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Current Affairs 2008 - Cultivation (105 items)

Apr 14, 2008 Medical Pot Users On Hook For $500,000 OTTAWA -- Medical marijuana users are on the hook for more than $500,000 in unpaid bills for government-certified weed, raising questions about the effectiveness of Health Canada's troubled dope program

Apr 10, 2008SN: Man Convicted in Drug Case Plans to Appeal REGINA -- While he awaits sentencing in Saskatchewan's largest marijuana grow-op bust, Lawrence Hubert Agecoutay has been busy laying the groundwork for his appeal.

Apr 3, 2008 Surrey Fire Plan Smokes Out Area Grow-ops In a nutshell, his research team works on the premise that because the B.C. grow-op problem is so large, there's not nearly enough capacity by police or the courts to deal with it. .. "The justice system is inept at dealing with this problem so, instead, we've created a system of major disruptions to a grow-operators' business," Plecas explains. "That's the program I outlined at Oxford." Officially it's known as the Electrical Fire Safety Initiative, primarily because a house containing a grow-op is 29 times more likely to catch fire than a regular house, Plecas says.

Apr 3, 2008 Interview By Matt Mernagh With Pot Seed Breeder Dan My original quest to speak with Konstantin amongst cannabis community contacts turned up all the wrong leads. His lawyer hooked me up.

Mar 28, 2008 Coping With The Pain "Who is it harming? Where is the victim?" asks Cheryl MacLellan, co-owner of Hemp Country. "If there is no victim, there ought not to be a crime." Those comments may be surprising coming from MacLellan who is a former Children's Aid Society child protection worker and a former police officer in the detective's office with the Oxford Community Police Service.

Mar 27, 2008 Alberta: The Nanny State Indeed, they considered it necessary in the preamble to the Drug-Endangered Children Act to state categorically that "children exposed to illegal manufacturing of drugs, indoor cannabis operations, trafficking and other forms of illegal drug activity are victims of abuse." That is as wild a claim as it is unsupportable. But the circumstances under which it may be invoked are so broad there is little that can be done to counter its stupidity. Although the preamble suggests that only the really serious stuff is the object of the Act, a child is deemed to be drug-endangered if he or she is "exposed" to illegal substances. That's it. Full stop.

Mar 20, 2008 Controversial Law Used To Seize Property The legislation allows the province to confiscate property used in crime or obtained from the proceeds of crime without any criminal charges or convictions.

Mar 18, 2008NS: Simpson's Sentenced To Time Deemed Served AMHERST - Rickey Logan Simpson has twice been convicted of drug charges and has twice been a free man the same day as his sentencing.

Mar 17, 2008 The Dope Rush Think of drugs, and you think of Colombia, Thailand, Afghanistan. But Canada? Nice, peaceful, dull Canada? Believe it or not, there are parts of the country where cannabis provides more jobs than logging, mining, oil and gas combined. Misha Glenny investigates, in the first of two extracts from his new book on organised crime

Mar 15, 2008 Marijuana Smuggling On Rise n 2007, the RCMP allowed armed U.S. Coast Guard officials to be stationed on boats patrolling the St. Lawrence River. Dubbed Project Shiprider, the summer-long operation resulted in the seizure of about 100 kg of marijuana. "We feel that it's the right direction to go, and there should be more international operations like that," says Harvey.

Mar 13, 2008 Pot Grabs High Spot On Drugs List Ottawa may have become known as the "crack" capital of Canada but the majority of users still like to paint the town green. Marijuana is the drug of choice followed by crack cocaine on the list of the top five drugs in the city, according to Ottawa police.

Mar 12, 2008 Pot Seed Sales Do Not Warrant Export Finally, a court ruling that puts in perspective the five to 10 years' imprisonment that B.C. cannabis crusader Marc Emery faces in U.S. prison for selling pot seeds.

Mar 5, 2008 Grow Op Program A Success A city program shut down more than 80 suspected Coquitlam marijuana grow ops in the first seven months it was in operation.

Feb 29, 2008NS: Marijuana Guilty Plea Delayed By Lawyer's Schedule AMHERST - Ricky Logan Simpson, the Maccan-area man who says he has found the cure for cancer in a marijuana oil he produces, is expected to plead guilty to his latest drug-trafficking charge - but not for another couple of weeks. Mr. Simpson, 58, was expected to enter a plea to the charge in provincial court Thursday, but he appeared without his lawyer, Duncan Beveridge, who couldn't make the trip to Amherst because he was preparing for a Supreme Court jury trial in Halifax.

Feb 26, 2008BC: Powerful Drive To Uncover Pot Grow Ops High Hydro readings are helping pinpoint properties in Courtenay where illegal grow-op activity could be taking place. The electricity stats are powering a drive to track down indoor marijuana operations and arrest operators. The City of Courtenay has teamed up with the RCMP and B.C. Hydro for the new program, which has already delivered startling results in Coquitlam and Surrey on the Lower Mainland.

Feb 22, 2008 War On Drugs Is Blowing Up In Our Faces, Expert Warns Oscapella is absolutely convinced that the prohibition of drugs is "the most significant failing of the criminal justice system of the 20th, and now, 21st centuries." ... On this 100th anniversary of prohibition, maybe we have to ask ourselves, are we addicted to prohibition?

Feb 21, 2008 RCMP Announces Arrival To Pot Growers With Siren Surrey RCMP not only knocked and announced their arrival at a million-dollar home of suspected pot growers Tuesday, they blasted a police siren as well. The innovative approach to executing a search warrant was in response to a B.C. Supreme Court ruling two weeks ago in which police were criticized for not giving enough warning to a pot grower before breaking down his door.

Feb 21, 2008 Government Policy Keeps Couple Apart When MUN student Kirsten Joy moved in with her boyfriend Mike Dawe, she thought it would be forever. But a year down the line, a government policy forced her to pack her bags and move across town, when she got a letter warning that she was not allowed to receive two forms of income support at once. Joy receives a full student loan and Dawe collects government aid because he has a rare and debilitating genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome, which affects his body's joints, connective tissues, and heart. ..."I really don't consider a student loan a form of income because it is something that I have to pay back," said Joy.

[Bureaucracy at it's finest]
Feb 21, 2008 Charges Dropped In Pot Bust BC Conservative Leader, Wilf Hanni, expressed dismay over the ruling by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce yesterday that marijuana seized in a recent police raid could not be used as evidence in the case against the defendant...

Feb 15, 2008 Green Team Kept Busy By Massive Crop Of Grow Ops It seems the only things growing during a frigid Winnipeg winter are indoor pot plants and the number of illegal grow op busts conducted by city police. It's been only six weeks since the new year began, but already more than $8 million of illegally grown marijuana has been seized by police at 13 homes at or near the city.

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