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Current Affairs 2008 - Cultivation (105 items)

Jun 19, 2008 Pot Grow Ops Keeping Police, Fire Busy With up to 250 marijuana grow ops in Ottawa at any given time, Gauthier said his team could be making multiple busts each day, but they have to concentrate on the most important cases. It seems grow operators are becoming more cunning each year.

Jun 12, 2008 BC's Heavy Rain Threatens $1-Billion In Marijuana British Columbia's marijuana industry is poised to lose $1-billion this year if the constant rainy weather battering the region doesn't stop, activist Marc Emery said yesterday.

Jun 10, 2008 Health Canada Taking Bids On Pot Contract The federal department is inviting firms from across the country to submit bids on a contract to cultivate and distribute medical marijuana for the next seven years, with options for two one-year extensions.

May 31, 2008 Suing Abbotsford Police A wheelchair-bound man is suing the Abbotsford Police department for an alleged assault and negligent treatment he suffered in police cells after his home was subject to a drug bust in November.

[Any facade of being public servants who serve and protect quickly vanishes in instances such as this]
May 28, 2008NK: Medicinal Pot User Gets House Arrest A Rothesay man who says he was growing marijuana for medicinal purposes has been sentenced to house arrest. ...Tonning sent the strong message to people who claim their drug use is for medicinal purposes. In Roberts' case, he says the pot helps alleviate the pain of his gastrointestinal illness. "If it's going to be used for medicinal purposes, the clear reality is you have to get a doctor's certificate to use it," Tonning said.

[Effectively. this judge is saying you do not need Health Canada's permission.. just a doctor's recommendation]
May 21, 2008 B.C. Town's Cash Crop UP In Smoke, Along With Economy "A few years ago, you couldn't sell a house in Likely for $80,000," said Rob Hood, a longtime Likely resident and president of the local chamber of commerce. Then along came the pot growers and things started looking up in Likely. Properties left vacant as work dried up were suddenly all bought up, and many locals found themselves employed.....Now, since the various raids, many properties around town are, once again, sitting vacant and unkempt. ...."We're trying to develop all that stuff," he said, adding, only half-joking, "we have to now that the No. 1 crop is gone."

May 21, 2008 Meaford Couple To Challenge Pot Law A Meaford man and woman will fight drug charges - laid one month before he received licences to possess and grow marijuana for medicinal purposes - by arguing Canada's marijuana possession law is unconstitutional.

May 20, 2008 Drugs A Booming BC Business Marijauna is our number 1 economic contributor, and like all successful businesses, it's growing. It isn't restricted to just one part of the province either. Marijuana is grown all over the place, even in the hinterlands, it's truly a provincial bonanza. MacLeans says it's a $5 billion to $7 billion a year business. The hard drugs bring in billions and we also do well with manufactured drugs such as methamphetamine and ecstasy. A BC Business magazine report ranks the marijuana industry as the province's second largest business, but that's still significant.

May 13, 2008ON: OPP Made 2246 Drug Busts In 2007 The Ontario Provincial Police drug section says it arrested 2,246 people across the province in 2007 for drug offences. The provincial force also dismantled 551 indoor and outdoor marijuana grow operations in which 6,000 kilograms of dried marijuana was seized.

[Imagine all that taxpayer moeny being spent to fight real crime]
May 13, 2008BC: Conditional Discharge For Denman Pot Grower A 48-year-old man received a conditional discharge in Courtenay Provincial Court last week after Comox Valley RCMP discovered 43 marijuana plants growing on his Denman Island property. ...Conditions of Relkoff's probation include that he abstain from the possession of illicit drugs and that he make a $500 donation to the D.A.R.E. program, in care of the Comox Valley RCMP.

[Being forced to donate to DARE should be challenged!]
May 12, 2008 Laws Go To Pot Over Religion Things have really gone to pot for the Church of the Universe in Hamilton, Ont. Church founders Walter Tucker and Michael Baldasaro are facing hefty jail terms and have had their east-Hamilton "church" seized. ....Canadians should ask two questions of prospective members of Parliament during the next federal election. When religious beliefs come into conflict with the laws of the land, does Canadian criminal and civil law trump religious freedom? And why should the tokers at the Church of the Universe in Hamilton do hard time while the married satyrs of Bountiful, B.C., can keep saying; "I do?"

May 10, 2008 Pot Of Gold Not What Local Grower Wants Local cannabis company Island Harvest wants to grow weed for the government and potentially become the only legal supplier in the country. But they said if they were given a monopoly on selling cannabis, it would be a step in the wrong direction for medicinal users.

May 8, 2008 Grow-Op Team Suspended Over Claim Of Theft Langley Township's marijuana grow-op busting team has been suspended in the wake of an allegation of theft against one of its members...A member of the team allegedly took a flashlight with two batteries, valued at between $25 and $30, from one of the raided homes. Wade said the member could not immediately be replaced on the team so its operations have been suspended.

[Cops have been known to take things during busts - so it seems very strange this case even came to light]
May 7, 2008 City Going Too Far Witch hunt. Police state. Overzealous. Heavy handed. All of these terms -- and probably a lot more we couldn't print -- are being used to describe the City of Coquitlam's approach to rooting out marijuana grow operations. ...And before the legalize-marijuana lobby starts writing letters about how the problem could be avoided if pot were legal, we agree. Pot, however, is not legal. And illegal grow-ops pose a huge fire hazard. That means the inspection approach to shutting down grow-ops is a good thing -- when one key ingredient is factored in: common sense.

[Indoor gardens do not pose significant fire risk]
May 2, 2008BC: Drug Case Dropped Due To Court Delay Charges have been dropped against two men accused of trafficking pot because of an excessive delay in bringing the case to trial.

Apr 28, 2008 Drug Laws Tested This Week In B.C. Supreme Court In another courtroom, the Vancouver Island Compassion Society will continue its assault on the anti-cannabis criminal law with the resumption of testimony from Senator Pierre Claude Nolin, who led the 2002 parliamentary review of drug policy that concluded pot should be legalized. They're interrelated cases with national repercussions that rely on a substantially similar body of jurisprudence.

Apr 23, 2008BC: Lawyer Fights 'Totalitarian' Grow-Op Law His lawyer, Joseph Arvay, is seeking to have the B.C. Supreme Court overturn the provincial government's amendments to the Safety Standards Act, which were designed to allow police officers access to homes where marijuana is suspected of being cultivated without going through the lengthy process of obtaining a search warrant issued under the Criminal Code. Police have complained that the sheer numbers of homes being used to grow marijuana in B.C. make it impossible for them to use the search warrant process to close them down.

Apr 18, 2008 Team Shuts Down 200 Pot Farms The municipal team does not arrest growers, but forces them to move on. Langley's Safety Inspection Team has been moving at a faster pace than anyone expected in the past year. On Tuesday, Township Mayor Kurt Alberts told the Chamber of Commerce that the teams have shut down 217 marijuana grow operations. "That's three to five per week," Alberts said.

Apr 15, 2008 Who'll Grow the Weed, Man? OTTAWA -- Health Canada is looking for someone to grow its weed. The department served notice yesterday it will soon invite firms to bid on a contract to cultivate and distribute medical marijuana, which Prairie Plant Systems Inc. of Flin Flon, Man., is now doing

Apr 15, 2008 Resident Shaken by Police Raid Oakville landscaper Brock Morris was left shaken and shaking his head after the Halton police raided his home at gunpoint, Friday, in search of a marijuana grow house operation. The police walked away empty handed from the raid, leaving Morris and his family bewildered and shaken.

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