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Current Affairs 2008 - Cultivation (105 items)

Jan 16, 2008BC: Door Opened For Large-Scale Pot Growing Cowichan could become one of Canada's medical cannabis capitals following last week's federal-court ruling allowing growers to supply more than one patient.

Jan 16, 2008 Plenty O' Pot News Lawyers for the Vancouver Island Compassion Society ( VICS ) will be back in court in February to defend the organization's constitutional right to distribute medical cannabis, despite the death of the judge who was presiding over the now two-year-old trial.

Jan 16, 2008 Weeding Out Bad Policy Pretending that marijuana possesses magic evil qualities that make it more dangerous than a thousand other substances our laws permit doctors to prescribe, from Ritalin to morphine, hurts physicians and their patients.

Jan 15, 2008SN: Ruling Disappoints Medical Pot Producer Health Canada's contract producer for medicinal marijuana fears patient safety and product quality will suffer as a result of a federal court ruling that relaxes government restrictions and allows other growers to become suppliers.

[ Product quality???? See; Organic Cannabis vs Health Canada product ]
Jan 14, 2008 Island Company To Sell Medical Marijuana To Hundreds Of People Duncan company is gearing up to supply nearly 300 customers with medical marijuana in the wake of a federal court ruling striking down a key restriction on sales of the drug. Island Harvest applauded the decision to declare unconstitutional a regulation that had prevented growers from selling marijuana to more than one patient.

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