B.C.: effective police enforcement has increased the risks; a strong Canadian dollar has made exports less profitable; and a downturn in the U.S. economy has led to many Americans trying their hands as suppliers.

Jul 14, 2008 Pot And Profit The production and sale of marijuana in the area is a large and growing international enterprise, highly sophisticated and generating huge profits for Asian organized crime, a police expert says.

Another case against prohibition.
Jul 12, 2008 Marijuana Becoming Popular Summer Crop Although it's more commonly found growing in the thick forests of B.C., outdoor marijuana grow operations are prevalent throughout Alberta as well. And with the summer season upon us, local RCMP are expecting a lot more will be growing in the prairie fields of southern Alberta than just the usual crops of wheat and canola.

Jul 8, 2008 Children Seized After Grow-op Bust Three children are in protective custody after the seizure of hundreds of marijuana plants in a quiet Brooks neighbourhood. The raid on Friday in a home in northwest Brooks led to children ranging in age from two to 11 being placed in provincial care from a home condemned by the Palliser Health Region due to widespread toxic mould.

Jul 6, 2008 Grow-Op Registry Urged Home buyers offered properties tainted by chemicals and mould from indoor mari juana grow-ops could avoid health problems and financial loss if owners are made to identify them, Ontario's top cop says.

Jul 5, 2008 Grow Op Accused Had Licence to Grow Marijuana The fire department is calling on the federal government to disclose locations of authorized medical marijuana growers, after a police raid revealed a potentially dangerous grow op.

Jul 4, 2008 Accused Pair in Grow-Op Free After Judge Compares Them to Photo Mr. Stern also said the Crown had relied entirely on circumstantial evidence. "What the Crown tried to do was say, look at the photos on the wall, and you can conclude the two people in photos are the accused," he said.

Jul 2, 2008 Rupert Cops Raid Tomato Grow-Op Red-faced drug cops looking for a marijuana grow-op came up with a tomato grow-op instead. Prince Rupert commercial fisherman Bruce Aleksich said yesterday that about 15 Mounties burst into his business last Thursday, only to find 400 tomato plants in various stages of growth.

As more people begin to grow their own food, rooting out "grow-ops" will become impossible.
Jun 28, 2008 Fatties For All There is enough serious crime out there for our already under-funded police force to tackle. Abuse of dangerous drugs like OxyContin comes to mind. Violence against women is a huge issue which remains largely unaddressed. Some corporate crime in this city doesn't even get investigated. I don't think police should be wasting their time chasing around after two-bit grow-ops and small-time smugglers. ( Granted, Pearce seems to have been called up to the majors. ) We, the dope smokers of Newfoundland and Labrador, should be given some recognition and some respect.

Jun 26, 2008 Not Your Average Joe You won't see Joe Adams carrying marijuana plants out of a busted grow house along with police. He doesn't fight fires that erupt from the crazily wired buildings, either. But the Garden City man has helped shut down a dozen big marijuana growing operations across Niagara - and likely helped save the lives of firefighters and police officers

Jun 24, 2008 Medical Pot User Faces Charges A LOCAL man faces two marijuana charges for seizures made before he obtained a federal licence allowing him to grow and possess the drug.

Jun 20, 2008 Man Sues To Get Bill Over Pot Grow-op Returned A landlord billed almost $13,000 by the District of Mission to clean up a rental property used for a marijuana grow-op is suing the district to get the money back.

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